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JAVAEE--CSS font Style

Statement: The material used in this column is written by the VIP students of the Kay Academy, who has the right to be anonymous and has the final right to interpret the article; The Edith Academy is designed to promote students to learn from each

CSS Variable description and Tutorials

CSS is an essential language for our front-end development, it will make our development very efficient, it has always been, CSS is no variable, to use CSS variables, only with SASS or less such a pre-compiler. This March, Microsoft announced that

A detailed explanation of the details in CSS

This is fine, until a child element needs to be set to a different font size, for example, in a label like this: The cat sat on the mat. If you want to set the font size of span to 1.2em, what do you need to do? Take out the calculator, calculate 1

CSS3 pseudo-Class How to do 3D Button example analysis

This is a 3d button implemented by the CSS3 pseudo-class, and the HTML code is: Point me! Come on, don't be afraid! Autumn Leaf Network Blog ( The CSS

A detailed approach to CSS box floating

In a standard flow, a block-level element automatically stretches in the horizontal direction until the bounds of the element that contains it, and in the vertical direction and the sibling elements are arranged sequentially, not side-by.

What are the properties that can and cannot be inherited in CSS?

I. Attributes with no inheritance 1. Display: Specifies the type of box that the element should generate 2. Text properties: Vertical-align: Vertical Text alignment Text-decoration: Specifies decorations added to the text Text-shadow: Text Shadow

A style method for the realization of the angled and curved chamfer in CSS

In the web design, sometimes encounter a number of chamfer style requirements, the implementation method has many kinds, with pictures or overlap overlay, can realize the style of cutting angle, here I directly use CSS to achieve the style of

Summarize the new features of CSS3 (Interview Essentials)

CSS is a continuous development of the "language" in our daily interview front-end work is an essential point of knowledge, the following this article mainly to share about the front-end interview necessary CSS3 new characteristics of the relevant

A brief introduction to the method of Html+css for single-column layout and horizontal center layout

This article mainly introduces the HTML+CSS implementation of single-column layout horizontal center layout of the relevant information, the need for friends can refer to the following Horizontal Center Layout parent element Text-align:center;

CSS four methods for vertical centering

This article for you to organize four kinds of CSS to achieve vertical center effect, the idea is very good, with reference value, need to refer to the friend Row height Line-height for vertical centering of single-line text It used to be that

Introduction to the implementation method of CSS-making stereoscopic navigation bar

This article mainly introduces the use of CSS to make three-dimensional navigation bar related data, the need for friends can refer to the following CSS production of three-dimensional navigation bar, the implementation code is as follows: css

Making heart-beating animations with HTML+CSS3

analog Heart beating

Tips for solving automatic hints when using a semicolon with sublime in CSS

Sublime development front-end is really good, there are a lot of thousand plug-in, lightweight and convenient, but in the use of sublime some plug-ins will always encounter problems, with their own imagination is not the same, such as when using the

CSS3 Gradient Background Color use method compatible ie9+

Background color, in addition to solid color, you can use a variety of color combinations to become the gradient background color, make the page rich. The gradient background is divided into two types: 1, linear gradient; 2, annular

How to use FileReader interface in parsing HTML5

FileReader interface provides an asynchronous API, using the API can be in the main thread of the browser to access the file system, read the data in the file, the following through this article to share with you HTML5 FileReader interface usage

CSS3 Media finder usage in detail

In recent years, with the development of responsive layout, a development of multiple use, adaptive screen responsive web site needs more and more. But how do you make your website adapt to the screen? Here you need to mention a CSS3 inside the new

An example of the effect of CSS animation on the impact of ball wall bounce

The ball usually bounces after hitting a wall, and the reflective angle = angle of incidence; Actually using CSS3 to achieve this effect is also very simple. First, break down the motion of the ball: horizontal motion and vertical motion. When the

CSS3 3D Special effects video data sharing

CSS is a cascading style sheet (cascading StyleSheet). The use of cascading style sheets in web pages makes it possible to effectively control the layout, font, color, background and other effects of the page. CSS3 is an upgraded version of CSS

Introduction to CSS block-level elements/inline elements, inheritance, and related properties

What is a block-level element (Block-level elements)? Browsers typically use line breaks to display block-level elements before and after elements. You can visualize it as a bunch of boxes.Block-level elements always start on new lines and occupy

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