How Android USB modifies vid specific implementation _android

1.Android Mobile phone driver end: [GB Version] File to Modify:alps\mediatek\custom\[chip]\kernel\usb\src\mtk_usb_custom.h modification:vendor_id [ICS and JB Version] File to Modify:alps\mediatek\config\[chip]\init.usb.rc Modification:sys.usb.vid 2:

Android implementation Exit main program prompt code _android

When the user chooses "Cancel", as long as the simple Retuan, can return the main program.We can define a showtips () specific method in the main activity, so every time we write, we call this function. Copy Code code as follows:

Android Asynchronous loading Picture Analysis summary _android

The study of Android loading images asynchronously from the network is summarized as follows:(1) Since the Android UI update supports a single threading principle, fetching data from the network and updating it to the interface may first be thought

Android gets the extension of the file and a small example of removing the file name extension _android

Copy Code code as follows: /* * Java file operation gets the file name extension * */ public static string Getextensionname (string filename) { if (filename!= null) && (filename.length () > 0)) { int dot = filename.lastindexof ('. '); if

Analyzing the deadlock ANR instance process through the Android trace file _android

For people engaged in Android development, encountering ANR (application not responding) is a more common problem. In general, if a ANR occurs, the system will generate the trace file in the/data/anr/directory, by analyzing the trace file, you can

Android Popupwindow the way to implement pop-up menus _android

When you use Uc-webbrowser, you will find that its pop-up menu is different from the one that comes with the system. It implements more menu options for display and columns. In fact, it is Popupwindow or Alertdialog dialog box, add two GridView

How to implement custom gestures by Android programming _android

An example of this article describes the Android programming approach to implementing custom gestures. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: I've described how to use gestures in an Android program, mainly the system's default

Android scroller Complete Parsing _android

In Android, any control can be scrolled because there are scrollto () and Scrollby () methods in the view class, as shown in the following illustration: The primary role of the two methods is to move the view/viewgroup to the specified

Android file operation--read assets and raw file content _android

Files from resources and assets can only be read and cannot be written. The files in the assets folder are kept in the original file format, and you need to read the files in Assetmanager as a byte stream. 1. Call Getassets () first in the

Android implementation of the address bar input URL can browse the address page source and operate access network _android

First implement a simple layout: Copy Code code as follows: Android:id= "@+id/et_url" Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" android:layout_height= "Wrap_content" Android:layout_alignparentleft= "true" Android:layout_alignparentright=

Android with the group indicator Expandablelistview (self-write) _android

We all know that the Android default Expandablelistview group header cannot be pinned to the interface, and when scrolling down, it is not possible to indicate to which group the child is currently displayed. Search on the Internet a lot about

Android image processing: Identify image orientation and show instance tutorials _android

When you use ImageView to display images in Android, you find that the picture is not showing, the direction is skewed or upside down. To solve this problem, it is natural to think of two steps to go: 1. Automatic recognition of Image direction and

Android Service binding process Complete analysis _android

Usually we use service to communicate with it, when we want to communicate with the service, then the service to be in a binding state. The client can then get a binder to communicate with the server, a process that is natural. Do you really know

Android introduces two ways to display a list of files by ListView _android

The list of files in the SD card is displayed through ListView in Android there are two methods, one is: Through the inheritance listactivity display, the second is: use Baseadapter display. Baseadapter is a common base class adapter that provides

The implementation of encrypting and decrypting files in Android _android

Now there is a need in the project, the video and documents downloaded in the project are not allowed to play through other players, in training institutions such a lot of demand. To prevent someone from handing over a piece of money, copy all the

Android example code for recursive and binary algorithms _android

//1. Implement a function that finds the specified value in an ordered integer array, finds the position where the value is returned, and cannot find the return-1. Package demo; public class Mytest {public static void main (string[] args)

Android Development Implementation method to delete contact call records _android

This article describes the Android Development implementation method for removing contact call records. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. The source of the content provider responsible for storing call records is under

Android Custom View implements the letter navigation bar _android

A lot of Android Getting Started program apes may be more fearful about Android custom view, but this is the only way to get to the master's level, all ready to spend some time on custom view and write more articles. Thinking Analysis: 1, custom

Android Custom View Constructor detailed _android

Constructor for initial custom view I've written a blog that implements a circular progress bar (a custom circular progress bar), and usually when we implement custom view, we inherit the view and implement the three constructors of view, such as:

Android uses "Aidl" to invoke the workaround for external services _android

There is a service in Android that says it's a service, and it's an interface called Android Interface Definition Language, which provides access across processes, abbreviated as: Aidl. The benefit of such a service is that there is a common

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