IOS network programming: HTTP

HTTP defines a way to transmit data between the server and the client. A URL defines a way to uniquely identify the location of a resource on the network.   REQUESTS and RESPONSES: The client first establishes a TCP connection and then sends a

Starting from scratch, I learned ios development (19th): Application Settings and User ults (previous

In iphone and ipad, you must be familiar with one thing: Settings. To put it bluntly, I learned how to set certain attributes of an app in Settings. In turn, some attribute values changed in the app will also be reflected in Settings, this function

Solve the problem of mutual blocking between the main UI thread and timer of iOS Program

This article is connected to the terminal (that is, it is blocked by the main UI thread ). Google found a solution: Put the timer in a non-main thread and execute the UI update operation in the main thread, so that the UI main thread and timer can

Experience in ipod library development.

Recently, I am busy working on a file transfer software. At the beginning, I didn't want to think about the difficulty of project implementation. It is not feasible. How can this problem be solved? Because similar software has already been launched,

IOS, you are more and more like Android

At the Apple Developer Conference on Monday, Apple introduced various new features of iOS 7, however, as a programmer, we can download the development version for personal experience. I wanted to download and update the four-generation iPod Touch,

IOS development-iOS app localization-Text Information Localization

Text Information localization occupies a large proportion in the localization work. Including Application name localization, system buttons and information localization, and static text information localization. System buttons and information

Objective-C Functions of the hook system developed in iOS

We all know that in windows, you can easily hook a lot of messages through APIS, and IOS can also implement the hook function. Create TestHookObject class + (Method sendEvent = kernel ([UIWindow = class_getInstanceMethod ([self IMP sendevenibd =

Does IOS Reachability determine whether the requested server times out?

When developing Web and other network applications, you must confirm the network environment, connection conditions, and other information. If they are not processed, they will not pass Apple's review. Apple's routine Reachability describes how to

View images of ios_sqlite Databases

Problem description: when using the sqlite database in xocde, because there is no graphical interface, sometimes it is difficult to see whether there is a problem with your own database, for example, when I was just getting started with the sqlite

IOS Study Notes (17th)-File Operations (NSFileManager)

Library: the default setting of the storage program or other status information;   -(void)dirHome{ NSString *dirHome=NSHomeDirectory(); NSLog(@"app_home: %@",dirHome);}Directory path:     // Obtain the Documents directory-(NSString

IOS message push Principle

I. Principles of message pushing: Before implementing message push, we should first mention several push-related concepts, such:1. Provider: the server that provides Push for the application on the specified IOS device. (If the application on the

Macros commonly used in ios development

NavigationBar_HEIGHT 44 SCREEN_WIDTH ([UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.width) SCREEN_HEIGHT ([UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.height) SAFE_RELEASE(x) [x release];x=nil IOS_VERSION [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue]

Iphone UIScrollView Scaling

AllImageScrollView = [[UIScrollView alloc] initWithFrame: CGRectMake (0, 0,768,102 4)];AllImageScrollView. minimumZoomScale = 0.3;AllImageScrollView. maximumZoomScale = 1.0;AllImageScrollView. backgroundColor = [UIColor

When the pointer count of a small test object is set to nil

This article reposted on the new wind wave BLOG column, blog address: Original post of the following blog:   I encountered such a problem recently, but I didn't pay attention to it before. I

IOS study notes (8)-iOS network communication http-NSURLConnection

 1)   - (void)httpAsynchronousRequest{ NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://url"]; NSString *post=@"postData"; NSData *postData = [post dataUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding allowLossyConversion:YES]; NSMutableURLRequest

IOS interface design cut chart Summary

1. Basic Size (1) Interface For actual design, Press: IPhone4, 4 s: 640px * 960px IPhone5: 640px * 1136px IPad: 1536px * 2048px (2) icon: 1024px * 1024px rounded corner 180px Submit an image in png format of 1024px * 1024px. 2. graphical

Push messages for IOS using php as push Server

Pushing messages to IOS is a function available in many IOS apps. I have recently studied this function. I have finally finished it by referring to a lot of materials. I will share the steps below:   The working mechanism of iOS message push can be

High Precision Timers in iOS/OS X

High Precision Timers in iOS/OS X The note will cover the do's and dont's of using high precision timers on iOS and OS X.High Precision Timers in iOS/OS XDo I need a high precision timer? A suggestion for synchronizing with display updatesHow do

I would like to share some of the classic IOS video tutorials with you!

The video I shared today is an IOS video tutorial recorded by instructor Yan Jie. This video is free for everyone. I hope you can learn this video with your heart! I hope you can learn it with your heart. It takes only one second to repost online

Introduction to all commands of MDM Based on IOS device Control Function

In the previous section, we introduced several simple control commands of MDM on IOS, including sending and returning data parsing. The following describes the commands involved in MDM: 1. Control Commands)1. Device Lock)RequestType is

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