19 Android Common Tool class Rollup _php instance

The main introduction to the summary of the development of Android common tools classes, most of the same applies to Java.Currently includes Httputils, Downloadmanagerpro, Shellutils, Packageutils, Preferencesutils, Jsonutils, FileUtils,

Android (Android) ListView display picture text _android

I. Code IMPLEMENTATION 1. "Activity_11\src\yan\activity_11\mainactivity.java" Package yan.activity_11; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import android.app.Activity; Import Android.content.Context; Import Android.view.LayoutInflater; Import

Android Recyclerview Sliding Delete and drag sort _android

This article is followed by the above three after a Recyclerview introduction, here to say two more, if you are still using ListView words, you can give up the ListView. Recyclerview automatically caches the item view (Viewholder), allowing us to

How to realize the _android of the Android development in the pull-down refresh

Because the recent development involves the network to read data, so the natural thing is to pull down the refresh function, The search method is usually to customize the ListView or Recyclerview to rewrite the Ontouch or Onscroll method to

Android (Android) Application version Update method _android

The requirement for a version to be checked and updated in development is basically the functionality that all applications must have, but some friends in actual development tend to overlook some details. Basic process of version update: Typically,

Use Adt-bundle to easily build the Android development environment with Hello World (Linux) _android

This article and the "Use of adt-bundle easy to build the Android development environment and Hello World (Windows)" is a sister, but this operation was replaced by Linux. Take Ubuntu for example. is still the same as Windows. Because

Android's camera Usage example detailed _android

This example describes the camera usage of Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: 1. About the preview of the difference of 90 degrees Cause analysis After verification and experimentation, it can be confirmed

The way Android uses files for data storage _android

The example in this article describes how Android uses files for data storage. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Many times we develop software that needs to store the processed data for a second visit . Android

Deep analysis of Recyclerview components in Android _android

Some days ago, in order to implement the animation effect based on ListView in the current Android program, I wanted to introduce the newest recyclerview into the program, so I took some time to study the basic situation of Recyclerview. This

Share an Android Activity_java with a variety of tool classes

An Android activity that has a variety of tool classes built into it. To use, let your activity inherit this activity, all kinds of convenience, easy to understand I wrote a detailed comment on each method, added the network section, added the form

The practice of using Recyclerview instead of ListView in Android app development _android

Recyclerview is the new Android 5.0 feature that can directly replace the ListView and GridView, and can achieve the layout of the waterfall flow, feeling the advantage of Recyclerview use is that it does not care about the layout, only concerned

Android Date and Time selection dialog box Usage Example analysis _android

This example describes the use of the Android Date and Time selection dialog box. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Manifest file: " Main.xml Layout file:

ListView usage Examples of Android controls _android

This example describes the ListView usage of the Android control. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Example one: ListView is a more commonly used component in Android development, showing specific content in a list and

Examples of Pagertabstrip and pagertitlestrip usages of Viewpager in Android _android

0. Overview1.ViewPager Plainly is a control, in the use of the package name to take all is Android.support.v4.view.ViewPager. Because my Adt-bundle version is relatively high, this package is brought by default and is exported with APK packaged by

Android Call WebService Instance Analysis _android

The example in this article describes how Android invokes WebService. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: WebService is a remote calling standard based on SOAP protocol, which can integrate different operating system

The Android implementation can use custom transparent dialog-style activity complete instances _android

The example in this article describes an activity that the Android implementation can use to customize the transparent dialog style. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Sometimes you need a dialog box, but the content in the

Android Gets the implementation code for the IP address of the mobile phone _android

1. Get the phone IP address code: public static String getlocalipaddress () { try{for (enumeration en = Networkinterface.getnetworkinterfaces (); En.hasmoreelements ();) { NetworkInterface intf = En.nextelement (); for

Android imitation zaker with hand-propelled special effects development "push door Effect" (with demo source download) _android

This article describes the Android imitation Zaker with hand-driven development of special effects. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Recently in the store to download the Zaker, leisure time to take a look at the news!

Android Alipay and micro-credit payment integration _android

SceneWith the rise of mobile payments, there is often a need for integration payments in our app. This is usually the use of micro-mail and Alipay SDK to integrate (i) Alipay paymentIn the process of using Alipay to pay, we are generating orders on

3 ways to implement timer in Android _android

In Android development, timers typically have the following 3 implementation methods:a sleep (long) method using handler and threadSecond, the postdelayed (Runnable, long) method using handlerThird, the use of handler and timer and timertask

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