Unable to mount Glusterfs causes and workarounds under Linux (CentOS)

Execute the Mount command:Mount Target_host:/volume_name Current_pathPrompt for error message after executing mount command/usr/sbin/start-statd:line 8:systemctl:command not foundMOUNT.NFS:RPC.STATD is isn't running but was required for remote

Linux (CentOS) builds SVN server

The installation steps are as follows: 1, yum install Subversion 2, enter RPM-QL subversion to view the installation location, such as: we know that SVN generated a few binaries in the bin directory.  Enter SVN--help to see how SVN is used, such as.

Compiling coreclr on Linux CentOS

After a few days of effort, finally solved the problem of compiling coreclr on CentOS. The final discovery problem is caused by the cmake_c_flags setting.Just delete "SET (cmake_c_flags_init"-wall-std=c11 ")" in

CentOS-6.6 how VMware installs Linux systems.

1. Create a new virtual host using VMware2. Install Linux using VMware and click on "Open Virtual host"3, enter the Linux installation interface, select the first "install or upgrade an existing system"4, skip disk detection, keyboard select "Skip"5.

Compiling and installing Clang 3.5.0 on Linux CentOS

Compiling CORECLR requires clang 3.5, and CentOS is installed Clang 3.4.2 (the most new version of Yum repos is this), can only be manually compiled LLVM source code to install.(Note: The CentOS version is 6.6)First, install the libstdc++4.7wget

Yum installs wine under CentOS

Linux under the installation of wine can be compiled from the source code installation, but generally feel trouble, so try to use Yum to install, solve a lot of package dependencies.1. First install a EpelRPM-IVH http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/

Network IP configuration for CentOS 6.6 New Installation system

Instance Environment Virtual machines: VMware 11.1.0 System: CentOS 6.6 # ifconfig-a 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/59/EB/wKiom1TvEk_Qib9XAAGzcBkQsHU513.jpg "title=" Ifconfig.jpg "alt="

CentOS iptables about Ping

After configuring the iptables policy, generally input is drop and then configured to pass theWhen executing:Iptables-p INPUT DROP, the machine can not be ping pass!Because ICMP is not added to the rule!So I execute the following code:Iptables-a

CentOS Disable Ctrl+alt+del restart function

Prevent misoperation Restart in real production environmentsFirst, centos5.x prohibit simultaneous press Ctrl+alt+del restartEdit/etc/inittabFound itCa:12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown-t1-a-R NowChange to#ca: 12345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown-t1-a-R

CentOS 5.8 minimized post-installation optimization

After adding a new server, the next step is to install the system. It is recommended to use CentOS 5.8 x86_64, everyoneThere is a principle in using the server: the fewer application packages installed on the system, the more stable the server is,

CentOS Network Basics: (3) Configure common parameters of NIC

Files:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-cardname The following values are common in all basic configuration files:* Device=name, where name is the name of the physical device (except for dynamically assigned PPP devices, its name is "logical name"

CentOS 6 (what groups is included in all option at install time?)

From Http://wiki.centos.org/About/Product------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From Http://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/CentOS6What groups is included in the option at install time?Based

CentOS Network Basics: (4) set up single-Nic multi-IP

Method 1:A small number of IP manual binding (here to bind IP to eth0 for example, the other network adapter words to modify the corresponding file name can be)1. Copy the Ifcfg-eth0 network adapter profile and rename it to

CentOS Network Basics: (5) set up multi-NIC binding IP

Action Example: Bind eth01/eth02 to an IP(1) In modifying kernel module configuration file/etc/modprobe.conf, add the following content:###### Bonding Start ##### #alias bond0 bondingoptions Bonding max_bonds = 1###### Bonding End ########(2)

Centos 6.5 Installs the latest version of Chrome

Online a lot of relevant to the data, but are more cumbersome, the following gives a link: http://chrome.richardlloyd.org.uk/, there are detailed instructions, you can first put Install_ chrome.sh file is downloaded and then executed (no need to

CentOS 7.0 View memory usage and view hard disk usage

In the normal use of the system, the most important three aspects of memory use the hard disk CPU load these own feel more importantThe first is memory viewingCommand Free-m-m indicates the unit is mMainly look at the first line of mem total 3758M

An error is reported when nginx is installed on Centos. If nginx is installed on Centos, an error is reported.

An error is reported when nginx is installed on Centos. If nginx is installed on Centos, an error is reported. The following error occurs during compilation: ./Configure: error: the HTTP rewrite module requires the PCRE library. You can either

Solution to CentOS disk usage of 100%

Solution to CentOS disk usage of 100% The/opt partition is full of web logs, causing some services to fail to run normally. Therefore, rm-fr drops these logs (nearly 11 GB), but the services are still not recovered, if df-hT is used, the partition

Use CentOS DVD production company YUM installation source, centosyum

Use CentOS DVD production company YUM installation source, centosyum Link: http://blog.csdn.net/kongxx/article/details/43821421 Assume that two machines are used for simulation. One machine is used as the YUM installation source, and the other

CentOS/Linux solve the problem of slow SSH connection, centosssh

CentOS/Linux solve the problem of slow SSH connection, centosssh Currently, SSH remote connection is generally used to connect to a linux server. I recently installed a new server and found that telnet is fast, ping is normal, but SSH connection is

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