IOS Development notes 4. Cocoa in iOS and Design Patterns

ArticleDirectory Nsstringnsmutablestring Date times Nsarraynsmutablearraydictionary Nsnotification Event Response MVC Delegate Target-action Categories Singletons Common class nsstringnsmutablestring in cocoa

IOS Development notes 5. Development Tool xcode and inteface Builder

Development tools use Mac installation disks or download from the apple site Xcode DevelopmentCodeUse Extension Classification Application delegate Content to be processed Snapshot at launch time, it must create an application's windows

IOS Development Notes 6. View controllers [MVC]

Understanding and familiarity with this is very important for subsequent development.   References ■ View Controller Programming Guide for iOS For information about structuring and managing your application's user interface

How to simulate the slide animation of uinavigationcontroller in IOS

In iOS, uinavigationcontroller adds slide animations when adding (push) and deleting (POP) views. Sometimes it is troublesome to simulate the animation by yourself. In general, you can use catransition to use the push effect. Code As follows:

[IOS development] Chinese URL encode

There are two methods: 1. Use nsstring: Nsstring* String2 = [string1Stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding:Nsutf8stringencoding]; Nsstring* String1 = [string2Stringbyreplacingpercentescapesusingencoding:Nsutf8stringencoding];   Ii. Use

Ebook download: IOS forensic analysis: For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Book DescriptionIOS forensic analysisProvides an in-depth look at investigative processes for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. the methods and procedures outlined in the book can be taken into any courtroom. with iOS information never

Ebook download: Beginning iPhone 4 Development: refreshing the IOS SDK

Book DescriptionThe authors of the bestselling beginning iPhone 3 development are back, with the same excellent material completely updated for iOS 4 and written from the ground up using the latest version of Apple's xcode 3. all source code has

IOS 5 with the cloud

Yesterday, one week after the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple officially released iOS 5 for developers and users. This version is applicable to iPhone and iPod products after the iPhone 3gs. This upgrade provides native Twitter support, uses iCloud


KVC uses an ISA-swizzling technology. Isa-swizzling is a type-based hybrid pointer mechanism. KVC mainly uses Isa-swizzling to implement internal search and positioning. The ISA pointer, as its name implies (that is, a kind of), points to the class

IOS development Official Document Summary

ProgramThe learning process of members is endless, and programmers can learn in a variety of ways. It can be understood from video tutorials or from others' code. However, when we focus on the development of a platform, we have doubts about the use

IOS deep copy

This mainly focuses on the deep copy of the Collection class, mainly because this problem occurs during work. If you have any questions, please correct them. First, we need to have the following premise: [Array addobject: OBJ]; In this

Start a new learning process-iOS development

It's already very old, because the project needs to start iOS development.   When I started using MacBook, I felt like everything was new. A cainiao was sitting in front of a beautiful macbook. No office (office for Mac), no favorite input method,

Create an iOS game from 0 in three weeks and submit it for mounting

Prepare the device: A MacBook Air. I bought it in Hong Kong and spent more than 7 K. It is absolutely nice to use. The developer account of Apple. At that time, I sent more than 700 yuan to my father by fax. I'm curious. I can ask my credit card

IOS request WebService

(Ibaction) Webservicexrequestpost :(ID) Sender { //EncapsulationSoapRequest Message,BuildWebServicesRequest string nsstring * soapmessage = [ nsstring stringwithformat :@" /N " "/N" "/N" "/N" "%@ /N" "/N" "/N" "/N",@

IOS open-source project summary

Scan WiFi information: Http:// Http:// Barcode scanning: Http:// TCP/IP communication protocol:

Use of notification in IOS

Notification It is a very common information transfer mechanism in smartphone application programming, and can save resources very well without consuming resources to constantly check the information status (pooling ), apps in IOS are divided into

IOS Development Notes 2. Cocoa concise

History Nexstep Many years ago cocoa was known as nextstep. next Computer developed and released version 1.0 ofnextstep in September of 1989, and versions 2.0 and 3.0 followed not far behind (in 1990 and 1992, respectively ). in this early phase,

Cache for iOS development (1): Memory Cache

FrontArticleThis article describes how to upload and download files. It describes how to cache files on iOS devices. This article will only introduce caching content into the memory, and the next article will introduce caching content on the IOS

IOS Development notes 7. Data [preferences, files, libraries, and Core Data]

ProgramIOS provides great support for various types of data, such as preparation, file systems, and databases, to be used during development. Preferences If you're going to create a program that has built-in preferences, you should do so using the

IOS iPhone official reference details

Official portal site Refernce Library Mac OS X Refernce Library Http:// IOS Refernce Library Http:// Safari Refernce

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