Centos kernel Compilation: no space left on device Solution

1. Problem: Put the source code below the root directoryNo space left on device appears during compilation.Use the DF-H command to view the space occupied by the root directory.2. Compile the source code in other places with sufficient spaceIn make

Use sublime in centos

Centos sublime text3 installation and configuration (Chinese input not supported) The sublime text interface is friendly, and the automatic complementing function is also good. (Vim?php_function.txt is used for completion, but the completion after

Apache restart command in centos

Apache startupUsr/local/apache243/bin/apachectl startRestart ApacheUsr/local/apache243/bin/apachectl restartDisable ApacheUsr/local/apache243/bin/apachectl restartApache startup settings: it is necessary for each server software to be automatically

Use a USB flash drive to boot centos Installation

1. Create a Linux boot disk1.Format the USB flash drive in FAT32 format2.Install syslinuxHttps://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux/Download the corresponding versionDecompress syslinux-4.04.zipto the Windows directory, and run

Common centos network configurations

Define IP Address:1. Root # Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 # edit the NIC configuration fileDevice = eth0 # Nic device nameOnboot = yes # Does the NIC need to be automatically started?Ipaddr = # IP AddressNetmask = 255.255.2

Configure httpd in centos to allow normal access to the LAN

[Reprinted with the source: Qian guozheng's column http://blog.csdn.net/qianguozheng/article/details/37611859] Problem: Install Apache on centos. The server can be accessed on the local machine after configuration, but the IP address of the

Centos editing interface and GUI logon Switch Settings

Enter the command VI/etc/inittab. Change 5 to 3 in the last row. Save and exit. Meanings of numbers: #0-halt (do not set initdefault to this) Stop (no initdefault) #1-Single User Mode #2-multiuser, without NFS (the same as 3, if you do not

Solve the problem that the network adapter eth0 cannot be found for the centos virtual machine deployed on esxi with a virtual machine Template

1. The problem is similar to the problem where the NIC cannot be found after the VM is cloned.2. Modify the host name hostnameModify the/etc/sysconfig/Network File3. Delete the hwadd row in/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 or install the

Install PROLOG and Erlang in centos

Installing Erlang is relatively simpleDownload the Erlang compressed packageInput tar-zxvf compressed package to decompressEnter the extracted directory and enter./configureAfter./configure is executed, enter makeEnter make install.Enter ERL at run

Centos 7.0 changes

As in the first release of each major version, most components have been modified and updated to a newer version. Listing all the changes is beyond the scope of this document. The most significant changes are: kernel update to 3.10.0

Three steps to configure the lamp environment (I) Compile and install Apache using centos

Although the configuration of the lamp environment is much simpler today, it is still difficult for some friends who are not familiar with the Linux system. Here I will record my configuration process, hope to help you.This section describes how to

Resolved the problem of failed IP address, MAC address, and UUID modification after cloning the centos virtual machine.

Solution:   So here's how we fix it: Remove the kernel's networking interface rules file so that it can be regenerated  # rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules   Restart the VM  # reboot

Compile and install centos 7x64 + tengine.2.0.3 (test + note)

Environment: System hardware: VMWare vsphere (CPU: 2*4 cores, 2 GB memory) System Version: centos Linux release 7.0.1406   Installation steps:   1. System Environment 1.1 update the system [[Email protected] ~] # Yum Update-y   1.2 view the

Install and set the IP address, DNS, host name, firewall, and port in centos 7 (test + note)

Environment: System hardware: VMWare vsphere (CPU: 2*4 cores, 2 GB memory, dual Nic) System Version: CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-DVD.iso   Installation steps: 1. Virtual System Installation 1.1 Use the VMware Virtual Machine and read ISO for installation.

Bridging steps under RedHat (centos, fedora)

1. Install the bridge package yum install bridge-utils 2, modify the file/etc/sysconfig/network-scropts/ifcfg-eth0;Bridge = br0 Delete the following ONBOOT=yesIPADDR= 3. Create the

Network bonding1 under centos

I'm curious, why does the NetworkManager service affect bonding operations? This is a dumb service. Why do we need to close this service? Does it mean we need to take over the service? The answer is how to interpret tianshu: for example, it is very

Adjust the resolution of the centos text logon Interface

Log on to the system through the text interface and switch to the root permission. Use VI to open the/boot/GRUB/menu. LST file. Since menu. lst is a shortcut to the grub. conf file, the grub. conf file is finally opened. VI/boot/GRUB/menu. lst

Deploy LVS (NAT) + keepalived in centos 6.3 to achieve high-performance and high-availability Load Balancing

I,System Environment Tutorial topology:     Lab environment: VMware 9.01 + Windows 8x64 Enterprise Edition + 8 GB memory VM steps: 1. Install a centos 6.3 x64 host with 1 GB memory and Nat network. Check vmnet8 in Virtual Network editor under the

Centos kernel Compilation: no space left on device solution, centosspace

Centos kernel Compilation: no space left on device solution, centosspace 1. Problem: Put the source code below the root directory No space left on device appears during compilation. Use the df-h command to view the space occupied by the root

Solution for "cocould not retrieve into list" in CentOS yum -- resolv. conf configuration, yum1_list

Solution for "cocould not retrieve into list" in CentOS yum -- resolv. conf configuration, yum1_listCause: resolv. conf is not configured. Solution: Configure resolv. conf In The/etc directory to add the nameserver IP address, for example,

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