IOS development-how to implement tag navigation on the story board

Implement tag navigation on the story board Use the story board technology to implement the tag navigation mode.   Use the "tabbed application" template to create a project named "tabnavigationstoryborad. Select "use storyborads" and "use

IOS network programming-mbprogresshud wait indicator

Third-party Wait indicator. mbprogresshud is a third-party Wait indicator framework. Below are the wait indicator styles provided by mbprogresshud. They can be divided into two categories: Unknown End Time and known end time. In mbprogresshud, you

IOS network programming-socket programming in IOS

Use SOCKET for C/S structure programming and connection process   The server listens to a port for connection requests. ServerProgramThe client is in a blocked state and can only run down until it sends a connection request to the server. Once

IOS network programming-cloud key-value data storage programming instance

Cloud key-value data storage design A programming instance of the iCloud key-value data storage. There are two controls on and off the screen. The picture on the left is device 1. Click the "set iCloud data" button to save the control status to

IOS development-configure and use git in xcode

Many git commands are run in the command line, and managing git in the command line has many advantages. However, the biggest drawback is that you need to remember these commands. Therefore, the git gui is very popular among some users. xcode, as an

IOS development-Summary of configuration and usage of git in xcode

The following are four FAQs about git configuration and usage in xcode.   Question 1: How do I create a code library in xcode and add and submit code to the code library? Question 2: How can I submit the push to the remote server code library in

IOS network programming practices-nsstream for TCP socket iPhone Client

The client uses the iPhone application, and the screen is relatively simple. Click the send button to send some strings to the server. Click the receive button to read some strings from the server and display them on the screen.   The UI section of

IOS network programming-Parse bonjour service in IOS

After the Bonjour service on the server is successfully published, the client can use nsnetservice to parse the service. After successful resolution, the client can obtain the details of the communication data, such as the IP address and port. First,

IOS development-common IOS design patterns-delegated Mode

For iOS development, several design modes under the cocoa framework are analyzed for everyone. Of course, there are far more content about the design pattern in the cocoa framework. We have selected several common ones: Singleton pattern, delegate

IOS network programming-asihttprequest example-Data Request queue

Instance: Request queue We use an example to introduce the use of the Request queue. We have designed an application. the user clicks the go button to download two images from the server at the same time.   Let's take a look at the main View

Create a helloworld project for iOS 6 Based on nib

Create a nib-based helloworld Project Create a project Start xcode and click File → new → project. On the open choose a template for your new project page, select single view application project template. Click Next. The page is

IOS development-building an adaptive iPhone and iPad Project

Sometimes the application needs to be able to run on the iPhone and iPad. Of course we can choose to do two completely different projects and share some classes, but we can also create only one project, then compile and generate a product that can

IOS network programming-cloud document storage programming instance

Programming of iCloud document storage is more complex than key-value data storage, involving custom document classes, obtaining the iCloud document directory, searching for documents in the ubiquity container, saving documents, and resolving

IOS network programming-solves document conflicts in the Process of iCloud document storage

There will inevitably be conflicts in the process of saving the iCloud documents. We must have a set of conflict resolution policies. Policy adoption depends on user needs. Some of them are simple and complicated. The simplest is to directly use the

IOS development-Mobile Platform Architecture Design

Low-coupling enterprise-level System Architecture Design We often call javaee or. NET products as "systems", while mobile platforms (mainly Android, IOS, and window phone) develop products as "Applications ". "System" is complicated and requires

Use ios api to write the whole process of a simple Weibo Client

There are four main steps to compile a social network client program.   Next we will introduce the process as follows: 1. Introduce the accounts and social frameworks The accounts and social frameworks need to be introduced in the process. The

IOS network programming-configure iCloud-graphic illustration

Configure iCloud To develop an iCloud application, you must prepare a real iOS device and an iOS developer account, Use the IOS developer account to log on to the configuration portal of the IOS Development Center (IOS provisioning portal URL is

How to configure IOS push notifications

It is difficult to configure push notifications. You need an iOS developer account and then configure an Apple id, configuration profile, and SSL certificate.     1. Certificate Signing Request First, you need to sign the certificate request, which

IOS network programming and cloud application best practices-source code download, digest

The book "iOS network programming and cloud application best practices" was officially released. (Dangdang and Amazon can book it)   Dangdang presales Amazon presales Before the official release of this book, let's share the source code and trial

IOS development-passbook details and development cases

Passbook is a new feature of iOS 6 and can only be used on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It helps us manage e-membership cards, credit card points, and coupons issued by sellers. This will have a profound impact on the future of e-commerce. Sellers

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