CentOS under PIP installation Mysql_python

Today, when using PIP to install Mysql_python, there are some problems that are now recorded.1. error when executing pip install Mysql-python Running setup.py egg_info for package Mysql-python Sh:mysql_config:command not found Traceback (most recent

(Linux) Small issue record on CentOS 6.6 using 163 yum Source!


Hey, today in the use of 163 of the source for updates, the following error message appears! 2]# vim readme.md[[email protected] php-5.6.12]# yum clean  All loaded plugins: fastestmirrorcleaning repos: base elrepo extras updates clean everything

Installing Linux under VMware Workstation 8 (CentOS 6.4)

First, installation environment1. The basic information for my virtual machine is as follows:Second, install Linux1. Prepare the CD image file for Linux, I use CentOS 6.4, and so on to build a virtual machine we will use it to install!2. Start the

In CentOS, W uses the Smbclient connection window to appear: Session setup Failed:nt_status_logon_failure

1. In window, network--My own computer, you can view the shared file, indicating that window sharing is normal;2. When configuring a share in window, only super admin access is allowed, but I renamed the Super Administrator to Qidizi, not

FASTDFS installation configuration and use on CentOS

Fastdfs is an open source lightweight Distributed File system, which manages files, including file storage, file synchronization, file access (file upload, file download), and so on, which solves the problem of large capacity storage and load

CentOS Installation Ganglia monitoring tool

One, ganglia basic introductionGanglia it is a distributed monitoring system, where there are two Daemon, each: clientgangliamonitoring Daemon (Gmond) and service-side Gangliameta Daemon (Gmetad), There's also gangliaphp WebFrontend (Web-based

CentOS Install, configure APR and tomcat-native

APR:Apache Portable run-time Libraries,apache Portable Runtime LibraryIn earlier versions of Apache, the application itself must be able to handle the details of a variety of specific operating system platforms and invoke different processing

CentOS 7: How do I install a firewall?

For the pure version of CentOS 7, you must install the firewall manually. But if you install a firewall or you can't run it right away, you need to do something else to make it work. Follow these steps to set up your firewall in CentOS 7First step,

CentOS 6.5 forgot root password solution (CentOS input password hint login incorrect)

Press the "E" key on the keyboard when booting up to enter the following interface. Select the appropriate kernel, press "E" again, select the second item, press the "E" key again After the second step, this screen can be edited, at the end of

CentOS postfix Mailbox Installation record

---restore content starts---#wget http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/project/postfixadmin/postfixadmin/postfixadmin-2.92/ postfixadmin-2.92.tar.gz// download Postfixadmin Manager and put it in the Web directory1[Email protected] html]# CD postfixadmin/2

How to boot the CentOS Setup program

Centoslinuxin the case of CentOS or redhat other systems, the system will not start automatically after installation, such as httpd, mysqld, postfix, etc., if the service is installed later. even if the service is started manually

CentOS 7/rhel 7:reset/recover Forgotten root password

CentOS 7/rhel 7:reset/recover Forgotten root passwordOctober, by Sharad Chhetri 4 CommentsIn this post we'll learn, how to reset/recover forgotten root password on CentOS 7/rhel 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7). On RHEL 5/6 or CentOS 5/6 series, the

How to blacklist a Kernel Module in CentOS

How to blacklist a Kernel Module in CentOSHow to blacklist a Kernel Module in CentOS are an important piece of knowledge for the sysadmin. In Centos Linux, the preventing a kernel module from loading during boot is also called blacklisting. We Add

"CentOS" ntpdate: Command not found, crontab

Receive mailDate:sat, 1 13:25:17 +0800 (CST)Status:r/opt/script/ntp.date.sh: Line 8:hwclock: Command not found&Separate execution no problem, in Crontab, the newspaper can't find the commandView Path[Email protected] script]# Whereis HwclockHwclock:/

"CentOS" Mail operations

View Mail[[Email protected] script]# mailHeirloom Mail Version 12.5 7/5/10. Type? For help."/var/spool/mail/root": 2 messages> 1 (cron Daemon) Sat 1 06:01 28/1027 "cron /"2 (cron Daemon) Sat 1 13:25 26/917 "cron /"&Help&?Mail commandsType type

CentOS 6.5 [Errno] No more mirrors to try.

When installing OpenStack finally to dashboard error: [Errno] No more mirrors to try.Very simple:1.yum Clean Metadata2.yum Clean AllGet!At this point, OpenStack is almost a component of the normal. Next I'm going to run a vyos (the computer is

LoadRunner monitoring CentOS

First, install the necessary packageYum istall gcc gcc-c++ rpcbind-ySecond, download and install the necessary software rstatdDownload and install RSTATD,:HTTP://SOURCEFORGE.NET/PROJECTS/RSTATD.Installing RSTATD[Email protected]/]# TAR-XZVF

Problems with installing Zen Road 7.2.4 version under CentOS

Environment: centos6.6 Apache2.6 MariaDB5 PHP5.4Apache is compiled and installed in /usr/local/apache2 underMariaDB is a RPM Package InstallationPHP is a compiled installationbecause the Zen Road is to be installed in this environment Bug management

Centos Git1.7.1 upgrade to Git2.2.1

Installation Requirements:># Yum Install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel asciidoc># yum install gcc Perl-ExtUti Ls-makemaker error: '/utf8.c:463:undefined reference to ' Libiconv ' ># wget

Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7

Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7 The original connection of this article is: http://blog.csdn.net/freewebsys/article/details/47146525 is not allowed by the blogger can not be reproduced.1. About piwik Piwik is an open

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