CentOS-7 under Installation MySQL5.6.22

CentOS7 Install MySQL5.6.22 (current latest version: 2015-01-17)Reprint Please specify source:Jiq's technical BlogaInstallation Environment(1) CentOS version: CentOS-7To view the method:[[Email protected] Desktop]# cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux

File share mounts between Linux Centos servers

File share mounts between Linux Centos (6.6) serversPurpose: Because the server set up load balancer, multi-server file upload must be synchronized, the purpose here is to set server 1 as the primary file serverServer 1: 2:192.168.

Nic name modification after using VMware to clone CentOS (Obsessive-compulsive disorder)

--------------------------------------I. Causes of obsessive-compulsive disorderSecond, the normal configuration eth1 network cardThird, modify the NIC name eth1 to eth0--------------------------------------I. Causes of obsessive-compulsive

Win8 Boot recovery under CentOS

These days have been installed in various installedA few days ago, Win7 the win8.It's supposed to be easier to restore Linux boot under win.With EASYBCD added Linux boot but there is no way to get into the pre-installed Ubuntu deskWhy is it possible

CentOS disk expansion, new LV

1, expansion already has the LV on the LVM1.1 New PV--pvcreate/dev/sd*1.2 Add the new PV to the LVM-->vgextend vg_ruiy/dev/sd*1.3 Viewing LVM--vgdisplay-v Vg_ruiy after adding PV1.4 Expansion LV---lvextend-l + 20g/dev/vg_ruiy/lv_root1.5 File system

Installing the CentOS 6.4 operating system

Original works, from the "Blue Blog" blog, Welcome to reprint, please be sure to indicate the following sources, otherwise, the legal responsibility to pursue copyright.Deep Blue Blog:http://blog.csdn.net/huangyanlong/article/details/42740355Virtual

CentOS Configuration Nic

Virtual machines using Oracle VitualboxPS: Virtual machine network settings use "Bridge"One, configure IP#vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Device=eth0 #物理设备名ipaddr= #IP地址netmask= #掩码值gateway=

Hadoop "Unable to load Native-hadoop library for your platform" error on CentOS

everything is OK on the Namenode node, and there is no prompt for this information, but the following message appears on Datanode:15/01/14 16:42:09 WARN util. nativecodeloader:unable to load Native-hadoop library for your platform ... using

View the CentOS server hard disk status information

Windows has hdtune to see the status of the disk, to prevent the disk from hanging up to know, CentOS under the Smart (self-monitoring, analysis and Reporting technology System also do state detection of diskshttp://www.smartmontools.org/ The

Puppet master Installation Manual (CentOS 7)

Puppet MasterinstallationNote: Puppet Master not supported Windows platform, Puppet Agent Support Windows , but it's not ideal. .because Foreman Minimum Requirements CentOS 6 , so it is recommended to use 6 The above version or use Ubuntu Ten The

Install Redmine and integrate git under Centos

Get the installation files firstwget Https://downloads.bitnami.com/files/stacks/redmine/2.6.1-0/bitnami-redmine-2.6.1-0-linux-x64-installer.runAdd executable permissionschmod +x

Installing Tomcat under CentOS

The prerequisite for installing Tomcat is: Install the JDK.This is not explained in detail, if you do not know how to install the JDK, please refer to:http://blog.csdn.net/u012965373/article/details/42181377Next is the case of installing Tomcat,

CentOS 7.0 network adapter configuration and renaming tutorial

When the CentOS 7.0 installation is complete, the NIC is not powered on by default, and the name of the NIC is changed. In CentOS 5 and the previous system Nic named eth0 eth1 such name, and to the CentOS 6 era the name of the network card changed

CentOS is set to boot with USB drive, 3 steps to solve boot problem

Install CentOS 6.5 with a USB stick, after the installation can only use a U disk to start, the U disk after pulling out will not start.Do not be anxious to meet such problems.It takes just a few steps to get it done.1. # fdisk-lLook at which hard

Installing CMake under CentOS

I need to install cmake when I install MySQL.But there's a lot of detail to install, so here's how.Software: cmake-2.8.5.tar.gz wget http://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/cmake-2.8.5.tar.gz[email protected]/]# Yum install gcc-c++[email protected]/]# Yum

CentOS prompts for no command handling when entering the Ifconfig command

CentOS prompts for no command handling when entering the Ifconfig commandToday, a CentOS is installed on a virtual machine. After the installation, a lot of instructions are not found. Baidu after the problem solved. Record the processing method for

CentOS Installation Vsftp

Vsftp is the most respected FTP server program in the Linux distribution. Features are small and light, safe and easy to use. The following is an introduction to CentOS under Installation and simple configuration vsftp this service software.The

Install centos on easybcd

I have installed Ubuntu with centos before. It is complicated to install centos 6.6 once today. 1. Install easybcd, download CentOS-6.6-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso, CentOS-6.6-x86_64-bin-DVD2.iso 2. Install easeus partition master 9.2.2 and ext2 Volume

Install the CDH 5.2.1 cluster in centos 6.5 (1)

Three cluster nodes CDH-Master Cdh-slave-1 Cdh-slave-2 1. Install centos6.5 (64-bit) and set up the basic environment, including: (1) Add sudo Permissions (2) modify the host name, gateway, static IP address,

Shared File Mounting and Centos mounting among linux centos servers

Shared File Mounting and Centos mounting among linux centos servers File Sharing and mounting between linux Centos (6.6) servers Purpose: Because Server Load balancer is configured on the server, file uploading on multiple servers must be

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