CENTOS/RHEL7 Source Installation Mysql5.5.22

This article takes CentOS7 as an example, introduces the MySQL source installation!Environment Introduction:Operating system: CENTOS7 (Select GNOME Desktop and development tools during installation)Software: mysql5.5.22.tar.gzTo start the

Linux CentOS 6.5 x64 SVN server Setup

Linux CentOS 6.5 x64 SVN server Setup Steps1. Install SubversionYum Install SubversionNote: The installation requires root privileges, otherwise you will be prompted need to be root to perform the This command. English is also very simple, here is

How to install CentOS on a hard drive release time: 2015-01-09 08:06:37 Edit: Ahlinux

How to install CentOS on hard driveJust follow the steps below to make the package you can take CentOS home: loveliness:Platform Windows XP, required software grub, CentOS image file DVD, CD all available.1. Delete the last partition under Windows

"Linux Notes" CentOS 7 Systemctl, FIREWALLD

First, CentOS7 SystemctlIn CentOS7, the chkconfig command operation will find a similar "Systemctl ..." hint, systemctl can simply implement the combination of service and chkconfig, so that the two commands can be implemented by a single command

Centos/ubuntu Jenkins.war Self-startup script, Linux startup stop jar package run case

#! /bin/sh# chkconfig:2345 # Description:jenkins .... # This script would be executed *after* all the other init script S. # You can put your own initialization stuff in here if you don ' t # want to do the full Sys V style init stuff. #prefix

CentOS 7.0.1406 Release Introduction

Centos-7.0-1406-x86_64-dvd.iso Standard installation version centos-7.0-1406-x86_64-everything.iso to supplement the standard installation version of the software, Integrates all software Centos-7.0-1406-x86_64-gnomelive.iso GNOME desktop centos-7.0-

CentOS Installation gcc error problem

CentOS Installation gcc error problemInstallation record:System: centos5.4Execute the following command, respectively:Command codeYum-y Install GCCYum-y install-c++Www.ahlinux.comYum Install makeWill error:Loaded Plugins:fastestmirrorDetermining

Docker on CentOS

Docker is best installed on Centos7, centos6.5 seems a lot of troubleHere to install directly on the CENTOS7, to pre-load Epel repoYum install Docker installation on lineChkconfig Docker onService Docker startSet the Docker service to start every

How to install the Epel source on CentOS 7

What is EPEL?EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, additional software packages for Business Edition Linux)is a software warehouse project maintained by the Fedora team that provides Rhel/centos with packages that they do not provide by default.

CentOS Install Yum Network source

Install the virtual machine Ah, use the company given CentOS 6.0 ISO image, the image is cropped, and work to use the mercurial (HG) version Control tool, so you need yum install mercurial.Just started to install the system, yum install mercurial

CentOS Installation Environment Preparation work

Our CentOS system is installed, and the network has been connected, the next introduction, in the case of external network connectivity, how we install tar.gz and other forms of software.Installation of development tools and development libraries is

CentOS timed start and purge tasks

Because of the need to perform tasks on a timed basis, we found the Crontab tool and introduced its usage:Shell=/bin/bash path=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin mailto=root home=/ # run-parts 01 * * * * Root run-parts/etc/cron.hourly 4 * * * Root

LXC on CentOS

Finally put LXC network to pass, do not know right, rememberIt's all the same place at first.Yum Install Libcgroup LXC lxc-templatesInstalling LXC CgroupThen rememberChkconfig--level 345 libcgroup on Cgroup always startAdd a bridgeIfcfg-eth0 changed

CentOS dual-NIC dual IP settings

CentOS dual-NIC dual IP settingsSystem environment: CentOS LinuxNetwork environment: Two IP addresses, and, Mask is,The gateway addresses for these two subnets are and respectively.1.

Installing CentOS 6 Network configuration issues

Installing CentOS 6 Network configuration issuesToday, I decided to upgrade my CentOS home from 5 to 6. However, after installing CentOS 6.2, it was found that Eth0 did not automatically obtain IP through DHCP as usual. After opening "/etc/sysconfig/

The port occupancy of the CentOS server configuration (i)

1. Find the Occupied port Netstat-tln Netstat-tln | grep 8060 NETSTAT-TLN View port usage, while Netstat-tln | grep 8060 is a view of the usage of port 8060 only2. See which program the port belongs to? Which process is consuming the

Centos/ubuntu jenkins. war is a self-starting script. in Linux, the jar package is stopped after Linux is started. centosjenkins. war

Centos/ubuntu jenkins. war is a self-starting script. in Linux, the jar package is stopped after Linux is started. centosjenkins. war #! /Bin/sh # chkconfig: 2345 10 90 # description: jenkins .... # This script will be executed * after * all the

In Linux, centos, ubuntu, and centosubuntu

In Linux, centos, ubuntu, and centosubuntu Many of my friends used Linux in virtual machines. They wanted to copy the information to the USB flash drive and found that they did not respond after inserting the USB flash drive. At this time, there

Solve the problem that the ifconfig command in CentOS does not display IP addresses

Solve the problem that the ifconfig command in CentOS does not display IP addresses The ifconfig command in CentOS does not display IP addresses[Plain] view plaincopy $ Ifconfig Bash: ifconfig: commandnotfound Environment: Non-root User

CentOS prompts unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck MANUALLY to solve

CentOS prompts unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck MANUALLY to solveAn error occurred on the CentOS server. The prompt is as follows: unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck MANUALLYAn error occurred during the filesystem checkPropping you to shell the

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