Step by step to learn about iOS 6 programming (version 4) officially released!

All examplesProgramBoth use the latest development tools of xcode 4.4 and xcode 4.5. This book includes the latest iOS 6 development technologies, such as auto layout and collection view. New content includes: uisplitviewcontroller, uiscrollview,

Random iOS development

I 've been busy with IOS projects recently. It's hard to take time out to summarize some of my experiences on iOS development. I'll just write down some things when I think of anything.   Even if the arc mechanism is used, the dealloc method must

Imitation of the camera film of meitu xiuxiu and iOS Systems

Android does not have this concept-"camera film"After searching for a long time, no androider has ever done this thing. In desperation, I had to do it myself.First of all, I would like to thank a netizen for providing the prototype source code.

IOS: Study Notes on screen Rotation

Study Notes on screen Rotation   The accelerator is the basis for the entire IOS screen rotation. Only by relying on the accelerator can the device determine the current device direction. The IOS system defines the following seven device

Notes for supporting multiple versions and devices in IOS

Notes for supporting multiple versions and devices in IOS The IOS system has been available for six years since. It has been released once a year to two new devices, from iPhone E1, iPhone E2... iphone4s to the latest iPhone 5. The CPU

How to parse and display GIF in IOS

How to parse and display GIF in IOS When chatting, we often use a lot of funny GIF expressions. Sometimes a thousand words are really inferior to a GIF. I used to think about GIF as a common format, which should be supported by all major platforms.

IOS memory warning memory Warning Level

Memory warning We all know that many resources on mobile devices are scarce, especially when the memory is usually relatively small, and iphone4 only has 512 MB. In addition, ios4.0 and later support for multi-task, this problem is even more

IOS programming light blue Tutorial: Xiao Zi

I haven't posted any more for a long time. First of all, I declare that this tutorial is not my original one. I am not so powerful. This is a tutorial I have seen on a foreign website. I will attach a link to those who are good at English, I am a

[IOS] scheduling skills

Scheduling Skill 1: ProgramDuring the crash, xcode often does not provide accurate stack information, but is positioned in the main method. This is a headache and misses, in fact, as long as xcode is installed with simple settings, it will be able

IOS block collection

In iOS, blocks is an object, which encapsulatesCodeThis code can be executed at any time. Blocks can be used as a function parameter or return value, and it can include an input parameter or return value. It is similar to the traditional function

[Review design mode in IOS]-abstractfactory

View code @ InterfaceBrandingfactory: nsobject{}+ (Brandingfactory *) factory;-(Uiview *) brandedview;-(Uibutton *) brandedmainbutton;-(Uitoolbar *) brandedtoolbar;@ End View code # Define Use_acme @ Implementation Brandingfactory+

[Review design mode in IOS]-singleton

View code @ InterfaceSingleton: nsobject{}+ (Singleton *) sharedinstance;-(Void) Operation;@ End View code # Import " Singleton. h " @ Implementation Singleton Static Singleton * sharedsingleton _ = nil;-( Void ) Operation{ // Do

Introduction to iOS project file types and their functions in xcode

1.InProdoutsFile. AppFile ----IsYesExecutiveLine (YingUseProgram) File; 2.Root objectRecordingUnder. PCHFile ----ItemTarget all filesHeaderFile; 3. In the classes file clip back decorated with delegate. h file ---- delegated

How to Use the font in IOS

1. Search for font files on the Internet (the suffix is. TTF or. ODF) 2. Import the Library to the resouce of the project. 3. InProgramLoad a section in viewdidloadCode Nsarray * familynames = [uifont familynames];For (nsstring * familyname in

Comparison and installation of XML parsing class libraries on iOS platform

In iPhone development, there are many options for XML parsing. the ios sdk provides two class libraries: nsxmlparser and libxml2. There are also many third-party class libraries available, such as tbxml, touchxml, kissxml, tinyxml, and gdataxml.

[IOS] resolution

IPhone 1/3g/3gs 480*320 IPhone 4/4S 960*640 3.5 inch screen 326ppi pixels IPhone 5 1136*6404 inch screens326ppi pixels   IPad 1/2 1024*768 9.7 inch132 PPI IPad 3 (new pad) 2048*1536 246ppi pixels     -If you want to display your high

IOS Study Notes

1. Convert string to date Nsdateformatter * dateformat = [[nsdateformatter alloc] init]; // instantiate an nsdateformatter object using handler [dateformat setdateformat: @ "yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS"]; // set the time format, which can be set to the

IOS 6 programming-auto layout Series

IOS 6 introduces the concept of auto layout in application user interface development. Use constraints to describe the positions, behaviors, and relationships of various views on the user interface. In xcode 4.5, we can use interface builder,

[IOS]-cocos2d/cocos2dx demo

Resources are downloaded from the original post.   1. angrybird space weightless effect Author: qiu198022 Original post address: Tid = 98045     2. Special Effects of color motion tracks

IOS Programming Tutorial (8): Add a startup screen in your application

Although you may think that you need to write the code for the flash screen, Apple can easily compile it in Xcode. No encoding is required. You only need to set some configurations.What is a pop-up screen? For those who are new to code, they may not

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