Android init Reading Tips

1. Use of the unlink function. The file opened in init will be deleted with Unlink. In this way, the INIT process also has the FD of this file, which can be operated. However, this file is no longer in the file system. In this way, only the INIT

Android system. IMG: yaffs or ext4?

As the mobile phone's internal storage has changed from NAND to emmc, now system. IMG is increasingly using ext4 as a file system, rather than the previous yaffs2. Run the file command to view system. IMG. If the output is: VMS Alpha exectutable,

Android jar Resource

The resource file referenced by jar must be placed in the assets folder, and the layout file and drawable must be in the compiled format. Otherwise, the layout file cannot be parsed and the general drawable size is incorrect, nine-patch cannot be

[Reprint] Android dumpsys

Original article: Android has an interesting command calledDumpsysTo dump some system information. Even described on ADB manual I think that some points shocould be reinforced. In order to get

How does Android set the Z order of two views?

Sometimes you want to make a view appear on another view, you can do this: You can't use a linearlayout for this, but you can useFramelayout. InFramelayout, The Z-index is defined by the order in which the items are added, for example:

Android-how to put two or more applications in one process?

Add Android: shareduserid in . Note that the value of this attribute must contain dot, which is a form such as Java packae. For example, Com. AAA. BBB. If there is no dot, an error will occur in ADB install xxx.apk in the future: failure

[Reprinted] Android startup-Day 1

From:   On the first day, Google said that there would be electricity, so electricity would flow into the circuit board, and into the ARM processor, so arm was operating. --

Download and compile tips for Android source code

1. Download a specific version: repo init-u git: // android-2.3.4_r1repo init-u git: // froyo   2. download protocol:You can use both the GIT: // or the

Install busybox for Android

Reprinted from:   Have you ever had this experience? input ADB shell in the command line and then use the command to operate your mobile phone or simulator. However, these commands are

Two Methods for Android root: udev vulnerability and setuid Vulnerability

Reprinted from: Root andoid currently mainly relies on two vulnerabilities: udev of the init process and setuid of the adbd process. The following describes

What is Bootloader and how to unlock bootloader on Android phones

Document directory What is a bootloader? Android phone bootloaders? Why is bootloader locked? Why to unlock bootloader on Android devices? How to unlock bootloader on Android phones [Nexus One] If you are new to the world of Android hacking

The third day of the android startup Century

Reprinted from:   On the third day, Google said that the Garden of Eden (the Linux World) was isolated, so Adam (ADM) and Eve (Eve) were created, called zygote and system_server. --

Why I got an empty folder after "Git clone" android kernel source?

Hi, everything is out there in. git folder only. by default, these URLs for cloning will put. git stuff in your local folder. as you have not mentioned any remote branch name while cloning, hence, it wocould not Checkout the files in your local

Android interview questions-reprint

This article is reproduced. I hope my friend has a good interview question to study ...... 1. Check whether the process of Android DVM is the same concept as that of Linux. DVM refers to the Virtual Machine of dalivk. Every android application runs

Add udev rules on Linux to enable ADB to operate Android devices.

Follow the android documentation to add such udev rules: Subsystem = "USB", ATTR {idvendor} = "0bb4", mode = "0666", group = "plugdev" Note that when the ADB cannot find the Android device, check whether the idvendor string is in lowercase. For

Usage of GDB on Android

Transferred from: 1) compilation contains debug informationSet the following environment variables:Target_build_type = debugTarget_strip_module = false (it is found that even if the

Added by Android to kernel: Early suspend, late resume

Early suspend, late resumeearly suspend and late resume are a feature that android has added to the base region of the standard Linux. When the user asks for a request to enter the suspend, the user enters the early suspend reply function first. The

The android ion Memory Allocator, dmabuf is mentioned as well

From: What is ion? My understanding is that Google introduced a memory manager in android4.0 to replace the previous solutions of various chip manufacturers. The following are found on the

Android a2sd versions and technical explanations

From:,a2sd,data2sd,a2sd%2B%E4%B9%8B%E9%96%93%E7%9A%84%E5%8D%80%E5%88%A5%E5%92%8C First, let's take a look at these functions. All they mean application to the SD

Android Regular Expression

Escape characters \ Escape followed by metacharacters \ Q escape all followed metacharacters until \ e Use \ e and \ q together to escape all metacharacters contained \ Backslash \ Uhhhh hexadecimal Unicode Character U + hhhh \ Xhh hexadecimal

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