[Android training video series] 6.1 saving key-Value Sets

1. Main Content This section describes how to use sharedpreference APIs. Get the handle of sharedpreference Write shared preference Read shared preference 2. Video descriptionHttp://www.eyeandroid.com/thread-11495-1-1.html 3.

[Android ask me] How to Use the selected video card-tabhost

1. Example description Tabhost is a view container component provided by the Android system. It can display a group of child components by pageProgramMultiple activities are organized. To create a tabhost, you also need to introduce the

[Android: How to Use viewpager and tabhost in combination] tabs with left and right slides

1. Example description Viewpager implements slide switching, but the switching pages only call different layout. In fact, it is still in an activity and it is not convenient to compile functions. Therefore, you can use tabhost and viewpager

[Android: How to Use actionbar-actionbarsherlock in Android 2.x

1. Example description Since Android 3.0, Android has introduced actoinbar. It must be said that before Android 3.0, the title bar of Android is really ugly and there is no function yet. In the past, the top columns of many applications

[Apidemos for Android samples video series] app-activity-forwarding

1. Preface The demo analysis references the mapdigit article about API demos. On the basis of this article, I further analyzed related knowledge points.   2. Demo 3. Demo Analysis Android applications can contain multiple activities. One activity

Android-network interaction: client requests server resource follow-up

Yesterday, I tried to download server resources to the client through a network connection. However, I also found some problems, such as successfully downloading MP3, txt, and PNG files, but compressing files (RAR) but it cannot be decompressed. It

Android-logon to Digu Network

After searching for a long time, I finally found an open-source Android client source code. Because I have never done this application before, I have to learn it from the beginning. Before I started this article, I had read a lot of articles about

Android-sharedpreferences for data storage

In Android, there are four main ways to save APK information: sharedpreferences, file (properties), network, SQLite Sharedpreferences: stores configuration information or user information in the APK and uses key-value pairs. the stored data type can

Android-propertes for file storage

Properties can inherit properties from hashtable and be understood as a hashtable. However, the only difference is that the "key-value" corresponding to properties must be a string type of data. Files Data Storage Uses properties in combination with

Message Transfer Between Android and Activity

When activity1 enables a new activity2, a bundle object can be bound to the intent for transmission, and many types of data can be stored in the bundle object, the supported data types include int, String, arraylist, list, Boolean, byte, and Char.

Android-timer and handler

Timer is a class for executing tasks. It accepts timertask parameters; There are two ways for timer to execute a task. One is to execute a task timer at a specified time. schedule (timertask task, data), the other is how long it takes to execute a

Automatic phone number and URL links in Android-Text

If the textview text contains a phone number or a website address, you can call or open the webpage by clicking the phone number or website address. In Android, you have provided us with such attributes and methods for setting, there are three types:

Android-alarmmanager (Global Timer/alarm clock) indicates the scheduled duration or periodical execution of an operation.

Some of the usage mechanisms of alarmmanager are called Global timers and some are called alarm clocks. Through its use, I personally think it is more appropriate to call a global timer. In fact, its role is similar to that of timer. There are two

Android-network interaction client requests server resources

Recently, my work was not satisfactory, my feelings were not satisfactory, and I felt that everything was not going well. I spent some time on Android. Recently, I want to create an APK, which mainly involves network applications, so I also began to

Android-webview (the system contact number is called in the text box on the webpage)

Today, I discussed with my colleagues about the webview text control to obtain system contacts. I thought it was okay to just click the text box to bring up the system contact activity. The idea immediately emerged is to implement the jump function

Android-click a thumbnail in the text to bring up a large image.

I haven't written a blog for a long time. I have been busy with an exam project over the past two days, and I will write down some of my experience in implementing the effects, I hope to help anyone who can see it or those who need it. First, let's

Android-display webpage loading progress with custom title bars

This time, we were working on lephone adaptation. The test group submitted a bug: the text in the title bar was not completely displayed for a long time. In fact, this was not a bug, this problem has not appeared on other machines in the past, but

Android-gestruedetector for Gesture Recognition

When using Android phones, you will often encounter a lot of applications that do a great job, such as sliding your fingers to the left or right of the screen to switch the interface. This actually uses a gesturedetector object gesture:

Use the android hide API to adjust the brightness

Footfall original, reprinted please indicate the source. After Android 1.5, the brightness adjustment API is hidden, but the android source code can still be implemented as follows:   IPowerManager power =

Personal ideas (Android travel advertisement development direction, happy team project)

When I went to Xiamen for a wandering trip, there were several hundred items on my body. If the Back-to-forth Ticket Fee was included, I would not have enough money to eat or live for 300 yuan. During this period, in order to survive, I thought a

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