Add multiple choices in the IOS pop-up box

This article introduces how to add a pop-up box in the iPhone implementation pop-up box view. Based on this, enter the table information in the pop-up box and you can select multiple items. Implementation result: The implementation process is

Create a static class library for iOS

ProgramSometimesCodeShare, but do not want other programmers to see the shared code logic, and change the shared code. In this case, we need to make our own static class libraries. Using static class libraries has the following benefits: 1. Under

Quick app upgrade supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5 4-inch screens

On the early morning of the 19th, Apple released the latest official version of ios6, xcode4.5, and 10.8.2. the upgrade was completed one day and one night with the company's network updated yesterday. It took several minutes to upgrade the

Delphi xe4 for IOS running environment Configuration

I only have one win host and cannot borrow an Apple Computer. Use a virtual machine to solve this problem. Use VMware to install Apple OS. (Virtualization is required) 1. InWindowsDownloadXe4 2. UseVMWareDevice InstallationMacVirtual Machine

Debugging of programs in Delphi xe4 for iOS (virtual machines, real machines and Win32)

After installation, you can check the project types that xe4 can create: File-> New: Is there an extra firemonkey mobile application option! Then you click this menu item to bring up the firemonkey mobile application project type selection

Deployment of Delphi xe4 for iOS

Compile in xe4ProgramThen, how can I deploy the corresponding files to the IOS Virtual Machine and the real machine? Next, let's talk about it. Select the project to be deployed and select project-> deployment menu Open the deployment menu as

(Original) iOS executes it at intervals in the background

Steps: 1. Add the uibackgroundmodes key to info. plist. The value is an array and one of the arrays is a VoIP string: Uibackgroundmodes VoIP 2. InProgramCall at startup -(Void) Setupbackgroundhandler function. The function body is as follows:

IOS custom statusbar

  /// Show the custom statusbar // -( Void ) Btn1 :( ID ) Sender { If (Self. Win & self. Win. Frame. Origin. Y = 0 ) Return ; If (Self. Win = Nil) {self. Win = [[Uiwindow alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0 ,- 20 , 320 , 20 )]; Self. Win.

33 IOS mobile app interface design inspiration

In today's technology age, the iPhone has become a leading mobile device.This innovative access applicationProgramThe store is very popular.IOS developers have been striving to create some of the most ingenious applications.I have collected 33

IOS jailbreak (detailed)

ArticleDirectory Preparation Backup Data Back up SHSH Recover firmware Jailbreak Add software sources for cydia Install appsync Install software This article uses iPod Touch 4 as an example to conduct jailbreak

How can I remove the garbage collection caused by iTunes? (IPhone) (IPAD) (IOS)

AbstractITunes is the management tool of Apple's mobile device standard. Like the whole world, it has produced a lot of spam after a long time, this article discusses how to remove these garbage sets. IntroductionUse environment: Windows XP SP3 +

(Reporter) How can I avoid iTunes auto-renewal? (IPhone) (IPAD) (IOS) (iTunes)

AbstractWhen the iPhone/iPad is connected to a PC, the iTunes folder will automatically copy and synchronize data each time. However, this is a good idea, however, each operation consumes a long amount of time, which is also less than the peak hard

) IOS Multithreading

The thread application in the iPhone is not uncontrolled. Official documents show that the stack size of the main thread in the iPhone OS is 1 MB, and that of the second thread is kb at the beginning. The value cannot be changed through the compiler

) IOS framework creation tutorial

IOS framework production tutorial. This is not a static package !!! We Use A work und to create IOS Framework The preceding steps are as follows: 1. Open xcode to create a" Cocoa Touch static library, and delete the existing target. 2.

) IOS multi-thread development-Explanation of nsoperation

Multi-threaded development requires special care, even for engineers with years of development experience. To enable junior development engineers to use multiple threads and simplify complexity. Various programming tools provide their respective

IOS development question Summary

7. VM simulated memory warning: [[uiapplication sharedapplication] _ running mmemorywarning]; 8. If you cannot connect to the simulator or real machine, delete the deriveddata directory andClear Recycle Bin, You may need to restart xcode4.   1.

Develop Ordering System Application Based on iOS (with source code)

According to some requirements of a ordering system on the external package website, the trainer mainly uses the following knowledge:Download the complete source code:/Files/0771bc/Documents .zip 1. Apply tabbar controller and navigation Controller2

Query and delete address books in IOS

OS allows you to set up Address Book operations. One is to directly operate the address book, and the other is to call the address book UI. The implementation method is as follows: Add addressbook. Framework to the project. CodeImplementation:

Start a new learning process-iOS development

It's already very old, because the project needs to start iOS development.   When I started using MacBook, I felt like everything was new. A cainiao was sitting in front of a beautiful macbook. No office (office for Mac), no favorite input method,

Four Json parsing methods in IOS

As a lightweight data exchange format, json is gradually replacing xml and becoming a common format for network data. Some json code formats are messy. You can use this " 网 to perform the jsonformat verification (click to open

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