Open a document with uiwebview in IOS

Using the system's uiwebview on the iPad to open a document is convenient and easy to use, and there are many types of documents that can be opened. The disadvantage is that there is no editing function, and you can only view it after opening it.

Manually download and install IOS 4.3 Library

Under documentation in xcode preference, expand the IOS 4.3 library in the documentation,Find feed: appleiphone4_3.atom,Open this link in Safari and download the *. xar file suitable for your xcode version,After

Those things within IOS multithreading (on)

As we all know, Apple's Mac OS X system and IOS system are based on three parts. Bsd unix, Mach, and iokit developed by Apple constitute the main body of the operating system, that is, the Darwin framework. Among them, Mach is mainly responsible for

Early iOS 7 Beta experience

As soon as I woke up, iOS 7 Beta has been released in Apple's Dev center. This time, Apple's changes on the interface were completely complete: On the boot page, it is no longer the previous black and white apple, and the signal bar in the upper

IOS development (104): Program Execution status change

1 Preface In the previous section, we introducedProgramExecution status. From the example, we can find that there are clear policies to follow when processing these status changes. This time we will introduce it. 2. Details 2.1 activity-no

Handling inactive status for iOS development (105)

1 Preface ApplicationProgramThe simplest status is to transition from activity to activity, and then return to activity. Today, let's use an example to look at its specific application. 2. Details The content here is relatively simple.CodeNow

A glimpse into the thread of iOS development (100)

1 Preface This chapter introduces Apple's new method to simplify multithreading and become Grand Central Dispatch (GCD for short). It provides a new set of APIs that can be appliedProgramThe work to be executed is split into smaller blocks that

IOS learning: Debugging programs (breakpoint: exception breakpoint)

I. Exception breakpoint description InCodeIf an exception is thrown, the exception breakpoint stops.ProgramFor example, some methods in nsarray and nsdictionary of foundation. Framework will throw an exception if they cannot meet specific

Implementation of IOS message push mechanism

The working mechanism of IOS message push can be summarized as follows:   Provider refers to the push server of an iPhone software. apns is the abbreviation of Apple push notification service and is the server of apple.   There are three

[Top] IOS panoramic view effect demo

Demo function: provides a panoramic view, which allows you to browse the page from top to bottom, right to back, and right. Demo Description: In the project, pano.jpg is a texture. Place the image on the Ball Model, set the camera to the center of

IOS Development Information

IOS is an operating system running on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. It manages device hardware and provides local applications for mobile phones.ProgramTo provide the basic technology. Different operating systems have different system

Flex [original] video playback solution for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Flex4.6 [original] video playback solution for iOS (iPhone/iPad)   The flex video class is incompatible with the iOS operating system for video playback. How can we call the idea of calling the IOS source player? The competition between HTML5

Play the animation after uibutton is pressed down in IOS. The animation disappears after it is released.

Requirement: There is a button on the page. The user requires that when the finger presses this button, a circle appears around this button. When the finger is released, the animation disappears. I will not describe the specific page layout and

Create a multi-page, uinavigationcontroller-based jump IOS Application

From android to iOS development, I am not used to it at the beginning. I always like to use the android idea to use the controls on iOS. The result is hitting the wall everywhere, and I keep hitting it, now, if you are idle, just write something

[Cocoa] nsstream for iOS Network Programming

ArticleDirectory Iv. Conclusion [Cocoa] nsstream for iOS Network Programming Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement 1.

[Cocoa] cfnetwork for iOS Network Programming

[Cocoa] cfnetwork for iOS Network Programming Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement I. Introduction to cfnetwork First, let's review it. In

[Simple introduction to cocoa] socket for iOS Network Programming

ArticleDirectory II. Introduction to BSD Socket API                   3. Server Workflow 4. Client Workflow   5. client code example [Simple introduction to cocoa] socket for iOS Network

[In-depth introduction to cocoa] IOS Program Performance Optimization

[Cocoa] IOS Program Performance Optimization Luo chaohui (http: // CC license, reproduced please indicate the source of IOS application is very focused on user experience, not only requires the interface design

[OpenGL ES 01] early experience of OpenGL ES on iOS

ArticleDirectory 1. What is OpenGL ES? 2. How to use OpenGL ES on iOS? [OpenGL ES 01] experience of OpenGL ES Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency"

[Cocoa] IOS unit test in xcode

IOS unit test in xcode Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement   Xcode has a built-in ocunit unit testing framework, but the best testing

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