IOS interview notes (1)

I went to the XX Company IOS interview on Thursday.ProgramClerk, it took half a day to find a place. In a broken hotel, there was a small house and three office desks, When I saw this scene, my heart was suddenly cool. The house was so hot that I

IOS push notification usage

Push notificationUsage:   ReferenceResources: Http:// Http:// Tid-19971.html Http:// Tid-3770-keyword-apns.html

IOS develop for Dummies

In this chapter, we're re going to write a slightly more complex application-one that will feature two buttons as well as a label In this chapter, we need to write a slightly more complex application.ProgramUsed to control two buttons and labels.

How to achieve auto-scaling of IOS screens) How to achieve auto-scaling of IOS screens

How to achieve auto-adaptation of IOS screens first in -(Bool) shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation :( uiinterfaceorientation)Interfaceorientation Method. -(Void) willrotatetointerfaceorientation (uiinterfaceorientation)Tointerfaceorientation 

Developing for a jailbroken iPhone A to Z (IOS 4.0.1 ))

Note: It is said that this method can be used in xcode4 Jailbreak development for ios4! Vital stats:IOS 4.0.1Xcode 3.2.3Mac OSX 10.6.4 snow leopardIPhone 3G, 3gs, 4 (I finally have the whole lineup !) Problem: I still can't get iPhone 4

Share an example of a bookstore IOS Program

  After four days of development, the IOS online bookstore has basically completed: Login Registration Book list, pull-down and refresh, drop-down to view more, asynchronous image loading My information, view Order Change Password

IOS interview (2)

The name of a Shenzhen Company I interviewed last week is really amazing. It is claimed to have been born out of an incubation project under the Chinese Emy of sciences. As a startup company, you are located in a compartment of 80 square meters. I

IOS Application Development Strategy (helping you break through the city in iOS development)

IOS Application Development Strategy (helping you break through the city in iOS development)Basic InformationOriginal Title: IOS recipes: tips and tricks for awesome iPhone and iPad appsAuthor: (US) drance (M.) (US) Warren (P.) [Translator's

Basic tutorial for iOS 5

Basic tutorial for iOS 5 (the latest version of iPhone 4 and iPad development tutorial, a classic book that creates a sales miracle)Basic InformationAuthor: (US) mark (mark, D.) (US) Nadine (nutting, J.) (US) lamarche, J.) [Translator's introduction]

Security Technology Department, IOS forensics analysis

Security Technology major IOS forensics analysisBasic InformationAuthor: (US) Morrissey, S.) [Translator's introduction]Translator: Guo Yongjian Han Shengzhong LinPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121173943Mounting time:Published on:

Getting started with iOS 5 Programming (version 3rd)

Getting started with iOS 5 Programming (version 3rd)Basic InformationOriginal Title: Beginning iOS 5 Application DevelopmentAuthor: [us] Wei-Meng Lee [Introduction to translators]Translator: Song meiPress: Tsinghua University PressISBN: 9787302299943

IOS 5 cocos2d game development practices (version 2nd)

IOS 5 cocos2d game development practices (version 2nd)Basic InformationAuthor: [us] Steffen itterheim Andreas low [Translator's introduction]Translator: Tongji University Apple ClubSeries name: mobile and Embedded Development TechnologyPress:

Test-driven iOS development

Test-driven iOS developmentBasic InformationOriginal Title: Test-driven iOS developmentBy (US) Graham LeeTranslator: love flyingPress: Machinery Industry PressISBN: 9787111399193Mounting time:Published on: February 1, October 2012Start: 16Page

IOS game development: from creativity to implementation

IOS game development: from creativity to implementation Basic InformationOriginal Title: tap, move, SHAKE: turning your game ideas into iPhone & iPad appsAuthor: (beauty) Todd Moore [Translator's introduction]Translator: Yang XiaoqiSeries name:

IOS 6 application development practices

IOS 6 application development practicesAuthor of basic information: Liu Ming Zhu Zhe series name: Practice Series Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111419143 Release Date: May 2013 published on: 16: 1-1 category: Computer For more

IOS 6 programming practices

Original Title: iOS 6 programming pushing the limits Author: (US) ROB Napier mugunth Kumar [Translator's introduction] Translator: chen xiaoliang Wu Haifeng Deng Qiang Zhou Qingcheng series name: Turing Program Design Series Press: People's post and

IOS programming (2nd)

Original Title: programming iOS 5, second edition original Publishing House: O 'Reilly media Author: Matt neuburg Translator: Chen jianliu Yang: O 'Reilly boutique book series Publishing House: Machinery Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787111418474

IOS cocos2d 2 game development practices (version 3rd)

Basic information of IOS cocos2d 2 game development practice (version 3rd) original title: Learn cocos2d 2: Game Development for iOS Author: (US) Steffen itterheim Andreas low Translator: tongji University Apple club series name: mobile development

IOS augmented reality application development practices

Original Title: Pro iOS 5 augmented reality original Publishing House: apress Author: (US) Kyle Roche Translator: Xu xulei series name: china CHAPTER programmer library Publishing House: Machinery Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787111420200

IOS user experience design

Author: [us] Timothy wood Translator: Mao Wenwen series name: Turing Interactive Design Series Press: People's post and telecommunications Press ISBN: 9787115316677 Release Date: may 2013 publication date: December 31, 134: 32 open pages: editions: 1

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