Explanation of differences between Objective-C and C ++

Objective-CAndC ++The difference is the content to be completed in this article. It is easier for us to learn through the distinction between the two. Let's just look at the details. 1. The biggest difference between the two is that they are all

Create a Hello World tutorial using Interface Builder

Interface BuilderThis document describes how to create a Hello World tutorial.IPhoneSDK Beta 2 andInterface BuilderMake the iPhone Hello World. Let's just look at the details first. Apple has released the latest iPhone SDK Beta 2 for us, along with

Understanding Objective-C features and features

UnderstandingObjective-CThe features and features are described in this article. Currently, only AppleObjective-CAs a supported language. Let's just look at the details. The differences with C ++ are: All classes in Objective-C must inherit from

Parsing Objective-C reflection

Objective-C reflectionThis is what I will introduce in this article. When I first came into contact with Java, I thought the wholeReflectionThe packages are very novel, which makes Java and interpreted scripting languages closer, while also opening

Essential document for beginners: Objective-C getting started

Objective-CThis document does not teach you any knowledge about C language. If you are not familiar with the C language, you should learn the basic knowledge of the C language before reading this article. Before reading this article, you also need

Implementation of UIAccelerometer in Cocos2D learning notes

Cocos2DLearning notesUIAccelerometerCase implementation is the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to understandUIAccelerometer.UIAccelerometerIt is used to detect the acceleration of the iphone on the x. y. Z axis. To obtain such calls.

How can I transfer an iPone project to an iPad with multiple Xib files?

MultipleXib FileHow to SetIPoneProjectIPadThe platform is the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to resolve iPone projectIPadIf there are multipleXib FileWhat should I do? Let's take a look at how this article solves the problem. 1.

IPhone UI design registration page implementation and TextField disable the keyboard two methods

In Xcode4.3.2, create an IOS CocoaTouch project named register. Define four output ports in ViewController. h: user, pass, year, sex; Because the Label does not need to obtain data, the output port is not defined. Two buttons are defined: Cancal and

Google's Objective-C code specification Guide

NotesHide details in this Guide This style guide contains a lot of initial invisible details. They are marked as triangle icons, which you can see on the left. Click it now and you will see "Long live" below. BackgroundObjective-C is a dynamic and

IOS UIFont font Daquan

We often need to set UIlabel, UIbutton, and UItextfield fonts during development. UIFont is used at this time. The following describes the usage of UIFont for reference only.   UIFont is used to obtain and set font information. This class provides

IOS uses privateframework (Private api) to enable Bluetooth tutorial

A project needs to study the connection between non-ios devices and ios devices. I learned that Apple's official api does not support this operation, so I began to study Apple's private api.Many posts have been discussed on cc, but there is no

Picker in IOS

In brief, Picker is often used in some settings of the application to help users quickly select values. UIDatePicker, UIPickerView, and UIImagePickerController are usually used. The initial interface is used to complete the selection on the

Vro password and ios recovery

Vro password and ios Recovery (1) Restore vro password step start the vro. When the console starts, press Ctrl + Break to stop the vro startup process, go to rommon mode rommon 1> confreg 0x2142 // change the value of the configuration register to

How to restore and upgrade a Cisco router IOS image

Due to historical reasons, Cisco's vro products are rich and complex. Cisco vro's dedicated OS IOS image also has multiple versions at the same time, the following sections discuss two types of Cisco routers that load different versions of IOS image

Cisco router sets IOS mutual upgrade

The Cisco router sets IOS to upgrade each other. My company's network department has a Cisco router 2501, but IOS is bad. Here I call it cisocB, and another 2501 router IOS is good, we prefer ciscoA. Good IOS is no longer available on my PC, but it

Cisco IOS Flash Memory fault recovery method

Cisco IOS Flash Memory fault recovery method is currently a popular solution for Flash Memory faults. The FLASH upgrade method is transmitted using TFTP. This article is based on the readers of the CISCO 2600 series IT168. Step 1: After the Flash

Cisco router IOS upload and download

Cisco router IOS upload and download 1. Prepare a console line and a network cable. The connection cable is connected to the console port of the computer. The network cable is connected to the computer and the F0/0 port of the router. (Only F0/0 can

Cisco router Startup Process and TFTP injection into IOS

Cisco router startup process:(1) execute Bootstrap Loader in the ROM, which is similar to the BIOS in the computer and Bootstrap will install IOS into RAM;(2) IOS can be stored in many places (FLASH, TFTP server or ROM). The order in which the

CISCO 6509 upgrade IOS Master/Slave Control Board

CISCO 6509 upgrade IOS Master/Slave Control Board1: configure the TFTP server to find the updated IOS path. 6509 # copy tftp sup-bootflash: (migrate to IOS to sup-bootflash of the main engine) Address or name of remote host []?

File Transfer Between iOS PC and MAC Virtual Machine

File Transfer Between iOS PC and MAC Virtual MachineI. VM Tools InstallationFor more information about installing VM Tools, see the previous article vmwarevm mac OS X Moutain Lion.Ii. Virtual Machine SettingsChoose VM --> Setting --> Options -->

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