Compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, chrome, div + CSS vertical center, finally failed. I wrote several lines of js in the last three minutes. After a simple test, it was okay.

First on jquery'sCode. Function verticalcenter () {var wapperheight = $ ("# wapper"). Height (); var specify wheight = $ (window). Height (); var wappertop = Specify wheight> wapperheight? Math. round (Fig-wapperheight)/2): 0; $ ("# wapper" ).css

Div + CSS Cool Site

My collection of graphics transform filters (CSS gradient filters)

My collection of graphics transform filters (CSS gradient filters) Code As follows. 23. Random Transformation effect type = "progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft. revealtrans (Enabled = ture, transition = 23 )"0. The square gradually decreases.

CSS conditional Scaling

This problem occurs when helping a friend get a website. Solution: Reference: Use CSS to scale the image (this is similar to an endless loop when IE6 is run. The difference is that auto is used and this. width is used) CSS code compatible with

IE6 CSS fixed

. Fixed-top {position: fixed; bottom: auto; top: 0px ;}. fixed-bottom {position: fixed; bottom: 0px; top: auto ;}. fixed-left {position: fixed; Right: auto; left: 0px ;}. fixed-right {position: fixed; Right: 0px; left: auto;}/* IE6 */* HTML, * html

Cnblog Div + CSS layout common sense 8

Like other IT jobs, csser faces questions or exams raised by the interviewer when looking for a job. Today, has collected 8 common interview questions. I hope this will help you. I. Why is the hover style unavailable after a hyperlink is

How to layout pages with Div + CSS

Today, web is very popular. Let alone what it is. It seems that DIV + CSS is not a fire. all the major well-known sites updated the original table layout into Div + CSS and named it "this site complies with W3C standards ", in order to make others

[Add to favorites] Div + CSS layout Accumulation

When writing CSS, I often worry about some names. For example, what words should I use to represent the background behind the menu? As we all know, menus are generally represented by menus, so I will use menubg for the background behind the menu,

[Translated works] JavaScript CSS modification learning Chapter 1: location search

ArticleDirectory Tip: return the value of '= '. Simple return In this chapter, I will show you how to find the element location on the page.Code. It can help you find the real location. If you change the size of the window and run

A line of simple HTML and CSS code that can crash IE6

Original article: Too many! Please try again later !!!!! Today, I was surprised by the occasional shopping spree. I can see our fair share of our fair share, and our fair share of our fair share! Please try again later! → Too many

Firebug-JavaScript/CSS/ajax/DOM debugger [This is good]

It is absolutely easy to use him to debug JavaScript. Home: Forum Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can

Multi-language and custom CSS

Recently, a Sharepoint 2010 project found that after the English and Japanese language packs are installed, the system returns an exception when selecting the alternate language in the language settings of the website settings, websites that contain

[Original] jquery source code analysis-13 cssoperation-css-sample table -jquery.fn.css ()

Author: nuysoft/high cloud QQ: 47214707 Email: nuysoft@gmail.comDisclaimer: This article is an original article. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and retain the original article link. Jquery source code analysis series

[Original] jquery source code analysis-13 CSS operations-CSS-class style-addclass + removeclass + toggleclass + hasclass

Author: nuysoft/high cloud QQ: 47214707 Email: nuysoft@gmail.comDisclaimer: This article is an original article. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and retain the original article link. Jquery source code analysis series

[Translated works] JavaScript CSS modification learning Chapter 2: Style

Document directory Offsetwidth/top Mozilla and opera IE Sometimes you want to see the default style of the document. For example, if the width of a paragraph is 50%, you want to know the exact pixel of the paragraph in the user's browser. In

[Translation] JavaScript CSS modification learning Chapter 4: transparency settings

Document directory Test Results Today, I plan to use the transparency settings of some elements to achieve the fade-out effect. However, some Browsers Do not support transparency settings for certain elements. In addition, table transparency

[Translation] JavaScript CSS Modification Study Chapter 5: Add a style for "Upload"

Document directory Netscape 4 Problems Ie4 Problems Netscape 3 Problems Solution-Javascript Explanation Click Event path In all form items, the file upload part is the most difficult to add styles. IE supports some (not many) style

[Translation] JavaScript CSS modification and learning Chapter 6: Drag and Drop

Document directory Attribute Initialize an element Basic Location Information Event Mousedown Mousemove Mouseup Basic Interaction Event Initial keyboard code Drag through the keyboard This is a simple and usable drag-and-drop code.

[Translation] JavaScript CSS modification learning Chapter 3: modifying Style Sheets

Document directory Style Sheet Cssrules [] and rules [] Number of rules No keywords Style Declaration In this chapter, I plan to modify the background color of the PRE by directly modifying the style sheet of the page instead of accessing

Summary of CSS specifications in team development

There are many common solutions on the Internet. Here I will focus on three points:  1. modular CSS to improve code reuse we know that a mature website requires a unified style and consistent user experience, such as: website color, font size,

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