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1. Basic router inspection commands Show version Show Processes Show protocols Show mem Show IP Route Show startup-config Show running-config Show flash Show interfaces Ii. Basic route configuration commands Enter: config

Cisco IOS vulnerability reproduction XR New Architecture IOS escaped

Recently, Cisco issued a vulnerability notification for some specific IOs (Internetwork Operating System) versions of switches, that is, Cisco found that for a specific version of IOS, when users start FTP or telnet, as long as the authentication

IOS Learning Series-asynchronous queue using ASIHTTPRequest

I have been familiar with ASIHTTPRequest, a powerful HTTP network request class library for iOS development. Today I will introduce how to use ASIHTTPRequest to Implement Asynchronous queues. Official Address:

IOS Learning Series-Tag List Implementation

This article describes how to implement a Tag list. The effect of the iOS project is shown in the figure: In each task, the corresponding tag List is included.   First, define a UILabel class: FillLabel. h: # Import @ Interface FillLabel: UILabel@

Open source ImageFilter library For IOS Source Code released

In view of the fact that a friend previously reported that an error occurred when using ImageFilterForC directly for XCODE development. Recently I started a MAC PRO, so by the way ImageFilterForC was partially modified and migrated to IOS, and a

Step by step, learn about iOS 5 Programming (second edition) PDF Chinese version-share download!

Currently, this is the first Chinese version to introduce iOS 5.x and Xcode 4.3, especially for beginners in iOS programming and development. This document is translated by the EntLib team. If you have any technical questions, please leave a message.

Multi-thread journey 7-GUI thread model, message delivery (post) and processing (before IOS development)

Message-based GUI Architecture In the past few days, the GUI architecture of most programming language platforms has hardly changed. Although there are some differences in details, such as functional and programming style, most of them adopt the

Learn iOS (3) UIView and its subclass with me (I)

Document directory I. UIWindow Before you start, I think you should read the story behind Mac OS X first, which is a very good article. Only by understanding what happened in the past can we have a deeper understanding of why it is now.Sources

Join me to learn about CALayer in charge of iOS (5) Performance

CALayer is very similar to UIView in many aspects. It has location, size, deformation, and content. You can use custom code (usually Core Graphics) to overwrite the rendering method to draw custom content. The hierarchical relationship of a layer is

Learn iOS (4) UIView and its sub-class UITableView with me

UITableView In the previous section, I talked about UIView. This section describes its important sub-classes: UITableView and UITableViewCell. UITableView is a subclass of UIScrollView. Therefore, you can scroll through the list composed of

Learn iOS (1) ObjectC syntax with me

Preface:Why do you want to learn with me? I have set a direction from the beginning to write this series of blogs. Instead of talking about the basics, I chose some other languages (C, C #, Java, Javascript, etc) where programmers are prone to

Learn with me some conventions, patterns, and three callback mechanisms in iOS (2 ).

Document directory 2. Delegate in iOS, use combination instead of Inheritance In section 1, we learned about the ObjectC syntax. In section 2, before getting started, we should first understand some basic conventions and patterns in

IOS memory error EXC_BAD_ACCESS Solution

In iOS development, the most depressing thing is that the program crashes without warning. Using the bt command to call the stack gives a bunch of system EXC_BAD_ACCESS information, and there is no way to locate the problem. First, let's talk about

Introduction to windows in IOS development environment

1. XCode PerferenceGeneralDouble Click Navigation-the default Double-Click Window will pop up the new Window (Use Seperate Window), which is different from vc. The main position and size of this Window are usually incoherent. Change to Same as Click,

Definition Analysis Based on the stream status in ios

1: iostate rdstate () const; the return value is iostate, which is simply an int value. A status is indicated by setting a location of binary data to 1. 2: failbit is defined as follows. When the second bit of binary data is 1, it indicates this

IOS troubleshooting for Cisco Route switching devices

IOS is the core of a vro switch device, and IOS is internet operate system. It is like a computer's operating system windows. Although it is a software, it cannot run any software if it encounters a problem. Therefore, if there is a problem with IOS,

Router configuration for new users-IOS Introduction

I0S (Internet work 0 perating System, an inter-network operating System) is a special software that can be used to configure Cisco router hardware so that information can be routed from one network or bridge to another. 10 s is the "power source" of

The two Cisco routers upgrade each other to IOS

I have a 2501 router whose IOS is bad (cisocB), another 2501 router whose IOS is good (ciscoA), and a good IOS has no more on my PC, however, it is a waste of time to create a TFTP file on the PC and upload the file to the PC ,. Then I thought of a

How to restore a Cisco device to IOS

IOSRecovered2Method If you accidentally delete the Router or Switch IOS, especially if the IOS in Flash and the Mini IOS in ROM are no longer available, what can be done to restore it? There are two methods. Actually, I only know two types :) Method

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the usage of Cisco IOS test commands.

In the real world or laboratory environment, Cisco IOS test commands are very useful and powerful commands. Learn the basic usage of this command and learn a few useful sub-commands. This is not surprising if you have never used the Cisco IOS test

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