IOS study note 4

1. FAQs A. Why can't I click the created uibutton? The possible cause is that the uiview is no longer small in initwithframe and exceeds the uiwindow area. B. presentmodalviewcontroller animation effect Modaltransitionstyle =

Set background images for iOS

1. uiscrollview setting background image //Setup the scroll ViewUiscrollview * tempscrollview = (uiscrollview *) Self. view; tempscrollview. contentsize= Cgsizemake (320,720);//Set stationary background, so that while the user scroll the

General idea about Waterfall streaming in IOS

I downloaded an iOS waterfall Stream Image Display source code from the Internet. With the help of Web experience, I already have a float: Left effect for iOS similar to CSS style, and then formed a waterfall stream effect, or you can use HTML to

IOS development-how to compile iOS programs

We will go through three phases from writing to publishing an application: Running and debugging on the simulator, running debugging on the device, and publishing and compiling. To prevent illegal devices and non-developers from debugging and

IOS development-how to package IOS applications

Before uploading an application to the App Store, We need to compress the compiled binary files and resource files into a compressed package. The compression format is zip. On the homepage, find the compilation location, which is very important and

Guan Dongsheng's IOS video is open. You are welcome to watch it online.

Instructor Guan Dongsheng's IOS video is open. You are welcome to watch it online, that is, the version is somewhat old. I hope to help students in need (HD) IPhone and iPad development practices-proficient in iOS development (Lecture 37) Http://v.51

IOS study Note 3

Nslog (@ "Hello, world! ");Nsdictionary * mydic = [[nsdictionary alloc] initwithobjectsandkeys: @ "Zhang San", @ "name", @ "Li Si", @ "name", nil];Nsuinteger COUNT = [mydic count];Nslog (@ "Number of dictionaries: % lu", count );Nsenumerator *

IOS study Note 2

1. nsuserdefaults I personally think the IOS method is a bit similarProperties. settings. Default in C #, Nsuserdefaults only supports: nsstring, nsnumber, nsdate, nsarray, nsdictionary. There are multiple methods for creating a user ults, which is

IOS study Note 1

1. nsclassfromstring This method is used to determine whether a class exists. If a class exists, it is dynamically loaded and an empty object is returned if it is not saved;   Id myobj = [[nsclassfromstring (@ "myspecialclass") alloc]

IOS study notes 5-asihttprequest

The usage of asihttprequest is not described much. There are a bunch of instances on the Internet. 1 #import 2 #import "MainView.h"3 4 @interface AppDelegate : UIResponder 5 6 @property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;7 @property (strong,

IOS detection shake

  There are two ways to detect shaking: 1. inherit from uiwindow -(Void) motionbegan :( uieventsubtype) motion withevent :( uievent *) event {}- (void) motionended :( uieventsubtype) motion withevent :( uievent *) event {If (motion =

Delphixe4 firemonkey trial record, IOS application development or transplantation

Xe4 was released six days ago. added and subtracted. it is no longer the way FPC works. You can compile it on win. FPC is used to generate a project and compile and debug it on Mac. In fact, this is also a bit painful. Can I only create a

Delphi xe4 IOS series: "loading SSL module faild .? "Indy SSL feature on iOS. Here is

Https:// Messageid = 561776 #561776 In this post, some guys are confused in this issue. since I just have time to check the rad studio X4 during our laboray holiday, I have try to do some Resarch on this issue. I

Delphi xe4 firemonkey: The last step for iOS app development to be released to appstore.

Other general procedures are set in iTunes connect. Here we will talk about the additional part, which needs to be done after being compiled with xe4. application Loader is used. this is a traditional process. now, xcode integrated functions have

Native IOS control Delphi xe4

Used in the Delphi firemonkey platform is very large, and is well organized. of course button, alone firemonkey, and written. however, under certain circumstances in the OS the native control, because you will inevitably need to use a different API,

IOS learning: Use uitoolbar separately

  In addition to being used together with navigationcontroller, toolbar can also be used independently in view 1 // 2 // twfxtoolbarviewcontroller. m 3 // demotoolbar 4 // 5 // created by lion user on 13-1-19. 6 // copyright (c) 2013 lion user. all

IOS learning: xcode Tool

    From:   1. Powerful applications with Automatic Code Completion When writing code in xcode, The xcode editor often provides prompts. If the code prompts meet our requirements, we can press the tab key to

IOS learning: uilabel and sizewithfont Methods

1-(void) viewdidload 2 {3 [Super viewdidload]; 4 // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. 5 6 nsstring * text = @ "TW Ia nwifei xantianwif eixan tianwi feixan"; 7 8 // set the font, including the font and size 9

IOS learning: uibutton

1-(void) viewdidload 2 {3 [Super viewdidload]; 4 // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. 5 6 // Method 1: Create 7 uibutton * newbtn = [uibutton buttonwithtype: uibuttontyperoundedrect]; 8 9 newbtn. frame =

IOS learning: uitableview 2 (pull-down refresh)

  1/* 2 implement the drop-down refresh of tableview 3 will this method be triggered when tableview slides? 4 */5-(void) tableview :( uitableview *) tableview willdisplaycell :( uitableviewcell *) cell forrowatindexpath :( nsindexpath *) indexpath 6

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