CSS color name

Click on a color name, or a hex value, to see the color as the background color along with different text colors.Click a color name or its color value to see if these colors match with other text colors after they become background colors.

In CSS, what does * HTML> body mean?

> Is a subselector used to match the Direct Generation of other elements, belonging to css2. For example:Body> P {color: red ;} content content Only the first match, and the second p is the lower-level of the DIV, so it is the child level of

Detailed description of CSS sliding door

In fact, the concept of CSS sliding door has already appeared a few years ago, but it has been mentioned more recently. But some people often confuse it with the tab effect, especially some new friends, so I will write a detailed explanation here,

Two implementation methods for dynamic loading of CSS (JS and server)

Currently, there are two methods to achieve dynamic loading of CSS: I. js Reference http://blog.csdn.net/qsdnet/archive/2006/12/31/1470891.aspx The main content is as follows: First, it is generally used to load necessary files in external

I found several differences between IE and Firefox JS and CSS.

I used to write functions in IE, so I wrote some functions in Firefox. I spent a lot of time on Firefox and found some differences between Firefox and IE: 1. Firefox does not support innertext or why. Firefox supports innerhtml but does not

CSS supports Firefox, IE6, and IE7

CodeExample: # BG {Background: # CCC; filter: alpha (opacity = 70); opacity: 0.7; width: 100%! Important; width: 180%; position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; display: none; Z-index: 1 ;}* + Html # BG {width: 180%! Important;/* IE7 */}In the

Use Yui compressor to compress and confuse JS and CSS

I. Introduction: Currently, the development of Web application JavaScript plays an increasingly important role, and there are also many related JavaScript frameworks. But there is a problem. during the development process, all the JSCodeAnnotations

CSS required for front-end development (I) CSS hack

During development, we often encounter some CSS display in IE, but it is not what we want to display in Firefox, or it is normal in Firefox, but it is not what we want in IE. Because different browsers have different support and resolution for CSS,

CSS attribute values

1: Possible CSS-dispaly values: Value Description None This element is not displayed. Block This element is displayed as a block-level element with a line break before and after it.

Learn CSS positioning (layout)

Document Stream: Divides the form from top to bottom into one row, and emits elements from left to right in each row, that is, the document stream. The elements that are divided into rows from top to bottom referBlock-level elementsIn each row,

CSS holy cup Layout

This article is similar to the previous article CSS dual flying wing layout. They can be said to be the same in the HTML structure. Style is mainly manifestedFloating + negative margin + Positioning. In css dual-flying wing layout, in order to

CSS model frame learning notes

CSS model box Overview: the CSS box model specifies how the element content, inner margin, border, and outer margin are processed by the element box; Illustration: the width and height are the width and height of the element content. The outer

Two methods to prevent email crawling (JS and CSS)

Nowadays, many boring people use their own Spider to crawl emails on the Internet, If you write your own email on your page, you will receive a lot of Spam in a short time. There are many ways to avoid being crawled. Now many people change @ to #

CSS vertical center of IMG

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Div Style = "Border: solid 1px # CCC ;" > IMG Style = "Vertical-align: middle ;" SRC = "Http://imixc.com/content/images/close.png"

[Break] automatic line feed for CSS

Auto: http://www.blueidea.com/tech/web/2006/3469.asp   Automatic line feed is a reasonable line feed for normal characters. Continuous numbers and English characters often increase the container size, which is a headache. The following describes

Use CSS to adjust the color of the scrollbar (scroll bar)

Turn: http://uicss.cn/css-scrollbar/   PSD is converted to HTML. On the design draft, there is an embedded introduction. when the text is too long, a processed scroll bar is required for display. If it is compatible with Firefox, JQ can be

[Layout] CSS website layout-translated from CSS zen garden

From:Http://hi.baidu.com/liuyang1984/blog/item/28bba545456dee3a869473c7.html     Website layout UseCSSThere are many different technologies that need to be understood for page layout. Designers also need to have a great deal of creative

Code for controlling Div center using CSS in multiple browsers

With regard to the horizontal center problem of CSS Control Div, I have seen many newcomers fail to see the bright moon. I remember the first time I read CSS, it was a book written by a foreigner who talked about center usage. Margin-left:

Use CSS to fix the gridview header (zt)

ArticleDirectory Maintaining fixed headers in gridview Summary: maintaining fixed headers in gridview Published on:26 Apr 2007 one of the commonly asked question by developers is how to maintain

Favorites: CSS compatibility between IE and Firefox

Favorites: CSS compatibility between IE and FirefoxThis article forgot when it was added to the QQ notepad. I accidentally turned it out today and felt that I had come all the way. In terms of front-end development, this article did a lot of help.

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