CentOS 6.3 Upgrade GCC and GDB

First, installation environmentSystem version: centos6.3 X64Original GCC version: gcc-4.4.7New GCC version: gcc-4.8.3Original GDB version: Gdb-7.2-75.el6New GDB version: gdb-7.6.1Second, the official installation1. Download and install the source

Vmware/centos Accessing files in Windows

1. Set the file as a shared folder2. Determine your Windows IP address, username and password3.CentOS Terminal Enter the following:[Email protected]*** mnt]# mkdir Wind[[Email protected]*** mnt]# mount-t cifs//

CentOS installation configuration Git server (gitosis)

1. Install the GIT client (in order to clone the Gitosis repository)To install a dependency package:yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel perl-develTo install Git: yum install gitAfter the installation is

CentOS Install git server CentOS 7.0 + git 2.2.0 + gitosis (measured notes)

Environment:System hardware: VMware vsphere (cpu:2*4 core, memory 2G, dual NIC)System version: Centos-7.0-1406-x86_64-dvd.isoServer ip: domain name: www.domain.com SSH Port: 8200 (default = 22)Installation steps:1. Display the server

CentOS Learning Notes-configuring networks

Configuring the Network (Ethernet)The first thing to do after installing a system is to configure the network. (The following is a list of Linux private dishes from bird brother----Server Erection chapter fourth, connected to the Internet)

How to install JDK8 under CentOS

Install the JDK on your centos machine today and find that the previous tutorials are old and many things are out of date. Write the feeling of installation today.Determine if the installationFirst, we have to determine whether the machine is

CentOS Small white Command

Ctrl+alt+f1 character Interface Ctrl+alt+f2 graphical interfaceCentOS cannot enter password at login interface because/etc/profile is not correctModify/etc/profile:At the end add:Export hadoop_home=/usr/local/hadoop-2.2.0Export path=$PATH:$HADOOP

CentOS Assorted II: Installing the AR8161 NIC driver

Note: This article refers to the network data collation experiment. Environment: The NIC is Atheros Communications Inc. AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10) and the system is CentOS6.4 2.6.32-358.x86_64Use the command to find the NIC type, Lspci |grep

Customize your own CentOS system

Re-package CentOS into a new ISO to automatically partition, select the original package, and quickly install the system.1. Mount the optical drive, create a temp directoryMount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdromMkdir-p/root/iso/centos2. Use the cp.sh script to

CentOS Add User

Test Environment: CentOS 6.01, add the user, first with the AddUser command to add a normal user, the command is as follows:#adduser TommyAdd a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change PasswordChanging password for user Tommy.New UNIX Password://Enter

CentOS Install JDK7 and Tomcat

First, install the JDK71. Download JDK7 from Oracle to the CentOS desktop: jdk-7u71-linux-x64.rpm2. Copy it to the/usr directory:CP '/home/shenzhun/desktop/jdk-7u71-linux-x64.rpm '/usr/3. Enter the/usr directory and give it permission to run the

Server disk planning for CentOS turn

My server is 500G. The most important thing is that the/var partition must be large (regardless of postfix mail, or lamp's Web server, etc.).Preferably above 400G. The specific/boot as long as 100M is enough.Here is my partitioning scheme:HDD

CentOS Shutdown and restart command details

Linux centos Shutdown and restart command detailed and practical Linux CentOS Restart Command: 1, reboot 2. shutdown-r now reboot (root user) 3, Shutdown-r 10 over 10 minutes automatic restart (root user use) 4, Shutdown-r 20:35 restart at 20:35

CentOS 6.4 Installation Configuration Vsftp

Yum Install vsftpd Db4-utils Because you want to log on using a virtual user.Modify the following file a:/etc/pam.d/vsftpd; add two lines Auth required/lib64/security/pam_userdb.so Db=/etc/vsftpd/vftpuserAccount

CentOS 7 Boot startup script

The command entered in the/etc/rc.d/init.d file will be executed at boot time, so if it is a simple statement can be directly written in, if it is a script, you can use this file to call your own script, after the attempt, the results of the boot

CentOS 7 sshd Link is denied issue, Port changed to 2200

1, server link not onSsh:connect to host XXXXX Port 22:connection refusedCause, CENTOS7 modified the linked port to become 2200.#Port 22Port 2200Change back, or use the 2200 link.Modified: Vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config2,centos7 the firewall is installed by

Minimized installation of Redhat/centos installation of the GNOME desktop

The name of the installation package will vary depending on the system version and the language environmentInstallation can be either a direct networked installation or a DVD image source installation, which records the Yum source that configures

CentOS 7 sshd Connection denied, port changed to 2200, centossshd

CentOS 7 sshd Connection denied, port changed to 2200, centossshd1. The server cannot be connected. Ssh: connect to host XXXXX port 22: Connection refusedCause: centos7 changed the link port to 2200. # Port 22Port 2200 Modify it back or use the

Install centos and centos

Install centos and centos 1. First, you must have a CentOS installation medium. The following page appears when you start the computer with the media: Interface Description Install or upgrade an existing system Install or upgrade the existing

Centos 6.5 installed with zebra-0.95, centoszebra-0.95

Centos 6.5 installed with zebra-0.95, centoszebra-0.95 1. Install zebra [Root @ CentOS test] # tar -zxvfzebra-0.95a.tar.gz Modify zebra. h [Root @ CentOS zebra-0.95a] # vim./lib/zebra. h Add the following in row 103: # Ifdef GNU_LINUX # Define _ USE_

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