Some tips for using high line-height properties in CSS

First, review the basics of Line-height: Syntax: Line-height:normal | | | | Inherit Description: Sets the height of the row in the element. Value: Normal: Default row height, typically 1 to 1.2; Real number: Real value, scaling factor; Length:

Learn the rendering efficiency of CSS

1, hexadecimal color value pairs of digits and case you might write a hexadecimal color value with a lowercase letter or omit it to a 3-digit number, there is no real data to prove that the rendering efficiency of the browser is affected, but the

The usage summary of some @ rules in CSS

At-rule is a statement that provides CSS with instructions on how to perform or how to behave. Each declaration begins with a @, followed by a usable keyword, which acts as an identifier to indicate what the CSS should do. This is a common syntax,

How to center floating elements with CSS

Method One Set the container's float mode to absolute positioningThen determine the width of the container, such as the width of 500 to 300 layerThen set the outer margin of the layer CSS code to copy content to clipboard div{ width:500px;

Use Sass to write object-oriented CSS code

Since 2008 Nicole Sullivan proposed object-oriented CSS (OOCSS) since. It becomes a leading modular system for organizing your CSS code in one way. Oocss is different from other organization CSS code methods, such as SMACSS or BEM. Make your

Use icon fonts to help CSS process pictures

Because the mobile device has different resolution, PPI and other problems caused by the need for different screen resolution to adjust the optimization, such as the use of @2x pictures, max-width restrictions. Using CSS @font-face is also a good

A detailed explanation of the element positioning method in CSS

1. Box model box model is the rectangular box that the browser generates for each HTML element in the page. These boxes are arranged on the page according to the Visible Layout model (visual formatting models). The visible page layout is dominated

20 quality of the response-style CSS grid system

Raster Systems This is the same thing as many of the same tools/materials, the word "system" makes it look very tall, and in fact most of the grid system is just a series of criss-crossed thin lines. It's simple? It seems so. However, it is called

Green level menu code implemented by DIV+CSS

This article illustrates the green Level level menu code implemented by DIV+CSS. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: This is a div+css based on the implementation of the Green Level site menu, I believe you like a CSS

On the external CSS file reference method of CSS programming

CSS external references use external CSS files, the general browser with caching, so users do not have to download this CSS file every time. External references are efficient for both internal and inline references to save bandwidth. External

CSS Annotation Part programming extension

CSS Annotations As described in the HTML tutorial, annotations in CSS documents also play an important role in helping us remember the meaning of CSS, loading the location of HTML documents, and so on. Start of CSS comments/*, end use/ CSS

Small example of using CSS to modify the checkbox effect of HTML to share

Using a checkbox to control subsequent elements The checkbox control can toggle its state depending on the mouse's click, and can be used in CSS to set the style for a checkbox in the selected state, using the checked pseudo class. In conjunction

Examples of the use of position properties in CSS

Position This property determines how the element will be positioned. It has a value of about five kinds: Each page can be viewed as stacked on top of a layer of pages, as shown in the following figure. When the position is set to

tutorial on the use of font-size properties in CSS

Basic grammatical structure: font-size+ Font Size value + unit Word: font-size Syntax: font-size:absolute-size | Relative-size | Length Value: Xx-small | X-small | Small | Medium | Large | X-large | Xx-large Xx-small: Min X-small: Smaller

Detailed CSS in the Windows Unit and percentage of the use of units

Windows (Viewport) unit Windows (Viewport) units are relative units, meaning they have no objective dimensions. Their size is determined by the size of the window (Viewport). Here are four units associated with Windows (Viewport). I will

Method of using CSS pseudo element to make text part color change

Ideas The idea is very simple, is a word to write two times, a word only show part, but can not really write a word two times. Here you need to use CSS pseudo elements: Before and: After, remember this "pseudo element" of the word "pseudo", that it

A brief summary of response design in CSS programming

Now, responsive web design is undoubtedly very popular. For new people, responsive design may sound a bit complicated, but in fact, it's a lot simpler than you think. To help you get started with Quick response web design, I've written a quick start

About CSS Grammar Basics (2)

4. ID Selector The ID parameter in the HTML page specifies a single element, and the ID selector is used to define a separate style for this single element. The ID selector is similar to the class selector, as long as the class is replaced with an

CSS style naming conventions

Naming has always been a headache to me, especially those that look similar to the module, so you have to do something, I summed up the following method, although still in the experiment. Hope to be helpful to everyone. You are welcome to make

3D Cube Rotation Animation

This article introduces the tempting example of HTML5+CSS3:3D cube Rotation Animation example, as follows : Knowledge Points: 1, perspective, Transform's review 2, CSS3 backgroud realization of the background, that is, the small princess on the

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