Installation of Influxdb (CentOS)

installation command: # for 64-bit Systemswget rpm-ivh influxdb-latest-1.x86_64.rpm The specific installation process is as follows: wget

Install Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS on CentOS release 6.4 (Final) KVM

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiom1rcp7ejsbegaaoapmzm2ro134.jpg"/>650) this.width=650; "src="

Linux centos Shutdown and restart command detailed and practical

Linux CentOS Restart Command: 1, reboot 2. shutdown-r now reboot (root user) 3, Shutdown-r 10 over 10 minutes automatic restart (root user use) 4, Shutdown-r 20:35 restart at 20:35 time (root user use) If you set the

CentOS and ubuntu Server Bash bug fix method

Linux official built-in bash recently found a very serious security vulnerability, hackers can use the bash to fully control the target system and launch attacks, in order to avoid your Linux server affected, we recommend that you complete the bug

Installation of Linux-centos dual-system steps in Windows7 system

Required Software:1) easybcd-used to add and modify startup items2) partition Assistant3) wingrub-View Partition Volume tool4) ext2fsd-used when the installation image is greater than 4GThe first step: Install the above software in my

Installation of CentOS 7 x Windows System

directly on the Internet.Yum Groupinstall "Desktop" has been tested on my machine and is not valid. What I'm using:Yum Groupinstall ' GNOME Desktop ' is OK, note the difference between double quotes and single quotes. Do not know if this is the

Configure a static IP for CentOS in VMware with access to VMware under Network-windows

Configure a static IP for CentOS in VMware with access to VMware under Network-windowsFirst make sure that the virtual network card (VMware Network Adapter VMnet8) is turned on, and then enter "Ipconfig/all" on the Windows command line to find the

Retrieve the lost ifconfig in CentOS 7

Since centos7 minimal was installed in the early morning of November 5, there has been no chance (lazy) to play with it. It's really embarrassing. Today is Saturday, it's raining, so let's take a look at this system:After logging in to the system, I


1. Install and use mercurial (I don't know how to use it, it seems useless, just for ht clone to download go from the golang official website, but that wall ...)Yum install mercurial2. Modify environment variables# Vi/etc/profileExport GOROOT =/root/

Use systemctl to add custom system services on CentOS 7

CentOS 7 inherits the new features of RHEL 7, such as powerful systemctl. The use of systemctl also makes the/etc/init of system services in the past. d's startup script method has changed, greatly improving the efficiency of system service

CentOS 6.5x64 svnmanager 1.03 installation configuration

I. EnvironmentCentOS 6.5x64 Apache/2.2.15 php-5.3.3 mysql-5.1.73In addition to the above software, there are several packages related to subsequent installation:Php-mysqlPhp-pearMod_dav_svnInstall with yum directlyII. Integrate SVN and Apache 1.

Install hadoop on centos

Then press Enter mkdir/usr/program to create the/usr/program directory.Install hadoop on centos

Centos yum configuration iso automatic mounting upon startup

These two days work is to use several PCs to build a local test environment for the development team: CentOS-6.4-x86_64 + ant + svn.To simplify the operation and ensure system stability, all systems adopt the minimal installation method. In addition,

Install svn in CentOS release 6.4 (Final)

1. Installation[[Email protected] ~] # Yum install tigervnc-server[[Email protected] ~] # Yum install-y tigervnc *2. Set the password[[Email protected] ~] # VncserverYou will require a password to access your tops.Password:Verify:Xauth: creating new

CentOS 6.2 SVN setup (YUM installation)

Installation InstructionsAfter installing the SVN server, this article is not integrated with Apache. The process is as follows:System environment: CentOS-6.2Installation method: yum install (source code installation may cause version compatibility

Install gitlab on centos 7

# Configure and install EPEL and the dependent environment# Update a packageYum updateYum-y install wgetYum-y -- nogpgcheck install Add an epel

CentOS: Xfce + VNC installation

Prepare to build a VirtualBox virtual machine template, of course, CentOS. The latest version is 6.6x86 _ 64.1. Install minimal version. If no other packages are installed, the new disk is dynamically divided into 50 GB. The logical volume created

Configure Nginx + Tomcat in Centos

1. System informationCat/etc/issueCentOS release 6.5 (Final) Kernel \ r on an \ mUname-Linux GHCLC6X-4352 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86 _ 64 #1 SMP Tue Sep 9 21:36:05 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux2. Configure yumYum clean allyum makecacheyum

Tomcat6.0.28 configuration in centos

System environment: centos 6.3 64bit IP: apache-tomcat-6.0.28.tar.gzJdk Version: jdk-6u18-linux-x64-rpm.bin (requires registration download) Tomcat source package: wget-c

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