IOS development-several methods for loading viewcontroller

Assuming you have storyboard, go to storyboard and give your VC an identifier (inspector), then do: Uistoryboard * storyboard = [uistoryboard storyboardwithname:@ "Mainstoryboard"Bundle: Nil]; uiviewcontroller * Vc = [storyboard

IOS-zbar scanview

Add scan area in scanview Zbarreaderviewcontroller * reader = [zbarreaderviewcontroller new]; reader. readerdelegate = self; // cgrect frame = cgrectmake (20, 30,320,260); reader. scancrop = cgrectmake (0.2 ,. 1 ,. 47 ,. 8 ); Add a custom scan

IOS development-Implementation of storyboard navigation between multiple viewcontrollers

IOS sdk6/xcode4.5 added a lot of new functions in storyboad for Visual Development page layout, navigation is more convenient, the following describes the implementation of various navigation. 1. You do not need to delete the default viewcontroller

Multimedia playback for iOS development

Ios sdk provides many convenient methods to play multimedia. This article uses these sdks for a demo to show you how to use them to play audio files. Audiotoolbox framework Use audiotoolbox framework. This framework can register short voices to

Converting XML into tree II in iOS development

Previous ArticleArticle, It is good to convert XML into a tree and perform operations, but ignore the operation on the attributes on the XML node. Now let me modify it.CodeTo add attributes.1. Add an attributedict of the nsdictionary type to the

Uiwebview for iOS development

Uiwebview is the most common control in ios sdk. Is a built-in browser control, which can be used to browse webpages, open documents, and so on. This articleArticleI will use this control to make a simple browser. For example: We

"IOS Study Notes"-Hello word

"IOS Study Notes"-Hello word   1. Run xcode and create a project     2. Select the project type and continue   3. Enter the project name and company name, and continue   4. Select the storage location and continue   5. After the

IOS Study Notes-Implementation of variable attributes

  IOS Study Notes-Implementation of variable attributes   1,CodeNote: Person. h Person. h # Import @ Interface Person: nsobject { Int Age, Sex; // Variable definition Int Height, width;} @ Property Int Age, Sex; //

IOS Study Notes UIButton-1

IOS Study Notes UIButton-1   Uibutton /// Uibutton // Create uibutton Uibutton * tmpbutton = [[Uibutton alloc] init] autorelease]; // Set background color Tmpbutton. backgroundcolor = [Uicolor bluecolor]; // Set title

"IOS Case Study" type conversion failed (use of undeclared identifier)

"IOS learning notes" type conversion failed (use of undeclared identifier) Why is the following error: Use of undeclared identifier,   -(Void) Request {nsobject* Otherbizdata =[Iloginviewcontroller calladdbiz]; nsobject* Otherrequestdata

IOS Development Study Notes (1)

I. Necessary Conditions 1. an Intel-based Macintosh computer running snow leopard (OS X 10.6.5 or later. 2. Register as an iOS developer and download the ios sdk. 3. Download The xcode integrated development environment. 2. developer

Generating gray (black and white) images in IOS

CodeThe purpose is to generate a gray (black and white) uiimage based on a uiimage. The following code is from a reply in stackoverflow. Unfortunately, the original link cannot be found. -(Uiimage *) convertimagetogreyscale :( uiimage * ) Image {

IOS Date Format Conversion

Change the date in "2011-12-09t14: 58: 36 + 08: 00" Format Nsdateformatter * dateformatter = [[nsdateformatter alloc] init];[Dateformatter setlocale: [[nslocale alloc] initwithlocaleidentifier: @" En_us_posix " ] Autorelease];[Dateformatter

IOS Development notes 3. iOS Basics

System Specification IPhoneSpecification Each is a 4.7-or 4.8-ounce computing device. each contains a 620 MHz arm cpu that has been underclocked to improve battery performance and reduce heat. the iPhone and iPhone 3 GB each include 128 MB of

IOS development: Display your location on Google Maps

One rowCodeShow your location Mapkit in IOS integrates the positioning function. You can use a line of code to display your current location on Google map. The Code is as follows: -(Ibaction) showlocation :( ID) sender {If ([btnshowlocation

Email sending code for iOS development

The mail sending function is provided by messageui framework, which is the simplest box in the iPhone SDK. It consists of a class, A View Controller, and a protocol. 1. Create a View Controller: Mfmailcomposeviewcontroller * MC =

Custom IOS keyboard tool bar code snippet

-(Uitoolbar *) createactionbar {uitoolbar * actionbar = [[uitoolbar alloc] init]; actionbar. translucent = yes; [actionbar sizetofit]; actionbar. barstyle = uibarstyleblacktranslucent; uibarbuttonitem * donebutton = [[uibarbuttonitem alloc]

Converting XML into a tree in iOS development

In development, because the server and client are two different platforms, and the server is an old system, they do not have a good object-oriented nature, therefore, the client and the server have to communicate with each other through some

Custom view for iOS development

The view in ios sdk is uiview, so we can easily customize a view. Create a window-based application program and add a class named hypnosister to it. This class inherits from uiobject. Modify this class to inherit from: uiview @ Interface

Code commonly used for string in iOS development

1. Determine if the string is equal using isw.tostring: Nsstring * astring01 = @ "this is a string! ";Nsstring * astring02 = @ "this is a string! ";Bool result = [astring01 isw.tostring: astring02];Nslog (@ "Result: % d", result ); 2. The judgment

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