Delphi xe4 IOS series: "loading SSL module faild .? "Indy SSL feature on iOS. Here is

Https:// Messageid = 561776 #561776 In this post, some guys are confused in this issue. since I just have time to check the rad studio X4 during our laboray holiday, I have try to do some Resarch on this issue. I

Delphi xe4 firemonkey: The last step for iOS app development to be released to appstore.

Other general procedures are set in iTunes connect. Here we will talk about the additional part, which needs to be done after being compiled with xe4. application Loader is used. this is a traditional process. now, xcode integrated functions have

Native IOS control Delphi xe4

Used in the Delphi firemonkey platform is very large, and is well organized. of course button, alone firemonkey, and written. however, under certain circumstances in the OS the native control, because you will inevitably need to use a different API,

IOS learning: Use uitoolbar separately

  In addition to being used together with navigationcontroller, toolbar can also be used independently in view 1 // 2 // twfxtoolbarviewcontroller. m 3 // demotoolbar 4 // 5 // created by lion user on 13-1-19. 6 // copyright (c) 2013 lion user. all

IOS learning: KVO

  1 # import 2 3 // The twfxstudata class is used as the class in the model layer to manage data 4 @ interface twfxstudata: nsobject 5 {6 nsstring * Name; 7 nsinteger age; 8} 9 10 @ property (retain, nonatomic) nsstring * schoolname; 11 12 @ end13 1

IOS learning: nsnotification

Http:// Each process has a default nsicationicationcenter. You can use the defacenter center class method to obtain the instances of this message center. The message center can process messages between

IOS learning: simple file read/write

IOS project files are divided into project files and files in the sandbox. The files in the project are read-only and readable and writable. the methods for reading files are the same, whether in the project or in the sandbox. The only difference

IOS learning: xcode Tool

    From:   1. Powerful applications with Automatic Code Completion When writing code in xcode, The xcode editor often provides prompts. If the code prompts meet our requirements, we can press the tab key to

IOS learning: uilabel and sizewithfont Methods

1-(void) viewdidload 2 {3 [Super viewdidload]; 4 // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. 5 6 nsstring * text = @ "TW Ia nwifei xantianwif eixan tianwi feixan"; 7 8 // set the font, including the font and size 9

IOS learning: uibutton

1-(void) viewdidload 2 {3 [Super viewdidload]; 4 // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. 5 6 // Method 1: Create 7 uibutton * newbtn = [uibutton buttonwithtype: uibuttontyperoundedrect]; 8 9 newbtn. frame =

IOS learning: uitableview 2 (pull-down refresh)

  1/* 2 implement the drop-down refresh of tableview 3 will this method be triggered when tableview slides? 4 */5-(void) tableview :( uitableview *) tableview willdisplaycell :( uitableviewcell *) cell forrowatindexpath :( nsindexpath *) indexpath 6

IOS learning: uinavigationcontroller navigation

  The file directory is as follows: basic navigation order: Root-> first-> second-> third. The firstviewcontroller serves as the rootview of the navigation stack.   1. Create navigation. If you want to directly use the navigation as the following

Work after IOS (iPod Touch & iPad & iPhone) jailbreak

Cydia Source: Add Source: http://cydia.hackulo.usWei Feng Source: http://apt.weiphone. com178 first Article Source: Core

IOS app upload App Store Process summary

1. Apply for a developer account   2 apply for app ID Https://   Description: San Zhang Bundle identifier (app id suffix): CN. A. appname   3. Apply for CSR Key string access-certificate

Taobao shanzhai IOS SDK

SDK sharing-you are welcome to share with each other2/253 Huixiu store Posted on IOS SDKFor iOS-based developers, please refer to the ios sdk and thank Yang zigang from Beijing tianyavideo Digital Technology Co., Ltd. for sharing this

Upgrade IOS 4.3 to iOS 5.0 API differences (different)

IOS 4.3 to iOS 5.0 API differencesadded frameworks: Accounts Corebluetooth Coreimage Glkit GSS Newsstandkit Twitter Accelerate Alpha. h added # def vimage_alpha_h added partition () added vimagealphablend_planar8 () added

Tabbar controller, navigation controller (1) for iOS 5 storyboard Learning)

1. Create a project and name it at will. 2. Click "mainstoryboard. storyboard" and place a "tab bar controller" from "Object Library: 3. Click "tab bar controller" and select "is initial view controller" in "attributes inspector ": Then we can see

Learn iOS development from scratch (2): Hello world!

I am a little flattered to see so many replies and encouragement. Thank you for your support. I will try my best to record the process of learning iOS and share it with you. Today I read the second chapter of the book, which mainly introduces how to

Start iOS development from scratch (3): the first interactive app

Thanks for your attention and motivation, so that I can continue. It's really hard to get a good kid to bed at around 10 o'clock every day when my family has children and I live a long and old life, then let's get things of our own. It will soon

Starting from scratch, I learned iOS development (4): IOS controls (1), Image view, text field, keyboard

To put it short, thank you for your attention. This article has been written for a long time. I will continue to learn about IOS. I will use 2 to 3 articles to learn some common controls on the iPhone, including Image view, text field, keyboard,

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