CentOS under PIP installation Mysql_python

Today, when using PIP to install Mysql_python, there are some problems that are now recorded.1. error when executing pip install Mysql-python Running setup.py egg_info for package Mysql-python Sh:mysql_config:command not found Traceback (most recent

In CentOS, W uses the Smbclient connection window to appear: Session setup Failed:nt_status_logon_failure

1. In window, network--My own computer, you can view the shared file, indicating that window sharing is normal;2. When configuring a share in window, only super admin access is allowed, but I renamed the Super Administrator to Qidizi, not

CentOS 6.4 Installation Configuration Squid

First, the environmentSystem CentOS 6.4x64 Minimized installationIP, install SquidDownload package[Email protected] ~]# wget

Today, a day of CentOS, alas, I really feel small ah

Reprint an article from others: http://my.oschina.net/idiotsky/blog/303545 This article is very good, because it tells me how to check the value of the selinux bool variable and settings for FTP. I didn't get my FTP server at the end of the deal,

Automatic loading of 802.1q modules in CentOS

To automatically load kernel modules in CentOS, you need to add a script in the/etc/sysconfig/modules/directory to load the required modules in this script. Here is a script called 8021q.modules that I used to automatically load the 802.1Q module in

Add Epel source under CentOS

Rhel and his derivative distributions such as CentOS, Scientific Linux in order to stabilize, the official RPM repository provided RPM package is often very lag, of course, this is understandable, after all, this is the server version, security and

Clear the CentOS system user login record and command record

1 2 echo>/var/log/wtmp# Clear User login record and command record [root @localhost root]# last//The user logon information is not found at this time 1 2 1 Echo>/var/log/secure

CentOS System Command

System Command Yum command Yum Makecache Yum Generate cacheYum List installed mysql* see if there are any installed * packagesRpm-qa | grep mysql* See if mysql* package is installedYum List mysql* See if there are any installation

Local PC installation of the CentOS 6.5 operating manual and problems encountered

I'm using a USB stick to installFirst, the preparatory work1. Download Centos6.5 ISO fileI'm on the official website under the 6.5 version of Centos-6.5-x86_64-bin-dvd1.iso,Because the Centos-6.5-x86_64-bin-dvd2.iso function is generally not used,

CentOS Rc.local does not perform the issue

CentOS7 Boot/etc/rc.localdo not executeThe problemTime:2015-02-09 00:54Source:Blog.51cto.comAuthor:"Busy Pool Small Building" blog, reportClick:TimesRecently found CentOS7/etc/rc.local will not boot execution, so carefully read the next/etc/rc.local

Docker makes base image from scratch [CentOS]

Http://www.oschina.net/news/62897/docker-hub-contains-high-risk-vulnerabilities Here's a statistic,Docker . Official and individual release of the image due to a variety of reasons, such as the number of loopholes, how can we start from scratch to

CentOS 6.5 [Errno] No more mirrors to try.

When installing OpenStack finally to dashboard error: [Errno] No more mirrors to try.Very simple:1.yum Clean Metadata2.yum Clean AllGet!At this point, OpenStack is almost a component of the normal. Next I'm going to run a vyos (the computer is

LoadRunner monitoring CentOS

First, install the necessary packageYum istall gcc gcc-c++ rpcbind-ySecond, download and install the necessary software rstatdDownload and install RSTATD,:HTTP://SOURCEFORGE.NET/PROJECTS/RSTATD.Installing RSTATD[Email protected]/]# TAR-XZVF

Problems with installing Zen Road 7.2.4 version under CentOS

Environment: centos6.6 Apache2.6 MariaDB5 PHP5.4Apache is compiled and installed in /usr/local/apache2 underMariaDB is a RPM Package InstallationPHP is a compiled installationbecause the Zen Road is to be installed in this environment Bug management

Centos Git1.7.1 upgrade to Git2.2.1

Installation Requirements:># Yum Install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel asciidoc># yum install gcc Perl-ExtUti Ls-makemaker error: '/utf8.c:463:undefined reference to ' Libiconv ' ># wget

How to install git online in CentOS

Before you install git, you need to install some dependent packages before installing the dependent packages to check if they are installed.The shell command is as follows:# Rpm-qa | grep zlib-develIf not installed, we will install these dependent

CentOS Gunplot Installation

CentOS is a really fine platform for professional Linux servers which is-among others-characterized by stable software Releases. However, especially in a the environment every once in a and you need a recent version of a software. CentOS ships with

How to quickly customize the binary kernel rpm package in Centos

With more and more Linux servers, the underlying system kernel wants to keep the version unified and needs to customize a dedicated binary installation package for easy upgrade and management. Redhat is of course the use of Rpmbuild to do custom

CentOS 6 compiled Docker

Docker CentOS CompilationDownload the latest source code to directory: Gopath/src/github.com/dockerCD Gopath/src/github.com/docker/dockerGo get-v ... Download Golang.org/x/net/websocket failedCD gopath/src/Mkdir-p golang.org/x/net/CD

Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7

Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7 The original connection of this article is: http://blog.csdn.net/freewebsys/article/details/47146525 is not allowed by the blogger can not be reproduced.1. About piwik Piwik is an open

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