IOS 4.2 safari supports HTML5 feature updates

ArticleDirectory Accelerator support Websockets HTML5 form support Ajax2 Print support New JavaScript Data Type New DOM Event Enhanced support for SVG and canvas Others Articles from safari on iOS 4.2:

Touch screen website development series (1)-Ios web app (IOS Meta)

ArticleDirectory The first meta tag indicates: The second meta tag indicates: First meta: Second meta: pingmu The development of touch screen websites is actually much better than the development of mobile websites in

Check whether the file exists in iOS development. If the file does not exist, copy it.

First, we will summarize how to obtain the documents directory. In iOS development, we often need to retrieve the complete path of the documents directory for reading and writing files. I have summarized the following two methods: 1. nsstring *

IOS Protocol and Delegation

Learning a new knowledge with the established knowledge may get twice the result with half the effort, but sometimes it will be counterproductive, because our existing knowledge may be similar to the new one, there may also be some conceptual

Ifstrem streams cannot be marked with IOS: app

The project is almost over. We took it last FridaySource codeDeploy at the customer's company. Same copyCodeWith the old version of the GCC compiler, there is a bad precognition during compilation, and the compiledProgramThe execution result is

Questions and usage about the IOS mailbox framework pantomime

Recently, the company has been using mailcore for IOS Mobile Phone mailbox clients. However, mailcore has not compiled the POP3 protocol function. It only provides the IMAP protocol function and has tried writing it, however, there are still many

[Reprint] [Project Summary] using the soundtouch library in IOS

This articleArticleSummary of the project. After a project was completed for a while, I encountered a lot of trouble in the process, but fortunately it was finally solved. Here is the summary of the project after the project, and we have

IOS gets video and local resources

When uploading files, we select from the local device or use a camera to photograph the files. Upload button, click the event 1 - (Ibaction) btnclick { 2 Uiactionsheet * actionsheet = [[Uiactionsheet alloc] 3 Initwithtitle: @" Select File

IOS localization and creation process

Before using the localization language, let's take a look at the structure of the content of the localization language file (here I use Chinese as an example ):"Cancel" = "cancel ";"OK" = "OK ";"Tip" = "message prompt ";"Login faild" = "Logon Failed

IOS multi-thread programming

1: first, we will briefly introduce what is thread The minimum number of system resources and the basic scheduling unit for sharing process resources that can be executed concurrently. Stack sharing and self-owned stack (official

When a program is sent to the backend, you can borrow time from IOS to complete a long-term task.

    12.2.2. Solution UseUiapplicationOfBeginbackgroundtaskwithexpirationhandler:Instance method. After you complete the task, callUiapplicationOfEndbackgroundtask:Method. 12.2.3. Discussion when an IOS application is sent to

Simple IOS address book operation encapsulation (add a contact and check whether the number exists)

Sjabhelper. h # Import Enum {Abhelpercannotconncettoaddressbook, /* * */ Abhelperexistspecificcontact, /* * */ Abhelpernotexistspecificcontact /* * */ }; Typedef nsuinteger abhelpercheckexistresulttype; @ Interface Sjabhelper:

How to disable program exit in IOS 4 and keep it in the background

You only need to addUiapplicationexitsonsuspend. Opting out of background executionIf you do not want your application to remain in the background when it is quit, you can explain itly opt out of the background execution model by adding

How to Use block in IOS)

ArticleDirectory Block Block can help us organize independentCodeAnd improve reusability and readability. Ios4 introduces this feature in uikit. Blocks are used for more than 100 Apple APIs, so this is a must-start knowledge. What

Third-party SDK sharesdk for iOS social sharing

Sharesdk is powerful and detailed on its official website. Http:// Add the SDK to your project. The downloaded package contains detailed instructions. Third-party packages in China are still less than those made by foreigners. For

Knowledge about IOS Networks

I. Confirm the network environment 3g/WiFi 1. Add source files and framework to develop Web applications. Program You need to confirm the network environment, connection conditions and other information. If they are not processed, they will not be

Network listening for iOS

-(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary *) launchoptions { Self. Window = [[[uiwindow alloc] initwithframe: [[uiscreen mainscreen] bounds] autorelease]; // Enable Network

30 AWESOME (free iPhone, iPad IOS) GUI Design Element templates for iPhone Development

Creativity is the ability to demonstrate design I in any way.Whether it is a sign, a flag, an advertisement, or a complete design, the creativity that can be injected not only shows the information expressed by the designer, but also leaves a solid

Incredible, 40 amazing iOS app icons designed for inspiration

It is undeniable that with the popularity of iOS Apple App Store. More developers join in and release their applications every week. One of them is the quick and different design of ios icons, which can be said to be unexpected and cannot be done.

[Reprinted] [corrected] using the SoundTouch library in IOS for sound changes

I have previously written an article "using the SoundTouch library in IOS to achieve sound changes ". Finally, many of my friends posted on their blog that the code can run on the simulator and cannot run on a real machine. They have been busy some

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