Recommended 10 commonly used transparent usage

In a previous article we solved the CSS in the summary of the translucent settings, but also know that the translucent effect is not only on the picture, there are all kinds of places have been used to, then we will introduce to you today the

A detailed description of font smoothing

This article mainly introduces the font smoothing and anti-aliasing rendering in CSS3, which has a certain reference value, the small partners of interest can refer to it. While watching the official Drupal theme, found an interesting non-standard

10 articles about compatibility handling recommended

CSS compatibility with browsers sometimes makes people very headache, perhaps when you understand the techniques and principles, you will feel is not difficult, from the online collection of ie7,6 and FIREOFX compatibility treatment method and

A detailed introduction to anti-aliasing

This article mainly introduces the font smoothing and anti-aliasing rendering in CSS3, which has a certain reference value, the small partners of interest can refer to it. While watching the official Drupal theme, found an interesting non-standard

10 Recommendations for softer articles

This is a jquery and CSS3 based on the focus of animation plug-ins, plug-in is very mini, function is relatively simple, it is characterized by a picture switch button like a timeline, click on the timeline of the circle to switch to the

About pseudo-class selector usage Summary

CSS3 has added a lot of powerful selectors. It allows us to write down some JS event scripts. Let's take a look at the various versions of the selector Note: Ele represents the element attr represents the attribute attribute, and Val represents the

A detailed introduction to overflow hiding

In the P layout, some of the text content will exceed the overflow of our limit height, some pictures will burst Div, so that the page dislocation chaos. What should I do if the content overflows the container and exceeds the width and height that

CSS3 on the new background series background

1. Review the background properties that you have previously learned 1.1 Background-color1.2 Background-image1.3 Background-repeat1.4 Background-position1.5 background-attchment1.6 Background 2. CSS3 New Background property 2.1 Background-origin2.2

Recommended 10 articles for pre-sub-article

Wrote so long CSS, but most of the front-end er are not in accordance with the good CSS writing code to write CSS, this will affect the code reading experience, here summarizes a CSS writing specification, CSS Writing order for everyone to reference

CSS3 implementing sample code sharing for material design

Constantly updated in Preview This is a perfect CSS file, is the original component based on the label attributes are done to beautify, datepicker,select, etc. can not be implemented with CSS temporarily not considered in this article.

10 article Recommendations on attribute details

In recent years, HTML5 and CSS3 rapid development, there are some major stations at home and abroad, cool station are using the latest technology, the browser of the manufacturers of their compatibility more and more good. There is a powerful

The difference between CSS direction property and Writing-mode property

In CSS, Writing-mode and direction are used to control the direction in which text is displayed, but there are differences between them. In the Writing-mode parameters have LR-TB (left and right) Tb-rl (up and down), in Western countries the way of

A detailed description of the use of Writing-mode in CSS

I use P{WRITING-MODE:TB-RL when I make a Web page;} , the Chinese characters displayed in the Wind page are firm and normal, but when I do my xiaonei, I add this code to my Graffiti board *textrea{writing-mode:tb-rl;} I want my message board to be

CSS display (block inline none) common properties and usage tutorials

The Display property specifies the type of box that the element should generate. This property is used to define the type of display box generated by the element when the layout is established. For document types such as HTML, it can be dangerous to

CSS3 How to implement text-to-right loop flash effects and instance code sharing that can be used on the mobile side

This article is mainly to share with you the use of pure CSS3 to realize the text to the right loop flash effect of the relevant data, because the problem of compatibility, often used for mobile, the effect is very good, the text gives a detailed

CSS3 fillet and rounded border using method summary

Before the advent of the CSS3, the effect of the fillet can be achieved by the picture or by the margin property, the traditional fillet generation scheme requires multiple images as the background pattern. After the appearance of CSS3, there is no

How to use CSS3 to achieve the right loop flash effect

How to use CSS3 to achieve the right loop flash effect text right flash effect First, directly on the code! Here's the following: Second, this white gradient flash effect with CSS3 do very easy also very convenient, the only bad place

CSS3 Animated Properties Transform example tutorial

Whether you are the front-end or the designer, I believe you in the Web page two-dimensional operation has been handy, JS processing time line animation has already been well-known in the chest. Starting today, I share some "new" things, the third

Recommended 10 articles for advanced grammar

[Guide] Selector grouping You can group selectors so that the grouped selectors can share the same declaration. Separate the selectors that need to be grouped with commas. In the following example, we group all the header elements. All the caption

10 articles recommended for knowledge summary

Friends in the initial study of CSS, the first time to learn the basics of CSS must have learned padding,border and margin, that is, the inner margin, border, margin. They make up the simplest boxes. The standard box model is typically used to add

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