Recommended 10 Flat Source (Favorites)

This article uses the CSS3 flattened loading animation effect code as follows: body {background: #263238; background-size:cover; margin:0; Padding-top:5em; Padding-bottom:5em;}. container {&n 1. Use CSS3 flat loading animation effects Introduction:

Example analysis of three methods in CSS for two-way alignment

When it comes to aligning the two sides, we are not unfamiliar, in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other interface navigation, in fact, there is a two-pronged (decentralized) button, usually not much use, we are more accustomed to the left-aligned,

CSS Position using a detailed summary

CSS position Basic tutorial, very classic, recommend everyone collection. 1. position:static The default positioning for all elements is: position:static, which means that the element is not positioned and appears in the document where it should be.

Sample code sharing on how CSS implements the irregular navigation menu for background images

in general, the background image of the navigation menu is more regular, but usually we also encounter a lot of background image shape irregular navigation bar (for example, but when the mouse moved, the background image is irregular, this example

The difference between list-style-position:inside and outside in CSS

What is the difference between list-style-position inside and outside in the CSS list? list-style-position property to set where the list item tag is placed. The external (outside) flag is placed at a certain distance from the border border of the

What is the difference between the ID and the style settings of class in CSS?

A class is used to define one or more elements based on user-defined criteria. A more appropriate analogy is the script: A class can define the story line for each character in the script, and you can use it through css,javascript. So you can use

What is the CSS position property for?

Position is a very important property in CSS, and with the Position property, we can offset the element relative to its normal position, the parent element, or the browser window. Postion is also a property that beginners can not understand the

How does CSS background-image tile?

Before the layout of the page, a DIV can only set a background image, set multiple backgrounds, to use multiple div nesting to achieve, so compatibility is better. This method is recommended if your website requires a browser-compatible version. The

Share four great-looking, practical CSS style tables

1. Single-pixel border CSS table This is a very common table style. Source: info Header 1info Header 2info header 3text 1atext 1btext 1ctext 2atext 2btext 2c 2. CSS style table with background map It's about the same as above, but there's more

Three ways to annotate comments in CSS

Usually the CSS comment code, if it is a single-line comment, start using/*, end use */, here to describe the CSS code in the comments of three ways, I believe this article will let you have some benefits. Three ways to annotate in CSS code 1.

About the Outline-style in CSS

a outline (contour) is a line that is drawn around an element, at the periphery of the edge of the bounding rectangle, that acts as an element of prominence. The Outline property sets the contour line around the element. You must always declare

Margin-top problem between parent element and child element

To the child element box a vertical margin margin-top, the parent element box will also go down the value of margin-top, encounter this problem friends can refer to this article may have unexpected harvest hack: The parent element's box contains a

Writing-mode Text display orientation and compatible notation in CSS

CSS Writing-mode is said to be for Chinese, Japanese and other blocks of text design, to modify the writing direction, through this property can achieve the right-to-left text layout, or from the top-down layout. Writing-mode use . wrtmod{

CSS Magic Hall: Haslayout It turns out this is true!

Objective In the past has been heard that the old version of IE under a lot of strange bugs are caused by a mysterious character, that is haslayout. Take advantage of the recent sudden insane plan to study CSS, by the way to answer the doubts over

Workarounds for no effect on the Width property of HTML elements

1. About the Width property of the element no effect first run the next program look under: [Html]123 [/html] You can see that span automatically changes width based on what is included because: for inline elements, such as span elements, which can

css--Layouts (layout)

clear: The value of this property indicates that the edge of a floating object is not allowed. Default value: None Take value Describe None Allowed to have floating objects on both sides Left

Use of the Table-layout:fixed property in CSS

Use of the Table-layout:fixed property:If you want a table fixed size, the text inside is forced to wrap (especially in a long string of English text, and there is no space in the middle of the case) in order to achieve the text that is too longThe

Introduction to the example of setting font-family in CSS

font-family version: CSS1 compatibility: ie4+ ns4+ Inheritance: Available Grammar: Font-family:name font-family:cursive | Fantasy | monospace | Serif | Sans-serif Parameters:Name: Font names. Ranked in order of precedence. separated by commas. If

The problem of Font property in CSS and its solution

Attribute definitions and usage instructions The font shorthand property sets all font properties in a declaration. The properties you can set are (in order): "Font-style font-variant font-weight font-size/line-height font-family" The font size and

What is a CSS style sheet? A detailed example of CSS style sheets

What is a style sheet CSS is the abbreviation for cascading Style Sheet. Translated "cascading style sheets". is a markup language for (enhanced) Control of Web page styles and allows the separation of style information from Web page content. How

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