According to the analysis, Android 4.0 is still insufficient to compete with iPad

Android 4.0, codenamed ice cream sandwich, was officially released earlier this week. Although the initial response was quite positive,However, according to industry observation media DigiTimes, tablet manufacturers are still skeptical about the

Android system. IMG: yaffs or ext4?

As the mobile phone's internal storage has changed from NAND to emmc, now system. IMG is increasingly using ext4 as a file system, rather than the previous yaffs2. Run the file command to view system. IMG. If the output is: VMS Alpha exectutable,

Android jar Resource

The resource file referenced by jar must be placed in the assets folder, and the layout file and drawable must be in the compiled format. Otherwise, the layout file cannot be parsed and the general drawable size is incorrect, nine-patch cannot be

[Reprint] Android dumpsys

Original article: Android has an interesting command calledDumpsysTo dump some system information. Even described on ADB manual I think that some points shocould be reinforced. In order to get

Print call stack under android

1. How to print the call stack at the Java layer? When optimizing the android startup process, colleagues provided a function to print the call stack. Share Java. util. Map TS = thread. getallstacktraces ();Stacktraceelement [] ste = ts. Get

Android saves log to SD card for debugging

Http:// Find a method to save the log, so that you can see the log if the mobile phone is not connected to the USB cable, and a simple experiment is feasible. 1. Connect to USB2. Run the ADB

Added by Android to kernel: Early suspend, late resume

Early suspend, late resumeearly suspend and late resume are a feature that android has added to the base region of the standard Linux. When the user asks for a request to enter the suspend, the user enters the early suspend reply function first. The

The android ion Memory Allocator, dmabuf is mentioned as well

From: What is ion? My understanding is that Google introduced a memory manager in android4.0 to replace the previous solutions of various chip manufacturers. The following are found on the

Android a2sd versions and technical explanations

From:,a2sd,data2sd,a2sd%2B%E4%B9%8B%E9%96%93%E7%9A%84%E5%8D%80%E5%88%A5%E5%92%8C First, let's take a look at these functions. All they mean application to the SD

Android Regular Expression

Escape characters \ Escape followed by metacharacters \ Q escape all followed metacharacters until \ e Use \ e and \ q together to escape all metacharacters contained \ Backslash \ Uhhhh hexadecimal Unicode Character U + hhhh \ Xhh hexadecimal

Common android development commands

FTP server provided by busybox Start Method 1: # Tcpsvd 0 21 ftpd-W/root & // The above 0 indicates listening to all IP addresses // Ftpd-W the parameter-W indicates that the client can perform write operations on the directory. // 21 specify the

How to Use Service commands for Android Learning

The Android system not only provides some useful commands for us on the host, but also some hidden commands on the device. Generally, it is called by the system. However, due to permission settings, common processes can also use them through the

ADBs for Android debugging tools

During the past two days, I checked the android compilation and rootfs preparation procedures, and accidentally found it in build/tools/-ADBs! ADBs is a command line tool written in Python. Using the three tools ADB, addr2line, and objdump, you may

Android unit test

1. Am instrument-E Class com. Android. mediaframeworktest. Functional. mediaplayback. mediaplayerapitest-W com. Android. mediaframeworktest/. mediaframeworktestrunner 2. $ ADB ShellRoot @ Android :/#Am instrument-E Class com. Android.

How does Android 2.3 stagefright select the OMX component?

Http:// Android 2.3 comes with an executable program named stagefright, which is executed on the board. Stagefright-l All OMX components are displayed. OMX. PV comes with Android and is

Dumpsys of Android Performance Testing Tool

Note: MAT (memory analyzer tool) is a memory usage analysis tool recommended by Google. It has comprehensive and powerful functions !!! First, let's take a look at the functions of dumpsys:Dumpsys is used to give information about all applications

Important Android compilation parameter local_module_tags

Http:// Recently transplanted the tslib Library to the Android system, it is strange to find that the compiled library and test tool are not input to out/target/product/ok6410/system/lib and

Android memory knowledge popularization-complaints from students with high moji memory

Http:// Tid = 175603 & extra = Page % 3d1 1. Currently, moji runs normally at 25 m, and the model with children's shoes is at 40 m. I saw my moji on Samsung Galaxy Note reached 70 m.2. Then everyone complained that

Use of Baidu map API mylocationoverlay (Android)

Http:// This article describes how to use mylocationoverlay In the Baidu map API. In the old name, mylocation is interpreted as "My location", while overlay means "layer" or "covering". mylocationoverlay is

[Apidemos for Android samples video series] app-activity-persistentstate

App-Activity-PersistentState1.Demo description and demo This demo uses sharedpreference to save the UI status, mainly to demonstrate the simple use of sharedpreference, And the UI status is generally saved in onsaveinstancestate. Through this demo,

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