How to bring up the finance and the present course

Rong Wei Finance is a good financial tools, we have to mention the words can go to the official website to bring out, the specific operation flow is as follows. 1. After we entered the financial sector, we clicked on the "I want to invest" in the

Platinum Finance How to carry out the present platinum finance to bring the flow chart solution

Introduction to the process of platinum Finance 1, open the Platinum Finance app, in "my"-"to" and then we have how much money to fill out how much money, and then click "Submit" can be mentioned now successful yo; 2, if there is no

Android Personal Finance Tool Six: Show billing details under _android

On the show billing detail in the previous section, Bill details of the display has been basically implemented, this article mainly to organize the code, to achieve this window query and delete functions; When the menu is pressed, the window of the

20160229 "free finance" crude oil asphalt operation suggestion

"Market Review"WTI crude oil closed last week at $32.86/barrel, up more than 10% per cent; Brent crude traded at $35.15/barrel, up more than 5%. Spot asphalt Friday opened in 1491 Yuan, the Asian plate period of narrow concussion, Europe and the

Credential preview feature in the Finance module function

When the finance module of ERP is integrated with production and supply chain module, the accounting vouchers will be generated when these modules are posted. If you can preview the voucher before generating the accounting voucher, it is a friendly

2014 session of Sufe Finance master's employment

2012210344 Man 12 Financial Analyst China One Bank Trading Staff 2012210345 Man 12 Financial Analyst ICBC Co., Ltd. Zhongqing Branch Company staff 2012210346 Woman 12


Consumption, investment, savings, each one.that's why, from a financial point of view, the best financial assets and non-financial assets in the household asset allocation are 1:1 . Now many fund companies are advocating that the pension benefits

What is Internet finance?

Said internet finance is bound to talk about the financial Internet, but also must first understand the financial internet to explain the white Internet finance, but also only to understand that these can really understand what internet finance is,

Popular Finance (2)-positive repurchase

First of all, we need to declare that this article is purely a small retail with no foresight and knowledge of ignorance, for reference only.What is the repo?Reverse repurchase is the sale of spare money to obtain interest, corresponding to the

Program Ape Investment Finance--fund investment tips 2

Recently, the author in the spare time, bubble a few Dian Cun Zhang Bar (fund bar) and in the stock website simulation, more and more vigorously, for our program ape, write code is important, learn to invest money undoubtedly let oneself more a road,

Listed companies in love with internet finance now has 14 of the influx of peer

Today, internet finance has become a prevalent, a number of listed companies are wave upon wave involved in peer business, according to preliminary statistics, at present, at least 14 a-share listed companies involved in peer-to business. The

Guo Dagang: The development and innovation of internet finance

That is, starting from 2005 and 2006, the payment is 2012 particularly fast. A number of new payment tools have emerged, and third-party payments are increasinglyBecome a habit, many of which are small micro-enterprises but have a promising future

Yian Yianyong: Traditional finance and Internet finance will become more and more competitive on the financial side

Can we organically combine consumer finance with production finance, and let our peer-to-consumer consumption patterns go deep into production and value. IShare our own practice, in China there are actually many such supermarkets, the size of this

What is the difference between debit and credit in finance?

1. Lending and Lending: it is the accounting symbol in the accounting and lending method. Regardless of the industry, accounting methods, accounting principles, and accounting rules are the same. As long as you have mastered the rules of the debit

Go to bed with the young lady and study finance'

1. A man sold pigs in a rush, and 20 pigs were not sold due to dark rain.The young woman said: it is inconvenient to have only one person at home.Male: Please give me a pig.Female: Okay, but there is only one bed at home.Male: I am also sleeping in

100 learn sap dummies getting started-Finance Co

Management Accounting CO: 1. When managing accounting, first create a cost control scope, and thenCodeAssigned to the cost control scope. 2. You need to set some parameters of the cost control scope. For example, you need to maintain the standard

Arabic numerals to uppercase Chinese-commonly used Finance

Requirement: enter an Arabic number, give the corresponding Chinese Characters in uppercase, and write it as a stored procedure or function. For example, enter 12345, and the program will show you:For example, enter 10023040, and the program will

Books by Robert J. Shiller Behavioral Finance

Books by Robert J. Shiller Animal spirits: How human psychology drives the economyAnd why it matters for Global CapitalismPrinceton University Press, March 2009,264 pp.

(OK) stock market finance blog reference!

0,(Recommended) Follow-up blog:Http://   1. (recommended)Share Wang investment studio 1.1(Recommended)Yu Wang Volunteers Group 1.2 (recommended) flying donkey

IT looks at different career paths from left finance to right

As a comrade who was "honored" as a code farmer, he recently had dinner with an old fellow in a financial circle. He said, "I just sent my girlfriend a 2000 euro package, she likes it very much. It's really hard for women to raise it now!" I am very

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