Stupid bird. Use VMware Workstation to install a learning-friendly CentOS 6.6 system

Tools:Vmwareworkstation 10.0centos-6.6-x86_64 Mirrorinstallation CentOS 6.6 Operating SystemBefore the operating system is formally installed in a production environment, we need to confirm the following two issues in order to successfully install

Reset the NIC eth1 to eth0 after VMware starts CentOS 6.5

When the Vmbox virtual machine is configured, the operation of replicating virtual machines is often used for convenience, but the replicated virtual machines are not able to connect to the local area network even if they adopt the way of bridging

CentOs Linux Partition Recommendations

Hard disk partitioning schemeInstalling a Linux system on a computer, partitioning the hard disk is a very important step, and here are a few of the partitioning schemes.(1) Scenario 1 (Desktop)/boot: Used to store the Linux system boot-related

Launch of CentOS 7 USB drive under Windows

Launch of CentOS 7 USB drive under Windowsstatement: Recommended Tools liveusb-creator HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1I39QEQHFirst of allAfter downloading the installation, the installation process is simple and is the next step.SecondlyInsert a USB

16 Monitoring commands for CentOS server

depending on which Linux distribution you use, you can get a lot of information from these shell commands through a graphical user interface (GUI) program. For example, SUSE Linux has an excellent, graphical configuration and management tool

CentOS 7.0 View all folders under the root directory

CentOS 7.0 Minimized installationThe first line is login[[Email protected] ~]#[[email protected] ~]# CD. /[[email protected]/]# lsbin Dev home lib64 mnt proc run SRV tmp Varboot etc Lib media opt root sbin sys usrCompare with disk files[[email

Using Nohup under CentOS

Unix/linux generally like to let a program inrunning in the background, many use & at the end of the program to let the program run in the background. For example we want to run MySQL in the background:/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe--user=mysql

CentOS EE Environment setup

Installation of 1.JDK.TAR-XVF jdk-7u9-linux-i586.tar.gz-c/opt/javaLn-s/OPT/JAVA/JDK1.7.0_09/OPT/JAVA/JDK Create a linkVi/etc/profile Setting Environment variablesExport JAVA_HOME=/OPT/JAVA/JDKExprot path= $JAVA _home/bin: $PATHEquivalent to re-set

Install the CentOS 6.6 system for Learning

Tools:VMware Workstation 10.0centos-6.6-x86_64 MirrorInstalling the CentOS 6.6 operating systemBefore the operating system is formally installed in a production environment, we need to confirm the following two issues in order to successfully

CentOS installation FTP Server and configuration

installationYum Install vsftpdStart/restart/shutdown/sbin/service vsftpd start/sbin/service vsftpd restart/sbin/service vsftpd stopconfiguration file/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.confanonymous upload DownloadModify the configuration file to

How can I use the iptables on CentOS 7 or fedora? sudo service iptables startRedirecting to /bin/systemctl start iptables.serviceFailed to issuemethod call: Unit iptables.service failed to load: No such file or

Install SOCKET5 Agent under Centos 6.5

---restore content starts---1. InstallationInstall dependent libraries FirstYum Install GCC GCC MakeDownload source Package Compilation Installationwgethttp//

RedHat6 using the CentOS Yum Source Update method (for Yum)

First: Back up the system comes with the Yum sourceList: Readhat The Yum directory on my Computer: ETC/YUM.REPOS.D # Rhel-source.repoBackup command: MV Rhel-source.repo #这样就备份成了rhel-source.repo.save1. Delete Redhat original Yum

Installation of a small input method under CentOS 7.0

Small input method is also called Yong IME, is a free but not open source Chinese input method, its author for dgod,2008 year release the first version, so far six years time is still in constant update. With one person's power silently maintains a

Troubleshoot issues where CentOS local access to external hosts cannot be accessed

But the firewall rules in CentOS are quite tight.The content can be seen with Curl http://localhost:10000, but externally inaccessible because the firewall does not have port 10000 open and 10000 ports need to be added to the trust ruleJoin method:

CentOS Server Build (5)--Install Ngnix

The JDK is installed first1. Download nginx-1.6.2.tar.gz2. Ensure that the g++, GCC, Openssl-devel, Pcre-devel, and Zlib-devel software are installed before installationYum Install GCCYum Install zlib zlib-devel OpenSSL openssl--devel pcre

CentOS 7.0 Set IP address, gateway DNS

cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/#进入网络配置文件目录650) this.width=650; "alt=" CentOS 7.0 system installation configuration steps in detail "src=" " Style= "border:1px solid rgb (230,230,230);

The Dell server configures the CentOS version of the

First step: Install LinuxThe essential1. Custom partition (root directory 3.8G, ext3,; swap2.5g)2.2. Installation mode selection, preferably not Minimla, (currently selected as basic Service)The configuration time will be required on the first boot.

CentOS VM startup error: cocould not open/dev/vmmon


CentOS VM startup error: cocould not open/dev/vmmonAn error is reported during initial installation, but the interface can be opened and can be properly installed. However, an error is reported after the installation. Gtk-Message: Failed to load

In Centos, how does one modify the system time permanently? In centos, how does one modify the system?

In Centos, how does one modify the system time permanently? In centos, how does one modify the system? When Centos is used, if the local time is not correct, the command date-s "15:15:15" takes effect immediately. However, after the system is

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