The use of Coordinatorlayout in Android 5.0 _android

Coordinatorlayout implements a variety of scrolling effects mentioned in the material design. The framework currently provides several ways to work without having to write animated code, including: * Let the floating operation buttons slide up and

Android enables app-environment separation (using Gradle) _android

Introduction of environmental separation There are at least two environments for each app project: test environment and production environment. There are even four environments: the development environment, the test environment, the pre production

Android realizes a deep understanding of day and night models _android

In this article, there are three ways to implement day/night mode switching, three scenarios may lead to an excessive length of the article, please read patiently. 1, setTheme the use of the method to Activity reset the theme; 2, Android Support

Android Update UI Four ways to explain _android

Objective It is believed that every Android developer knows that the update UI can only be done in the main thread, and that if you need to update the UI after the child thread executes the task, you need to use handler to jump to the main thread.

Android Custom View implements code _android for the letter navigation bar

Thinking Analysis: 1, custom View implementation of the letter navigation bar 2, ListView Implementation Contact list 3, the letter navigation bar Sliding event handling 4, the letter navigation bar and the middle letter linkage 5. The linkage

Summary of several methods of Android exit program _android

The Android program has a lot of activity, such as the main window A, which calls the Sub window B, and if you finish directly in B (), then it shows a. How do you close the entire Android application in B? I have summed up several relatively simple

Detailed analysis of Ontouch event transfer mechanism in Android _android

Ontach Introduction Ontach is the foundation of the entire event mechanism in the Android system. Other events in Android, such as OnClick and Onlongclick, are based on Ontach. The Ontach includes the entire process of pressing from the fingers to

I'll teach you how to use Android to customize pie charts _android

As usual, the effect chart first What can you learn from this example: Deep understanding of paint, Draw pie chart, rectangle, text, etc. Deepen the mastery of the canvas API, mastering the Custom view Here are seven steps to complete a simple

Android How to customize vibrator's various vibration mode m concrete method _android

The general vibration time is configured in the following file: Copy Code code as follows: Frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml 0 1 20 21 0 10 20 30 40 0 1 20 21 0 1

Android with delete button edittext_android

Mainactivity is as follows: Package cc.textview5; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.text.TextUtils; Import Android.view.View; Import Android.view.View.OnClickListener; Import Android.widget.Button; Import Android.widget.Toast;

Android Driver writes LED-NDK program _android

1. First write Linux kernel module LEDs #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include module_license ("GPL"); #define GPM4CON 0x110002e0 #define GPM4DAT 0x110002e4 #define LED_ON _iow (' G ', 0,int) #define

The Android TextView underline method _android

If you are in a resource file, you can write this. Copy Code code as follows: phone:1390123456 MyLink Copy Code code as follows: phone:1390123456 MyLink If the code is written

Android to realize the beauty puzzle game detailed _android

First look at the effect: The picture splits many, clicks the exchange to spell into a complete; such checkpoints are also easy to design, 3 3;4 4;5 5;6 6; Keep going. Added a toggle animation, the effect is good, in fact, the game is a custom

Android onnewintent () trigger mechanism and precautions _android

One, Onnewintent () Override the following methods in Intentactivity: OnCreate onStart onrestart onresume onpause onStop OnDestroy 1, other applications to send intent, to do the following methods: OnCreateOnStartOnresume How to send intent:

Android Security Encryption: Digital signature and digital certificate detailed _android

Android security encryption feature article index Android Secure encryption: Symmetric encryption Android Secure encryption: Asymmetric encryption Android Secure encryption: Message digest Digest Android Security

Android Data binding information binding detailed _android

Last year, the Google I/O conference introduced a very powerful new framework databinding, the data binding framework has brought us great convenience, before we may need to write a lot of findviewbyid in each activity, not only trouble, but also

Android again the implementation method of the exit program _android

First (handler+ sign bit) Copy Code code as follows: Private Boolean isexit; Private Handler Handler; @Override protected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) { Super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview

Android Common Four kinds of dialog box examples to explain _android

1, dialog box notification (Dialog Notification) When your application needs to display a progress bar or require the user to confirm the information, you can use the dialog box to complete it. The following code opens a dialog box as shown in the

Android implementation program automatically upgrades to installation sample sharing (download Android installer package) _android

Copy Code code as follows: Program Download Upgrade Zhouxiang @JavascriptInterface public void UPDATECAECP (final String path) { try{ Alertdialog.builder Builder = new Builder (context) obj; Builder.setmessage ("Detected a new release,

How Android uses Uinput to simulate input devices _android

In Google remote, the Android receiver receives the IR code from the socket and then simulates the IR code to System processing, which is the principle of the Google remote receiver. How does the system end simulate input event?Method One: Through

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