CSS tutorial: familiar with css syntax

The previous section describes the functions of CSS for creating web pages.The syntax for declaring CSS styles is as follows:Selector {selector {Adequacy: Set Value; property: set value;...}In a Selector, there is no limit on the number of parameter

Get the session in html file using js

It was actually simple. But I still encountered a problem that was not taken into account before I did it: the ajax cache problem. Therefore, the seemingly easy problem should be taken strictly. This is the quality that programmers should have.Let's

CSS web page layout development tips 24

There are a lot of tips in CSS web page layout development, and new users are often unfamiliar with this. It may take a long time to figure out one or two small issues. Although I have mentioned this in www.bkjia.com, but there are still many

How to dynamically load external CSS and JS files

Dynamically load external CSS and JS files and use dom to create or labels, and attach attributes such as type to them. Then, use the appendChild method to bind the tag to another tag, which is generally bound to . Application:1. Improve code

Magic CSS element transparency Method

1. HTML element transparency In fact, it is easy to implement element transparency in CSS. Directly run the Code: opacity:.5 Opacity refersOpacity, Value range: 0 ~ Between 1, 1 indicates completely opaque, 0 indicates completely

Add link, forward, backward, and other functions to Button/input

Add link, forward, backward, and other functions to Button/input. When you look at the title, you should understand what is going on. We use the most A-level link in daily webpage creation, some of my friends may have never used to add links to

CSS tree list layout, similar to the number list in word

Use CSS to deploy a list similar to a tree, similar to the numbered list in word, instead of a general list. This example is used to introduce the usage of Li in CSS, this kind of tree list is rare at ordinary times, hoping to help you learn

CSS custom scroll bar style

I believe that many people have encountered the scenario of customizing the scroll bar style in design. I tried to persuade the designer to accept the scroll bar style that comes with the browser, but this can only be avoided but still cannot solve

Solution to horizontal alignment of input labels and image buttons

In daily webpage creation, we may encounter the same line of input tag and image. At this time, you will find that, no matter how you write css, the input text box and the image link cannot be in the same horizontal line. Yesterday, friends of the

Css custom file upload control style (compatible with IE6)

To directly control the File Upload control through CSS, it is basically boring. Of course, there are also some solutions, such as the Mr. Think article "using label labels and CSS to beautify file upload forms (not compatible with IE6)". This

Css skills: solutions to adaptive image size under div

Today, a webmaster friend of the Helper house xiaobian encountered a problem about the adaptive size of the DIV and image when modifying the template. The reason for this problem is very simple, the reason is that you didn't set the height and width

The onload event is executed only when the img element is not added to the document.

The onload event is executed only when the img element is not added to the document. iframe and script must be added to the document before callback is executed. Sample Code: the onload event is executed only when the img element is not added

CSS a: the solution to the invalid span style under hover

In the following example, the tag contains a span. We may want the span style to change when the mouse moves over a, but veryhuo.com is invalid under ie6. move the cursor over to see if the URL is colored: www.bkjia.com If the

Solution to Opacity of css box-shadow

When you use box-shadow to implement the shadow effect, have you noticed that in some cases, the shadow is not transparent? veryhuo.com Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] fire school Www.bkjia.com Shadow Effect Solution: The

Solution to failure of location. href of tag a in IE6

I met a location in IE6 today. href bug. in IE6, write href as javascript:; javascript: void (0); In tag a, and bind the onclick event to the tag, click and execute location. href implements page Jump, for example, the following code: click to jump

The browser compatibility solution after CSS Hacks is abandoned

If you have read the article "CSS ninja: Safe CSS hacks cheats" posted on mango xiaozhan, You should have understood the skills to replace CSS Hacks with IE conditional annotations. We have recently considered using this solution in projects.

Perfect solution to the bug that IE6 does not support position: fixed

IE6 position: fixed bug 11111111111111111 If the effect cannot be displayed, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page. For more webpage code: http://www.bkjia.com/ Tip: the code can be modified before running! The above code is

Code for drawing triangles using CSS and pure CSS

1. Create an element, whatever it is, but I often use block elements. If the element in the row is displayed: block it. 2. Set its width and height to height: 0px; width: 0px; 3. Set the border attribute to implement triangles. First, you need to

CSS filter-introduction and use of webkit-filter

You may be very interested in the filter effects of the Instagram iPhone APP. In fact, CSS3 also has a filter (not the IE filter). These filter effects were originally used for SVG, w3C introduced it to CSS3 and developed the CSS Filter Effects 1.0

HTML5 web pages allow all browsers to recognize HTML5 tag styles

Now HTML5 is attracting more and more attention, but currently HTML5-supported browsers are not mainstream. In particular, IE6 is still used for nearly 50% of domestic users. Because IE9 that supports HTML5 does not support the installation of the

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