Linux (CentOS 6.4) Install custom partitioning scheme (reprint)

Installing a Linux system on a computer, partitioning the hard disk is a very important step, and here are a few of the partitioning schemes.Scenario 1 /: Recommended size is above 5GB. Swap: Swap partition, the recommended size is one

Linux (CentOS-6.5) installation configuration svn

Installation InstructionsSystem Environment: CentOS-6.5Installation method: Yum Install (source installation is prone to version compatibility issues)Install software: System automatically download BINGSVN software first step: Install svn check

Linux Learning-Uninstall ubuntu, install CentOS, use the command for the first time

Recently, read the relevant information, found that Ubuntu is not very conducive to learning Linux operating system, and CentOS is more conducive to learning Linux operating system, then uninstalled.Of course, for the rookie, nature is very not

Install JDK in centos 5

  First: Check whether the JDK that comes with Linux is installed (uninstall centos 1.4 installed)The installed centos comes with openjdk and uses the Java-version command. The following information is displayed: # java -versionjava version “1.6.0

Build SVN server in centos)

1. Install SVN yum install -y subversion2. verify whether the installation is successful svnserve --version3. Create an SVN version Library Mkdir svnsvnadmin create SVN/repo Note: repo is the version library name4. Configure SVN After a version

Virtualbox installation enhancements (centos 6.5)

First, on the Virtual Machine menu bar, select "Install enhancement", as shown in figure In this way, there will be a file under/dev/CDROM Then, prepare the preparations before installation (refer to: virtualbox installation enhancement (Linux)

Old Mao Tao U disk installation centos

Old Mao Tao U disk installation centos This method has been used by Diao Li (Si). If you are a professional, Please bypass it and use this document to give it to the young man (I am talking about it ). As a system O & M Engineer (for network

Use VNC to remotely manage VPS (centos System)


First, install the desktop environment. I chose xfce, lightweight desktop, which is small and practical and does not occupy too much memory (xfce No xfce exists in the default centos source. First install the epel source and then install the

The cocould not retrieve upload list error occurs when centos executes yum.

For specific errors, see At first, I thought it was a DNS configuration error. After checking, I found that the DNS configuration is the same as that of the physical machine. The physical machine can resolve the DNS. The file/etc/nsswitch.

Centos Root Password forgot Solution

If you forget the common user password, you can use the root account to log on to the command line interface and modify the password. But if it is root, you need to modify it like this. Remember, these articles are correct, but I am complicated.

Quickly build SVN and create version libraries in centos

Install the svn service: yum -y install svnmkdir /home/svn Create an SVN Repository: Version Library Project Name User Name Password The following code creates a version library and adds a user script

Build vsftp using centos

1. check whether there is any installation. rpm -qa | grep vsftpd If no prompt is displayed, the installation is not performed. Next, we will install an FTP. 2. Install vsftpd in Yum: yum -y install vsftpd After installation, check the generated

Install Clementine music player in centos 7! And solutions for missing plug-ins!

Dragon player in centos 7 does not seem to be able to play MP3 music (if you have any method to set it, please let us know, thank you !) So I went to Baidu and finally chose a relatively stable Clementine for installation! 1. Install it directly

Configure global environment for centos

I. Set bashrc  if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then . /etc/bashrc fi   Ii. Set alias Alias egrep = 'egrep -- color = auto'Alias fgrep = 'fgrep -- color = auto'Alias G = 'gvim'Alias GA = 'G ~ /. Alias'Alias GLG = 'git LG'Alias Gls = 'git

Centos tomcat installation

Official Website: ZIP filesUnzip apache-tomcat-7.0.54.zipMv apache-Tomcat-7.0.54/usr/tomcatCP/usr/tomcat/Catalina. sh/etc/init. d/tomcatVim/etc/init. d/tomcatAdd the following two lines in the second

Solution to yum locking in CentOS

Solution to yum locking in CentOS When you run the yum command, the message "Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit..." is displayed. This is because yum is locked and cannot be used.For error information, refer:

Recover Windows boot after CentOS 7 Installation

Recover Windows boot after CentOS 7 Installation As soon as the official CentOS 7 version is available, I installed it and found that Grub2 cannot guide windows partition correctly like REDHAT 7. The solution is simple. Vim/boot/grub2/grub. cfg

Solution to linux/CentOS 6 forgetting the root password: centosroot

Solution to linux/CentOS 6 forgetting the root password: centosroot When using linux, you may sometimes forget the password of the root user (especially when the document content is incomplete during the handover ), at this time, we can enter

Centos initial configuration

Modify language environment[[Email protected] ~] # Sudo vim/etc/sysconfig/i18n change zh_CH to "en_US.UTF-8"Build yum local sourceReference: how to install software in centosVsftpd installation configurationRefer to CentOS for VSFTP server

VNC Server Installation on CentOS 6.5

In my case I have a fresh installed CentOS6.5 Server on which I will be installing the VNC-server so that I can access the CentOS server with GUI. you can follow the guide for the basic installation of the CentOS server till Chapter 7. please don't

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