Web Development Learning Experience-4--CSS box mode and Layout

First, let's talk about the box mode. The so-called box mode isCSSView elements,CSSThink of each single element as a box, as shown in:   It is called the box mode because it is very similar to the box in our daily life. We will not talk about

Sphinx mimize CSS template from default theme custom default theme CSS Template

By default, the python document tool sphinx generates tables to show complex content,A little weak. The lines on the left and right of the table are not neat .. (Personal opinion) In fact, the document clearly states the following addresses:

Position of CSS

Many other attributes of CSS are easy to understand, such as fonts, texts, and backgrounds. Some CSS books will also introduce these simple attributes in a great way, but ignore the explanation of some difficult attributes, which may be avoided.


Clear: The value of this attribute indicates that the edge of a floating object is not allowed. Default Value: None Value Description None Allow floating objects on both sides Left

Common CSS naming

1. CSS comments /*----------------------------------------- Filename: base.css Author: LibingVersion: 1.0.0 createdate: 2013-03-17 Description: Contents: modifier: Libing modifydate: 2013-03-17Version: 1.0.1 Description: Contents :-----------------

About CSS and JS file reference of master page

CSS references in the master page are relative to the master page, while JavaScript references are relative to the content page that references the master page. Therefore, CSS references in the master page can be written While Javascript is

CSS left and right columns fixed right adaptive

The two divs are side by side, the left side is absolute width, and the right side is relative width. I often encounter this problem. My general solution is to fix the maximum container padding-left width, position: absolute, and the width of right


Font: Value Description (Font Style) Caption Normal Small-Caption Italic. For special fonts without italic variables, oblique will be applied. Icon Skewed font Menu  


  Attribute Description Remarks Height Retrieve or set the object height Actual object Height = margin + border + padding + height Max-height Retrieves or sets the maximum height of an object.


Background: Background is a compliant property. The attributes are as follows: Background: Background-color | background-image | background-repeat | background-attachment | background-Position   Background-color: Default


Description: A line drawn around an element located on the periphery of the border edge. It can highlight the element and does not occupy space. Unavailable in IE. Attribute Description Remarks Outline

CSS-detailed explanation of position (1)

Position How to locate the retrieved object. Valid value: 1. Static Default Value. No special location. html positioning rules are followed. Note: When position is static, defining top, left, bottom, and right does not

Div + CSS basic demo

Today, I saw a classic tutorial on Div + CSS layout. I always prefer Div + CSS,However, due to the high attention to Seo and website operations, the technology of using Div + CSS as webpage templates is unfamiliar.To cultivate your talents, you have

What is Div + CSS?

What is Div + CSS? I think many of my friends may not understand it, but I still want to write my own understanding, which may help those who want to learn it, or friends who do not know how to get started. When designing a webpage, we usually use

What is Div + CSS?

I wrote about Div + CSS layout for webpages in the previous section. ArticleAt that time, it may be too simple to write. Some friends yelled at me. Today, I will discuss in detail about Div + CSS and how to use Div + CSS to layout pages: When

CSS color name

Click on a color name, or a hex value, to see the color as the background color along with different text colors.Click a color name or its color value to see if these colors match with other text colors after they become background colors.

Div + CSS video learning notes

1. The section (P tag) cannot be nested with Div.2. CSS: stacked style files. The same tag can be modified with multiple styles.3.css type: inline, embedded, external, and input. Inline: aaaaaaaaaaa Disadvantage: Poor reusability.

In CSS, what does * HTML> body mean?

> Is a subselector used to match the Direct Generation of other elements, belonging to css2. For example:Body> P {color: red ;} content content Only the first match, and the second p is the lower-level of the DIV, so it is the child level of

Detailed description of CSS sliding door

In fact, the concept of CSS sliding door has already appeared a few years ago, but it has been mentioned more recently. But some people often confuse it with the tab effect, especially some new friends, so I will write a detailed explanation here,

Two implementation methods for dynamic loading of CSS (JS and server)

Currently, there are two methods to achieve dynamic loading of CSS: I. js Reference http://blog.csdn.net/qsdnet/archive/2006/12/31/1470891.aspx The main content is as follows: First, it is generally used to load necessary files in external

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