10 CSS Shorthand/optimization tips Finishing

The best advantage of shorthand is that it can significantly reduce the size of the CSS file, optimize the overall performance of the site, easier to read, the following for you to introduce the CSS shorthand rules, like the optimization of friends

Line-height and Vertical-align in CSS two examples of attributes

line-height, Font-size, Vertical-align are key properties that set the layout of elements in a row. These three attributes are interdependent relationships, changing the distance between lines, setting vertical alignment, and so on, all of which

Syntax of CSS linear-gradient ()

The CSS linear-gradient () function creates a that represents a linear gradient of color. The result of the function is a CSS data type object. Like any other gradient, the CSS linear gradient is not a CSS , but an image with no intrinsic

CSS neutral Min-height and Max-height properties

Why should we use the Min-height and Max-height style properties? CSS min-height Application Local explanation We sometimes set an object box to avoid the object when there is no content when not open, but the content is not sure how much is not

CSS background of some small common sense

I. How to set the background color of a labelThere is a Background-color: property in CSS that is specifically used to set the background colorValue:A specific wordRgbRgba Hexadecimal two. How do I set a background image? in CSS, there is a

CSS3 transform attribute and transform usage summary

In recent years, HTML5 and CSS3 rapid development, there are some major stations at home and abroad, cool station are using the latest technology, the browser of the manufacturers of their compatibility more and more good. There is a powerful

A summary of the translucent settings in CSS

In our project development, translucent mask effect from very early on, to now is very familiar with the effect, translucent effect is not only on the picture, there are all kinds of places are used to, with CSS can be very simple to implement a

CSS some of the common properties of the detailed

text-align: center">text-align: center">CSS Common Properties ☛ about CSS Properties personal advice to see the manual more detailed and convenient, I am here to classify several common properties and simply take a few common attribute values, only

The method of using CSS to inherit inherit to realize reflection

solve the problem without regard to compatibility, the topic of unrestrained, think of what to say, if there is a problem you feel the unusual CSSProperty , hurry up and cram it. Constantly updated, constantly updated, constantly updated,

Detailed introduction and usage summary of CSS3 selector

CSS3 has added a lot of powerful selectors It allows us to write fewer JS event scriptsLet's take a look at what the different versions of selectors areNote:Ele represents element elementsattr represents the attribute property, and Val represents

CSS3 animation animation related properties and Keyframe rules keyframes detailed description

When I wrote the three-dimensional cube yesterday, I used the grammar of the animation. Let's review the system today.The transition transition has its limitations.Although simple, it can only change between two statesAnd it needs to be driven by

Using CSS3 to implement a background gradient method

Before I could do a background gradient without knowing CSS, I applied it to my own web page with a picture of a background gradient in Photoshop. However, not long ago I learned that CSS3 can also do background gradient, want to do the background

Share an example code for CSS3 fillet and gradient features

This article mainly introduces the CSS3 fillet and gradient 2 kinds of common functions of the relevant information, the need for friends can refer to the following CSS3 Round angle Explanation: Presumably everyone for the picture, the background

Detailed img[src= ""] img without path case, gray border removal workaround

img[src= ""] img tag without path case, gray border removal solution 1.Js Solutions 2. Absolute positioning focusing solution absolute Focus Solutions

A detailed introduction to CSS in-depth understanding of vertical-align

First: Basic understanding of the Vertical-align family Understand the attribute values supported by vertical-align and the composition Property: 1.inherit 2. Line Class Baseline,top,middle,bottom 3. Text class Text-top,text-bottom 4. Superscript

3D button Beautiful effect code implemented with CSS3

Use the CSS3 code to make 3D button effect, this is a series of 3D button production effect, the production method is old-fashioned (million change from it), but the color of the tune is very good, because many effects in PS production is easy,

Detailed CSS box model and block-level, inline elements

First, CSS box model Box Model Overview The box model is one of the core knowledge points of CSS, which specifies how elements are displayed and how they interact with each other. Each element on the page is treated as a rectangular box that

CSS for transparent background, text opaque (compatible with each browser)

In newer browsers such as Ff/chrome, you can use the CSS properties Background-color Rgba to easily achieve background transparency, while text remains opaque. The Ie6/7/8 browser does not support RGBA, only the use of IE's exclusive filter

Must see the principle of efficient and neat CSS code

1. Use global reset The default properties for different browser elements vary, using reset to reset some of the default properties of the browser element to achieve browser compatibility. It is important to note, however, that you do not use global

Use CSS3 3D planetary operation and Browser rendering principles in detail

Recently into the pit Web animation, so the learning process to record their own share to everyone. CSS3 3D Planetary Operation Demo page please poke: Demo. (It is recommended to open it with chrome) The complete code of this article, as well as

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