IOS 6.1 jailbreak tutorial

I. preparations: The evasi0n jailbreak method is very similar to iOS 5.1.1. It belongs to a dummies-level jailbreak tool. You only need to connect an iOS device that is upgraded to iOS to connect to the computer through data lines, and then

IOS network programming-installation and configuration of the asihttprequest framework-graphic illustration

Asihttpreques The T framework is an excellent third-party HTTP framework for objective-C. It supports HTTP development in Mac OS X and IOS. The technical support website is /. It has the following

Summary of differences between iOS 6 and earlier versions

1. Adapt to 4 inch screen adaptation.To adapt to the 4 inch screen, the system creates a default-568h@2x.png image and identifies whether the system supports the 4 inch screen based on the resource. As for other resources, xxx-568h.jpg is not

Encoding and conversion in IOS

Address: Encoding and conversion in IOS 1. Conversion of UTF-8   Nsstring * Data = @ "Hello, Beijing! "; // Convert to UTF-8 Nsstring * datautf8 =

IOS Development preparations

This article is a bit difficult. In fact, at the time of writing this article, I was already starting iOS development. Writing this article is both a summary and an entry guide for people who want to develop IOS but do not know how to get started. 1.

Ios sdk: IOS debugging skills

Why does your array contain 3 items instead of 5 items? Why is your game running slowly? These are related to debugging. debugging is an essential part of the development process. This article lists some important debugging functions (of course not

[IOS] add uilabel and other controls to uitoolbar (XIB/storyboard GUI)

Author: zyl910 During iOS development, you sometimes need to add uilabel and other controls to the uitoolbar. I have seen a lot of materials to complete this function in code mode, which is not easy to maintain. So I made some exploration and found

[IOS] how to work with uiscrollview and keypad-click a blank space to hide the keypad (perfect solution, no code added)

Author: zyl910 "Hide the keyboard in the blank space" is a common function. The simplest way is to set the background view as a uicontrol class, and then hide the soft keyboard in the touch down event. For details, see

IOS development-Ios network programming synchronous get Method Request Programming

The ios sdk provides two different APIs for synchronous and asynchronous requests for HTTP requests. You can also use get or post methods. First, we will understand the simplest synchronous GET request. To learn how to use these APIs, The mynotes

IOS development-custom cell implementation

Custom Cells When the cell styles provided by Apple cannot meet our business needs, we need to customize cells. Before iOS 5, custom cells can be implemented in two ways: code implementation and XIB technology implementation. It is relatively simple

IOS development-Ios network programming asynchronous get Method Request Programming

As mentioned in the previous blog, synchronous requests have a poor user experience. In addition, we introduced how to implement Asynchronization in synchronous methods. In fact, ios sdk also provides asynchronous request methods. Asynchronous

IOS development-common IOS design patterns-delegated mode case studies

Book connection, application cases We use uitextfielddelegate as an example to describe how to use the delegate. Uitextfielddelegate is the delegate of the control uitextfield. The delegate of the control is mainly responsible for responding to

IOS development-simple table View

Table view is the most frequently used view in iOS development. We usually choose to display data in the form of tables, such as address book and channel list. The table view's functions such as segmentation, grouping, and indexing make the

IOS development-Table view uidesign Mode

There are design patterns in software design, and design patterns in uidesign. Because table views are widely used in iOS, This section describes two uidesign modes in table views: Paging mode and pull-to-Refresh mode. These two models have become

IOS development-tiled navigation-implemented based on split-screen navigation and case studies

Tile navigation mode is an important navigation mode. It is generally used for simple flat information browsing or tasks. Flat information refers to the non-subordinate hierarchical relationship between the information, such as flattening

IOS network programming-asihttprequest framework synchronizes requests

In the asihttprequest framework, the HTTP request-related classes include asihttprequest and asiformdatarequest. The most common classes are asihttprequest and asiformdatarequest, which is a subclass of asihttprequest, which can send data similar to

IOS development-tiled navigation-page-based navigation and case implementation

Implementation Based on paging navigation   After iOS 5, you can use the page controller (uipageviewcontroller) to construct an application similar to the e-book effect, which is called a page-based application. A paging application has many related

IOS network programming-asihttprequest asynchronous request

We run the program. If the network speed is slow, black screen will appear during the query until the request ends, so that the user experience is poor. Therefore, synchronous requests are generally used only in a child thread, rather than in the

IOS development-implementing tag navigation by NIB

Implement tag navigation using nib You can use the project template tabbed application to create tag navigation applications in xcode 4.5. We can choose storyboards or nib technology. The creation of the story board is simple, but this

IOS network programming-asihttprequest example-Data Request queue

Instance: Request queue We use an example to introduce the use of the Request queue. We have designed an application. the user clicks the go button to download two images from the server at the same time.   Let's take a look at the main View

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