Android draws part of an image

The canvas class is used to draw images. You can use the canvas class member functions in combination to draw any part of the image as you wish. Canvas. cliprect: Set the display areaCanvas. drawbitmap: Draw Example:Bitmap B = bitmapfactory.

Four types of animations for Android

Animation type Android animation consists of four types In XMLAlpha gradient transparency animation effectScale scaling AnimationAnimated effect of moving the translate positionRotate screen transfer rotation animation effect Java codeAlphaanimation

APK to zip: Precautions for downloading files from Android apps to servers

[Author: Zhang banquet this article version: V1.0 final modification: 2010.01.20 reprinted please note the original article link:] The day before yesterday, a colleague from Kingsoft network asked me a question:

Decompilation of Android applications

Decompilation of Android applications The graduation project accidentally chose the development direction of the smartphone, and the platform chose Android, So I recently learned a lot about Android program development. However, as a lazy, easy to

Summary of trivial knowledge points in Android programming (5)

1. No animation is required to start the program.Java code Myintent. setflags (intent. flag_activity_no_animation); // 1.5 should be used, so that no animation effect can be obtained. Getwindow (). setwindowanimations (1) // 1.6 should be used.

Attributes of edittext in Android

Edittext inheritance relationship: View --> textview --> edittext.Edittext has many attributes. Here we will introduce several attributes:Android: layout_gravity = "center_vertical"Set the display position of the control: Top by default, which is

About cursor in Android

When you understand and use Android cursor, you must first know several things about cursor: Cursor is a set of rows. Use movetofirst () to locate the first line. You must know the name of each column. You must know the Data Type of each column.

How to publish your Android Application

So far, there have been two applications in the Android Market, so I want to write something about the Android Application release process, it is used to tell friends who want to publish their own applications what will happen during the release

Android progress bar style

Android progress bar style Example 1: (default style (medium circle ))XML CodeAndroid: Id = "@ + ID/progressbar1"Android: layout_width = "wrap_content"Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"/>Example 2: (ultra-Circular)XML CodeAndroid: Id = "@ +

Layout management in Android

Fill_parent: Full Screen Wrap_content: The size is enough to show the content in the current control. Android: gravity = "right": alignment of its child controls (gravity tendency) Table layout : Android: collapsecolumns = "1": indicates to hide

Summary of trivial knowledge points in Android programming (1)

1. Get the color in the configuration file and set the control to this color.Java code // Obtain the color in the color. xml file. Int TMP = getresources (). getcolor (R. drawable. Blue); // obtain the color in the configuration file. Mybutton.

Android learning notes: loading HTML pages and mutual calls with JS

Main: Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"Android: Id = "@ + ID/webview"/> Activity: Public class htmluiactivity extends activity {Private webview;Public handler;@ OverridePublic void oncreate (bundle

Summary of trivial knowledge points in Android programming (3)

1. image loading method to help users load imagesJava code /*** * Load local Images * * @ Param Context *: Main running function instance * @ Param bitadress *: Image address, which generally points to the drawable directory under R. * @

Fixed Screen Display in Android development!

When I learned the jetboy code, I found that the screen was rotated. The scanning Code did not find the relevant settings and found the relevant code in manifest. xml:Java codePackage = "com. example. Android. jetboy" Android: versioncode =

Summary of trivial knowledge points in Android programming (2)

1. interesting properties in the Control Configuration XML:Android: BackgroundYou can set the background to transparent in either of the following ways: "@ Android: color/transparent" and "@ null ". Note that textview is transparent by default. You

Android determines whether the SD card and SIM card are available

Sdcard and SIM card are used in a project. When using sdcard, You need to determine whether the status can be read and written. When using a SIM card, you must determine whether it is readable. For how to do this, see the following two functions://

Summary of trivial knowledge points in Android programming (4)

1. Get contact information from SMSJava code Contactitem getcontactbyaddr (context, final smsitem SMS ){ Uri personuri = URI. withappendedpath ( Contactscontract. phonelookup. content_filter_uri, SMS. maddress ); Cursor cur = context.

Web service example for displaying weather in Android Program

1. obtain and use the kSOAP package The android SDK does not provide a library to call WebService. Therefore, you must use a third-party SDK to call WebService. PC-based WebService libraries are rich, but these are too large for Android. There are

Buildconfig. debug in Android

Today, I saw someone using buildconfig. Debug on the Internet. Later I checked that buildconfig was automatically generated under the gen directory. In addition, the default value of buildconfig. debug is true, indicating that it is automatically

Android Application Resources

Reference style attributes ? [:] [/] Apply the specified property value under the current topicAndroid: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"Android: textcolor = "? Android: textcolorsecondary"Android: text = "@ string/

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