CSS hack: differentiate IE6, IE7, IE8, and Firefox

The difference between different browsers and CSS hack is that there are manyArticleIn this section, we will try to make it as comprehensive as possible for future reference.Note that the hack statements described below only apply to xhtml1.0. If

IE8 CSS hack

The official version of IE8 has been coming out for a while, but there are few CSS hack for the official version of IE8. In fact, this is fortunate because IE8 has fixed many bugs in IE6 and IE7, closer to W3C standards. CSS hack for the official

CSS layout: Keep the footer at the bottom

Sometimes, we use CSS to create a highly adaptive layout. It is a headache to ensure that the footer stays at the bottom of the layout when the content does not exceed a screen. I have seen some examples of using absolute positioning, but I always

CSS + JS imitation MSN Tab

untitled document untitled document News life Home tourism local and international news Sina Netease local life comfortable home real estate information vacation

Dynamic (on-demand) loading of JS and CSS files

Function $ import (path, type, title) {var S, I; If (! Type) type = path. substr (path. lastindexof (". ") + 1); If (type =" JS ") {var Ss = document. getelementsbytagname ("script"); for (I = 0; I

Application of Position absolute and relative in CSS

I cannot understand it before, we can only rely on a little short-term "abusive Experience" to produce the desired results. Later, we carefully studied Hutia's xscroller and carefully read the document, only then can we know that this position

The most basic CSS compatibility skills of FF and IE

The DIV of float must be closed. Example: (floata and floatb attributes have been set to float: Left ;) The notfloatc here does not want to continue translation, but wants to move down. This sectionCodeThere is no problem in IE, and the

Eight problems that plague beginners with CSS web page layout

CSS web page layout, difficult to say, is actually very simple. It is easy to say. There are often many problems that plague new users and many tips are introduced. These tips and knowledge can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

Use CSS to simulate the effect of Vista glass.

Recently, the effect of Windows Vista glass has been imitated by peers in the world. The younger brother is not talented. He also posted his own remark. First, prepare two background images. One is a normal image, and the other is a blur of the

CSS hack compatibility list of IE6/IE7/IE8/Firefox/Chrome/Safari

Today, when I sorted out the CSS of my website, I found that my website was distorted under Firefox. At this time, I am in a hurry. I found a lot of information on the Internet and found that the following content is more practical: friends who

Div + CSS layout instances (for download)

Two column flexible Browsers: ''' (5 +) Description: Probably the easiest page to make. contains two layout Divs, the main content div is just floated to the left. Very simple! Actions: View | image preview | download [5 K] [Zip]

Implement CSS attributes that support position-fixed in IE6 and solve the "vibration" Problem

As we all know, IE6 does not support position: fixed. This bug is just as notorious as IE6's double margin bug and PNG transparency bug. How can I make position: fixed work in IE6? The trick used in this article is to use an Internet Explorer CSS

CSS Webpage Design tips

1. CSS font attribute shorthand rules generally use CSS to set the font attributes as follows: font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; font-varient: Small-caps; font-size: 1em; line-Height: 1.5em; font-family: verdana, sans-serif; but they can also

CSS considerations in web design

1. CSS simplified font rulesFont-size: 1em;Line-Height: 1.5em;Font-weight: bold;Font-style: italic;Font-variant: Small-caps;Font-family: verdana, Serif; In fact, you can abbreviated these attributes: Font: 1em/1.5em bold italic small-caps

Javascript + CSS enable webpage skin replacement

Principle: By accessing cookies and Dom operations, different style sheet files are called to enable foreground skin replacement. Skin replacement example download: sour.rar html Code Part: 1. to have a style sheet link with ID, we need to call

Compatible with CSS linear gradient (linear-gradient) of IE and Firefox)

IE series filter: progid: DXImageTransform. microsoft. gradient (startcolorstr = '# ff0000', endcolorstr =' # f9f900 ', gradienttype = '0'); parameter: startcolorstr start color endcolorstr end color gradienttype is 0 time table vertical, for the

Prompt box for JS + CSS following the mouse (TIPS)

Baby from Mike.Code, The effect is good. I used pure CSS tips before, but the limit is quite large. This is quite good! Effect The Code is as follows: mouse following prompt box Thoughts on User Research Web refactoring

Pure CSS drop-down menu from Microsoft

Combined with the Javascript drop-down menu, I also wrote a lot about the pure CSS drop-down menu. However, when I saw this pure CSS drop-down menu on the Microsoft Expression web site, I still felt very appreciated. This should be the simplest and

Common naming rules and writing for DIV + CSS web page layout

CSS style naming rulesI. File naming rulesGlobal style: global.css;Frame layout: layout.css;Font.css;Link style: link.css;Print Style: print.css;Ii. Naming rules for common classes/IDSWebpage: headerContentContainer: containerFooter: footerCopyright:

Dynamic Loading/Deletion/updating of external JavaScript/Css files

Loading external JavaScript (*. js) or Css (*. css) the file is directly added in the label: these files are synchronously loaded in this way. to the current page. Now load JavaScript/Css files in a dynamic way: Use the DOM createElement method

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