Using Android's Okhttp package to implement file upload downloads based on HTTP protocol _android

Okhttp HTTP Connection BasicsAlthough you only need to provide a URL when sending an HTTP request using Okhttp, Okhttp needs to consider 3 different elements in the implementation to determine which HTTP connection is actually established between

Application of Inflate () method in Android Layoutinflater _android

the Android Inflate () method is used to find a layout of the XML definition , but only to find and hide, not to find, and to display the functionality. One of the most recent projects I've been doing this is confusing me for days. Android also has

Android handler message distribution mechanism source code Analysis _android

Note: This is just a procedure for SendMessage, post is similarIf we need to send a message, we call the SendMessage method Public Final Boolean SendMessage (Message msg) {return sendmessagedelayed (msg, 0); } This method will call

Android key controls Snackbar use method detailed _android

Snackbar is an important control in designsupportlibrary, used to prompt some key information below the interface, unlike toast where Snackbar allows the user to swipe right to remove it, while Also allows to set an action in the Snackbar, when the

Android third-party HTTP network support package Okhttp the basics of using tutorials _android

The primary goal of Okhttp package design and implementation is efficiency. This is one of the important reasons to choose Okhttp. Okhttp provides support for the latest HTTP protocol version HTTP/2 and SPDY, which allows all requests made to the

Android several different dialog boxes to implement the way _android

App must be a variety of dialog to interact with the user, and here are some tips for introducing a few prompt boxes. Creating a dialog box typically takes the following steps: 1, create the Alertdialog.builder object. 2, call the

The implementation method of nine kinds of dialog box for Android development _android

In the development process, with the user interactive will inevitably use the dialog box to achieve a better user experience, so mastering several dialog box implementation method is very necessary. Make a brief introduction to Alertdialog before

Android code implements Adapterviews and Recyclerview infinite scrolling _android

A common feature of the application is that when users are happy to load more content automatically, this is done by sending a data request when the user slides a certain threshold value.The same is true: the effect of sliding information needs to

Android app Development automated test framework UI Automator Use tutorial _android

Android's automated testing has many frameworks, where UI Automator is the official black-box UI-related automated test tool (GitHub homepage: Case used in Java, and today we practiced the sample program in the official document, There are still

Android Recyclerview Sliding Delete and drag sort _android

This article is followed by the above three after a Recyclerview introduction, here to say two more, if you are still using ListView words, you can give up the ListView. Recyclerview automatically caches the item view (Viewholder), allowing us to

Android implements data _android such as cached images

The uses the Linkedhashmap LRU algorithm to cache data, detects if the object has been reclaimed by the virtual machine, recalculates the current cache size, and clears unused key-value objects in the cache (that is, data that has been reclaimed by

How to realize the _android of the Android development in the pull-down refresh

Because the recent development involves the network to read data, so the natural thing is to pull down the refresh function, The search method is usually to customize the ListView or Recyclerview to rewrite the Ontouch or Onscroll method to

Handling cookies when Android logs on to the Web _android

For the login function itself is not any special, use HttpClient to the server post username password. However, in order to maintain the status of the login (when switching between activity to let the site know that the user is always logged in

Android's camera Usage example detailed _android

This example describes the camera usage of Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: 1. About the preview of the difference of 90 degrees Cause analysis After verification and experimentation, it can be confirmed

How Android obtains information such as total phone memory and available memory _android

In Android development, sometimes we want to get some hardware information about the phone, such as the total memory and available memory size of the Android phone. How does this happen? By reading the file "/proc/meminfo" information can get the

Android Latest Version development environment set up graphics and text tutorial _android

This article only describes how to configure the JDK and the configuration of the Adt-bundle. For previous versions of Adt-bundle, the Cpu/abi system mirrors will be created, and after the two steps described in this article you can create AVD

Android distinguishes drawable Bitmap Canvas paint_android

1. Conceptual differences: Many netizens have just started to learn Android platform, the concept of drawable, Bitmap, canvas and paint is not very clear, in fact they are in addition to the drawable in the sun as early as the J2ME has appeared,

Four ways to summarize the Android parsing xml file _android

Java parsing XML file four ways 1. Introduce 1 DOM (JAXP Crimson Parser) DOM is the official consortium standard for representing XML documents in a platform-and language-independent way. A DOM is a collection of nodes or pieces of information

The way Android uses files for data storage _android

The example in this article describes how Android uses files for data storage. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Many times we develop software that needs to store the processed data for a second visit . Android

Android Spinner Menu Usage examples detailed _android

This example describes the use of the Android spinner menu. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: One, using arrays as data sources 1. In the layout layout file: Declare a TextView control and a spinner control with the

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