(IOS development study Note 1) iOS project file structure

The following is an example of a single form project. From this project, we will describe the file structure of the IOS project. Project List description: 1 supporting Files Folder Project support files are stored in supporting files. The

(IOS Development Study Notes) Release of ios6 app

The following is a summary of the release of the iOS 6 app. Step oneLog on to the account, and register distribution provisioning profiles. After the account is created, download and run Step two to iTunes connect and create Application  

IOS real machine debugging

Learning iOS development. If you are playing with it, the simulator in the Mac will be enough, but because the memory computing capability of the Mac simulator is much better than that of the real machine, there are many problems you can't find

Set the background image of the view in IOS

In iOS development, you may need to add a background image to the view to beautify the interface. This process can be added in didviewload. However, the view is not similar.Backgroundimage to set the background image.Setbackgroundcolor: to set the

Solution to high power consumption after iPhone iOS 6 is upgraded

I recently found thatIos6In the future, mobile phones will consume a lot of power, even if the flight mode is enabled for one night.10-15%Power, I press the original method at the same timeHomeKey and key5-8Seconds until the screen appears after the

Debugging of iOS app real machine (latest ios6 Version)

Required: $99 account. You don't have to read it any more.   First, log on to http://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action. if you have purchased the iPhone Develop Program (iDP), you will see the page shown in the upper-right corner of the

(Ios Development Study Notes) custom UIScrollView

Effect: Brief description of implementation process: 1. Create a data item control, 2. Create a custom scroll view control, 3. Create a form to load a scroll view control.   Specific implementation: 1. Create a data item Control Inherit

(Ios development study note 3) jump between two forms to implement multiple forms

Implementation results:    Implementation Process description: In AppDelegate, set window. rootViewController to display the first form, --> In the button in the first form, reset SetRootViewController to set the second form ---> the second

(Ios development study note 4) multi-form jump using toolbar

Document directory Step One: create three forms: SwitchViewControl subform1 subform2 StepTwo implements SwitchViewControl form and background control toolbar button switching interface effect Step Three implements child forms Upper  

(Ios development study note 5) manually create the Tab Bar Controller Program

Run Steps Step One: Create an empty project   Step two creates two forms   Step Three create the Tab Bar Controller form Create the window. xib file, add a Tab Bar Controller Window, and configure the Tab Bar Item.   Configure the

(Ios development study note 13) Implement the Nine-phase grid effect (with the source code)

Document directory Specific implementation of the jiugongge control (entire file structure and function positioning) Detailed descriptions of various implementations NAMenuItem class NAMenuItemView class NAMenuView class Implementation

(Ios practice) ios project and targets attribute notes

1 ios Project tab Section Project selection contains two parts: info, build setting 1.1 info The info part includes the Release Platform Framework, debug, realse configuration, and localization configuration. 1.2 Build Setting Build Setting

(Ios practice) Static Link Library Creation notes

1 output description of static Link Library in ios The static Link Library of ios contains three parts: [1]. a file [2]. h header file [3]. bundle resource file   2. Create a static Link Library in xcode 2.1 create an Xcode project and select

(Ios development study note 2) ios creates a single form application from an empty project

Frontier: Create a project with a single form using an empty project template of the project   First, create a new empty project. Step 2: Create a Form file (note that you can directly create an object-c object by creating an object-c object)

(Implemented in ios) the dynamic interface supports iPhone 5

1. Use Autolayout attribute of Interface Builder Document on the xib Interface Default: Select. The View control is selected,When the size is set to iphone5, the size is automatically reduced when the iPhone 4 is displayed. When the iPhone 5 is

(Ios practice) Create and release ios App Summary-Support for iPhone 5

1. Create an app, icon, and Launch Images 1.1 icon size requirements Icon requirements: Two images in the format of * 57 png are prepared for small-resolution mobile phones. The format of * 114png is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone

IOS debugging error: Couldn't register com. xxxx with the bootstrap server

Today, I found that when I used the iPad for real machine debugging, the previous few times were okay, and then I was unable to run. The xcode output window displays the following information: Couldn't register com. autodesk. Material-Demo with the

No such file or directory problems encountered during iOS real machine debugging

When iOS developers connect to the iPad for real-machine debugging, the file or directory cannot be found. The error message is as follows: No such file or directory

Tips for ios company developer account application

Tips for ios company developer account application 16:24:17 | category: iphone-related | Tag: account developer, apple Company Fax | font size, small/medium subscription Finally, I applied for an ios developer account. It was a tough and long

Design essence: 45 super beautiful iOS app icons

Document directory InstaGenius Record Player Camping App Icon Coach's Eye Dribbble App Icon IOS Icon Final Fish Promotion Cheers Accordion Jarvus Plastic Camera Cola Raspberry Jar Icon Tape Camera Chrome Wheel Jokes Camera App

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