Solution for switching between the receiver and speaker for WeChat voice playback in IOS

[[Uidevice currentdevice] setproximitymonitoringenabled: Yes]; // we recommend that you set yes before playing and no after playing. This function enables infrared sensing. // Add a listener[[Nsicationcenter center defacenter center] addobserver:

IOS development and learning-gesture effect source code sharing

All around pull View Introduction: You can drag Update (pull to refresh) in the four directions of the view ).Compiling and testing environment: xcode 4.3, IOS 5.0.Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 172 & fromuid = 16

IOS development and learning-animation effect source code sharing-series tutorial 1

Genie ViewIntroduction: implement the so-called genie effect. Click the minimize or delete button, and the view will be sucked into a certain place.Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 15 & fromuid = 15 Animated hovering

IOS development and learning-view transition Source code sharing-series of tutorials

Zaker application entry screen effectIntroduction: zaker application entryProgramThe transition effect of the splash screen on the main interface.Http:// Calayer_3d perspective transformationIntroduction:

IOS Development Learning-indicator (HUD) effect source code sharing

Spring loadedview Introduction: Loading Hud for special animation effects (loading wait prompt ). This loading HUD is used in the latest popular app letterpress (a spelling game.   Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 192 &

IOS-WEB Development Notes (1)

Recently, the company wants to create a new project, so we can record something in time to facilitate development: Detects iPad, iPhone, iPod, andJqtouch Library Original article: Http://

Xcode 4.5 IOS multi-language settings

Turn: I upgraded to xcode4.5 a few days ago. Now I am using xcode4.5 + ios6 Development Project. When I was using internationalization, I encountered a problem. I created localizable in xcode

Storyboard navigation secrets for iOS (1)

The software version used in this article: IOS:6.1 Xcode:4.6 Storyboard is supported only by xcode4.2 to make the design view easier. Although it is okay to drag and drop files with the previous nib (XIB), it is necessary to switch back and

Use instrument to detect IOS program memory problems

From   IOS cannot automatically release the memory like Java, but can only manually release the memory. during development,ProgramStaff careful may also cause memory leakage, a large amount of

Several Basic knowledge points about view-iOS development

Generally, I do not use interface builder to draw interfaces, but use pureCodeInstead of installing B, I just switched from VI to xcode. I am not used to interface builder. Of course, I will also use it if needed. The existence of a thing is not

IOS obtains the local file size and file-related attributes.

From A small local file management function is usually used to obtain the sandbox directory and file list of an application. However, it is rarely mentioned on the Internet to obtain the

About implementing asynchronous non-blocking in block + gcd (Grand Central Dispatch) in IOS

From: T = 1019931 this document uses an example to illustrate how to use block + GCD in IOS Program To implement non-blocking execution of time-consuming tasks. First, I would like to explain that the concepts

Deep Dive into IOS Multithreading

Deep introduction to iOS multi-thread nsthread Luo chaohui ( license   IOS supports multiple levels of multi-threaded programming. The higher the level, the higher the abstraction level, and the more convenient it

How to Use cocoapods (manage Ios to develop third-party class libraries)

ArticleDirectory Install rubygems Install command line Install cocoapods Http:// /? P = 47 This article describes how to use cocoapods. Cocoapods is a dependency management tool. So what is a dependency

Small and medium-sized functions accumulated in iOS development

1. Set the deselected status when tableview returns -(Void) Viewwillappear :(Bool) Animated { [Super Viewwillappear: Animated]; [Self.Tableview Deselectrowatindexpath:Self.Tableview.Indexpathforselectedrow Animated:Yes];   }   2. Set

[IOS development Notes]: execution time of viewdidunload and dealloc

There is no problem with this, it is crazy release. But today I found that the original simulator could simulate a situation where the memory is insufficient.ProgramSome errors have occurred, and I have learned more about the two. Viewdidunload is

Article 3 In the iPad app development series-multi-core programming and memory management for iOS

Last write iPad app developmentArticleIt has been 10 months, and that iPad app development overview is pretty good. It once became the first search keyword in Google's "iPad app development, it may be that the scalpers are too busy making money for

IOS run loop nsunloop

In phone application development, the overview of the nsunloop is described in this article. The nsunloop is a better message processing mode, he is capable of better abstraction and encapsulation of the message processing process, so that you don't

IOS multithreading Summary

There are three main methods for iOS Multithreading (1) nsthread (2) nsoperation (3 )** The following describes the three methods.   1. nsthread The call method is as follows: If the function needs to input parameters, it can be passed

IOS framework (5)-Core Services Layer

From The core services layer is for all applications.ProgramProvides basic system services. Maybe applications do not directly use these services, but they are the foundation of many parts of the

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