What is Jingdong Super finance?

"Super Finance" annual fixed income 8.8% In fact, as early as the Beijing-east coffers on the line, Jingdong Finance has begun to reveal that it will launch a high income management products. Yesterday, the product's publicity page officially on

BEIJING-East Finance how to bind bank card to Beijing East Finance app Bank card binding tutorial

How to bind the bank card to Beijing-East finance 1, in the mobile phone installation "Jingdong Finance" app this can be Baidu search download. 2, and then use the account to enter Jingdong finance after we find the personal center of the

How does Excel finance system generate cash flow statement automatically?

Excel financial system, the method of automatically generating cash flow statement. Cash flow statement is automatically generated, but in the entry of vouchers need to be in advance in each cash class voucher entries designated corresponding cash

Android Personal Finance Tools two: Use SQLite to implement initialization data at startup _android

About SQLite SQLite is an extension of the embedded SQL Database engine SQLite (SQLite embeddable SQL DB Engine). SQLite is an implementation of the embedded SQL database engine small C language library (c library), implemented a stand-alone,

I almost sold my station on the way to finance.

Every day on the A5, do not share their own building experience, I feel very sorry to everyone, but also be a grumble bar ... My website is in the case of insufficient funds to do, from the founder to now experience 2 months, the current team of 3

Python's application in Finance, data analysis, and artificial intelligence

Python's application in Finance, data analysis, and artificial intelligence Python has recently achieved such success, and the future seems likely to continue, for many reasons. This includes its syntax, the scientific ecosystem and data Analysis

FRM Finance: Investment banks and rating agencies that stuff!

It is said that when the rating agencies to the company's rating too low, the investment bank will go to visit, and then rating will rub against the upward.It has also been said that the rating agencies have been saying that they have refused to

Small treasure Finance: Security makes trustworthy, innovation service achievements in the future

March 25, the People's Bank of China, the Securities and Regulatory Commission, and representatives of financial institutions from various branches of business organizations, security insurance and other sectors attended the Internet Finance

MMM Mutual finance/financial source

1.1.1mmm Mutual financial Matching system source sales (3mphp.com/mmm-office.com)Contact QQ: 3375551869, full set of source code, including: 1 source; installation, development documentation2 Database: With demo data, bring your own empty SQL3

T3-Finance Universal Edition Product description

t3- Financial Universal Edition Product DescriptionProduct OverviewFor the growth-oriented enterprises of the daily accounting and management of capital, inventory, set up a smooth internal financial business small integration transfer, fully

What is Internet finance?

Said internet finance is bound to talk about the financial Internet, but also must first understand the financial internet to explain the white Internet finance, but also only to understand that these can really understand what internet finance is,

What is the core strategy for Internet finance to do the traffic management platform?

In fact, in the Internet financial industry, the peer-management platform, team configuration and phased goal planning is only a first step, far from the landing. Because the competition is very intense, in the actual operation process, we often

[Transfer to]25 this best personal finance book

I often get people sending emails asking me what good books to recommend. Most of them were similar to yesterday's Cody: "Which book should I read first about how to invest?" "The question is easy to answer. In the January, Bobby's problems were

When social encounters finance-the Revelation of Safe world

2014 is the Internet finance, in addition to all kinds of baby products do the wind, peer network loan platform also competed in bloom, in this context, Internet finance not only caused the industry's wide attention, more importantly, how to promote

Internet finance must know: BRD, Peer, MRD, the, LBS, PV, UV, KPI, MRD, VP, UED ....

Do you know how many professionals are in the Internet, and as Internet insiders? Sometimes jargon is also a force. Business requirements documentation, market requirements documentation, product requirements documentation, features detailed

Internet Finance represents a high-speed processing of massive data transactions

  We know that the distributed system is a scalable solution, and the business determines the architecture, Not all businesses can solve performance problems through horizontal scaling. The key to the problem lies in the strength of the

"Turn", pig, young woman, Viagra, sub-loan, finance (full version of the joke)

Collation In the cycle of men, young women, pigs, and Viagra, the subprime mortgage crisis and financial crisis have occurred! (1)A man sold pigs in a rush, and 20 pigs were not sold in the dark, so he went to a farmer's house to stay.The young

Personal Financial management considerations: Insurance Investment and elder care must take into account the elder care of personal financial management _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

Mr. Huang is 37 years old and his wife, Ms. Liu, is 35 years old. The couple jointly run a comprehensive wholesale department. My daughter is 10 years old and has a fourth grade. Her son is 5 years old and goes to kindergarten. The annual income of

In the next 60 s, the retirement income will be greatly reduced with 2.1 million. How can we make old-age care affordable financial products for old-age retirement _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

Text journal intern Liu Xin The pension of private enterprises is "not powerful", and their retirement life depends on themselves. After 60, Mr. Ding loves his own trip and wants to change his SUV. With a deposit of 2.1 million yuan, how can we

What Should mainland customers take out insurance in Hong Kong? What is more suitable for middle-class families? Insurance companies in Hong Kong _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

Higher insurance quota is more suitable for middle-class families ■ New Express reporter Pang qiying intern Chen pengli   Instance sharing Ms. Mai, who works in Public Relations in Guangzhou, is a member of the army of tens of millions of mainland

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