Turn: Detailed Rules on the maximum number of IOS Testing Machines

Detailed rules on the maximum number of IOS Testing Machines APR 6 th, 2012 Preface The company's IOS testing machine quickly reached Apple's 100 limit, and because the new iPad was launched, we needed a new quota to test the new iPad, so I

Naming rules for iOS development

1. Class Name All class names and interface names (Protocol) start with an uppercase letter. When multiple words are combined, the following words are written in uppercase. View. All classes extended from uiview end with view, such as labelview

About IOS Video Recording

From http://blog.csdn.net/zoutian007/article/details/7472098 About IOS Video Recording  I wrote a paragraph yesterdayProgramFor video recording, the library cannot be found and an error is prompted. Avfoundtion. framework. Prompt   "_

IOS 5 Programming (2)-Use of uiswitch, uisegmentedcontrol, and uiwebview controls

In this example, the iOS app demonstrates the use of the following controls to obtain the web content of a specific URL from a third-party website and display it in the uiwebview control. Uiswitch) Uisegmentedcontrol) Web View)

Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6-core data persistent data storage

Core data is a way to store persistent data in IOS programming. In the previous tutorial-to read and write application settings data, we have provided three methods to store APP data: (1) User default settings-in this case, user intervention is

Development and positioning service app for xcode/iOS 5

In this tutorial (also step by step to learn iOS 5 Programming-the third edition-Part 1 of the Chinese version PDF), we will demonstrate how to add the GPS function to the app and get the current location of the user. At the same time, convert the

The iOS 5 Programming series is recommended to demonstrate the use of common iPhone view objects.

IOS 5 Programming (1)-Use of image views, slide blocks, and step controls (source code download) The example app below demonstrates the use of the following controls. You can use the slider, step control, and button to control playing an

IOS 5 Programming (1)-Use of image views, slide blocks, and step controls (source code download)

The example app below demonstrates the use of the following controls. You can use the slider, step control, and button to control playing an animation in the Image view. Uiimageview) Slider (uislider) Step control (uistpper) Shows the

How to solve the problem of hiding view on the keyboard-iOS development

Original article Excerpted from:Http://blog.csdn.net/iukey/article/details/7242488 By default, opening the keyboard will cover the view below, which brings a little trouble. However, this is not a big problem. We can solve it with a few small

Armv6 is missing when an application is released on iOS 6.0.

Problem: an application is released today.ProgramWhen arriving at the Apple store, the following error is always prompted:     The reason is:Xcode4.5 no longer supports armv6, that is, systems below ios4.3.3. Unsupported hardware devices

Old projects adapt to iOS 6 and iPhone 5

  This article is posted by Forum moderator Rainbird. Every time Apple releases a system, developers are busy working for a while, updating xcode to adapt to the new system: for example, ios4 supports retain and requires @ 2x; for example,

Thoughts on the udid in iOS devices

What is a udid?The full name of udid is unique device identifier. as its name implies, it is the unique identifier of Apple iOS devices. It consists of 40 characters of letters and numbers. What is the use of udid?Mobile Networks can use udids to

IOS encoding: How to Create GBK Encoding

From http://www.cnblogs.com/kiao295338444/articles/2590031.html     We know that the web page is downloaded using the nsurlconnection proxy method and saved to an nsdata file,     Nsmutabledata * pagedata; [Pagedata appenddata: Data];

Analysis on the network cache mechanism of three20, the most important third-party library in IOS:

pre-knowledge recognition : HTTP protocols from last-modified and etag with , detailed . simple to that is, , server service Returns A Resource contains an ID ( time or a token ), customer User end cache this I D, the next

[Reprinted] iPhone IOS plist File

This is from: http://www.cnblogs.com/geraldzhang/archive/2011/08/24/2152121.html       In the cocoa, nextstep, and gnustep programming frameworks of Mac OS X, A property list file is a file used to store serialized objects. The property list

IPhone map iOS development: Display your location on Google Map

Original article: cocoa and DOTNET     One rowCodeShow your location Mapkit in IOS integrates the positioning function. You can use a line of code to display your current location on Google map. The Code is as follows: -(Ibaction)

IPad iOS development basics-iPad device Direction recognition

    because Apple requires iPad applications to provide at least portrait and landscape support, therefore, in the Program , it is essential to detect the current direction of the device. Generally, it can be used in the program running: 1

Old projects adapt to iOS 6 and iPhone 5

ArticleDirectory 1. Add retina 4 launch image, and you will be prompted when running the project. 2. Group Table view background color is deprecated in IOS 6.0 3. About multiple targets 4. xcode4.5 no longer supports armv6, that is,

Main IOS frameworks

1: original link: http://www.open-open.com/lib/view/open1343210425380.html The framework is a directory that contains the shared library and accesses the shared library.CodeHeader file, and other image and sound resource files. Methods or

How to develop and upgrade iPhone Ios to adapt to iPhone 5 4 inch

The following are some of your friendly support: I have made a product that requires popularity support. I search for # super junior # on Android and iPhone, or download it directly on the page.Http://m.ixingji.com/m.html? P = x16.   Today,

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