CSS tutorial: how to add CSS to a webpage

The previous article introduced CSS syntaxWe can use the following four methods to apply CSS to HTML files:Inline)Embedded Application (Embed) embedded application (Embed)External connector Link)Import)Apply in-rowWe can directly declare the format

Webpage standardization: simple examples of CSS code abbreviations!

Some CSS attributes allow a string of values to replace many attributes. Values are separated by spaces.Margin, pdding, and border-width can be merged into margin-top-width, margin-right-width, margin-bottom-width, and so on, in the form of property:

Solutions for blocking div by flash in IE

Today, we started to add flash advertisement code to the advertisement management system on the homepage. As a result, the pop-up advertisements in IE (including IE6 +) were blocked by flash, later, I came up with a common iframe method (see "fixing

How can I adjust the size of the pop-up window? Attached demo

How can I adjust the size of the pop-up window? To demonstrate the implementation of the Code, add the resizable = yes parameter value to the window. open attribute to implement the Code. Just give it a try. Using window. open, we can also do a lot

Button focus of IE Form Controls

There are two types of buttons: or button . If the button is used for form submission, you must also add the type attribute (type = "submit "). In order to beautify the button effect, the background and border attributes are generally set.

CSS beautifying the Hover attribute of a hyperlink with webpage buttons

LieHuo36.Net teaches 65 steps to use CSS to create A beautiful button link. The principle is to use the Hover attribute of the link and define it as: hover has different colors and borders, so that when you place the mouse, there will be a great

Examples of Css floating clearing Properties

This is a small example of Css floating property removal. Don't underestimate how to clear the floating. Sometimes, if you forget this, it will make you confused and think you have made a mistake elsewhere, there are actually no code to clear the

Implementation of delayed image loading

Too many images in the page can delay the loading of images, greatly improving the page loading speed and user availability.1. Some pages are too long or too wide. You can consider loading only images near the display area.2. The image is not

One line of code solves IE 8 browser compatibility issues

One line of code solves the compatibility problem between IE8 and IE7. Popular tags are not in IE8, and browser vendors are competing to release version updates. Some webpages also have compatibility problems with IE8, A simple line of code allows

Css custom file upload control style (compatible with IE6)

To directly control the File Upload control through CSS, it is basically boring. Of course, there are also some solutions, such as the Mr. Think article "using label labels and CSS to beautify file upload forms (not compatible with IE6)". This

How to pass objects in functions called in html Markup

Recently, jquery is used in combination with Ajax to develop a small and medium-sized website application. In the background management, you need to use Ajax to call the system function. Based on the Ajax return results, use jQuery to operate the

Solutions for compatibility with various browsers in CSS

1. Several browsers in CSS support different keywords, which can be repeatedly defined for browser compatibility! Important can be recognized by FireFox and IE7* It can be recognized by IE6 and IE7._ Being recognized by IE6* + Can be recognized by

Pure CSS3 text gradient luminous projection Effect

Today, the comrades in the group discussed the luminous effect in css3. They also studied it and wrote an effect, involving some knowledge points such as css3 projection, gradient, mask, and pseudo. Now they wrote down their design ideas, for

Solve the bug that IE6 select z-index is invalid and div is blocked.

In a recent project, I encountered the IE6 select block div bug. To solve this bug, I checked a lot of information and tried to find the most effective method, many people solve the problem through the iframe method. In fact, I checked a lot of

16 excellent CSS3 form development tutorials

CSS3 has brought a revolutionary impact on Web development. Many complex effects that previously require JavaScript can be achieved. CSS 3 can be implemented simply now. This article will share with you 16 excellent CSS3 form development tutorials. 1

Implementation of the pure CSS3 stereo prompt module with source code

I have been reading JS books and writing games recently. I haven't written CSS for a long time. I saw an example of a pure CSS3 progress bar yesterday. I feel very creative, especially the use of background-size for the repeat gradient diagonal line

Html5 automatically implements email domain name completion for the text box

Product Feedback users always enter the wrong email domain name, so the email address obtained by the server is incorrect. For example, there are many users who always input a xxx@qq.com into a xxx@qq.con. This worries the backend, because the email

Something you may not know about HTML condition comments

Recently, many front-end developers are familiar with HTML code snippets like this: 1 2 3 4 This Code contains some conditional comments. It selectively adds (or does not add) A class Attribute containing the

How to automatically contract the content of block-level elements in IE6

I recently developed the prompt layer component and encountered a common bug in IE6... I have come up with several solutions. This is very interesting. I will share it with you here. In IE6 browser, display: inline-block can only trigger the

CSS filter-introduction and use of webkit-filter

You may be very interested in the filter effects of the Instagram iPhone APP. In fact, CSS3 also has a filter (not the IE filter). These filter effects were originally used for SVG, w3C introduced it to CSS3 and developed the CSS Filter Effects 1.0

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