Develop common mathematical functions for iOS

1. trigonometric FunctionsDouble sin (double); sineDouble cos (double); cosineDouble Tan (double); tangent2. Inverse trigonometric functionDouble asin (double); the result is between [-PI/2, PI/2].Double ACOs (double); the result is between [0,

Ios ui design guide (ios ui) PDF download

Overview: Great IOSProgramThe platform and interaction design principles should be observed Users love iOS programs specifically designed for mobile devices. For example, the user wishes that the program can match the screen of the device and

IOS Memory Management Summary

1. [Super init] must be called in the init function, and [Super dealloc] must be called in the dealloc function. 2. Call the object generated by the function starting with "alloc", "new", "copy", "mutablecopy", which must be release 3. The object

IOS message push mechanism Principle and Implementation)

Today, we have developed an apple client push interface for our colleagues in the wireless business department. The wireless business department is our department dedicated to developing apps for various terminals! Colleagues in the wireless

Ios sdk Introduction

IOS SDKIntroduction IOS SDK Yesdevelopment IPhone ApplicationProgram. IOS SDK Must be installed in Mac OS X Operating System. Available Xcode Development IOS , Different Xcode Different versions correspond to different IOS SDK

IOS development protocol usage-informal and formal

ArticleDirectory       Reprint address: /? P = 545 Protocols are divided into informal and formal protocols. Let's talk about informal protocols. Although the keyword of the informal protocol in obj-C is

Use xcode and instruments to debug IOS Memory leakage

Although the arc mechanism is added to iOS 5.0 and later versions, memory leakage may still exist due to the complicated mutual reference relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand the principles. How to use instruments to

Introduction to Windows and view architecture of IOS uikit framework!

Windows and views Windows and views are for iPhone applicationsProgramConstruct visual components of the user interface. The window provides a background platform for content display, while the view is responsible for describing most of the

General rules for memory application and release of the Note IOS View Controller

Author: failingProgramMember-eight gods Memory Management plays a very important role in IOS program development. For a program with poor processing performance, crash occurs on the actual device.For output ports that are often used with retain in

Monodevelop/monotouch SDK iOS development experience!

Author: failingProgramMember-eight gods First, download the three installation files mono for Mac from The size of this file is about 70 MB, and then download monodevelop. The development IDE is about 10 MB. Finally,

Specifying high-resolution images in IOS

ArticleDirectory IOS supports device-specific resources Specifying high-resolution images in IOS Any iPhone application built for iOS 4.0 and later shoshould include high-resolution versions of its image resources. when the application

Unable to create any keyboard shortcuts after the IOS 6.1.3 update on iPad.

Unable to create any keyboard shortcuts after the IOS 6.1.3 update on iPad 3 I had two keyboard shortcuts on my device before updating to iOS 6.1.3. after the update I wanted to create two more keyboard shortcuts but I am not able to do so as

Start developing IOS apps today (Chinese)

ArticleDirectory Read the following tutorials to explore IOS Application Development Read the following documents to learn more about IOS application development. Introduction Creating IOS apps is both fun and rewarding. If

IOS: Study Notes on screen Rotation

Study Notes on screen Rotation   The accelerator is the basis for the entire IOS screen rotation. Only by relying on the accelerator can the device determine the current device direction. The IOS system defines the following seven device

IOS: screen rotation and transform

IOS: screen rotation and transform   The itouch, iPhone, and iPad settings support rotation.ProgramYou can make different la s based on different directions, and the experience will be better. How can we set the program to support rotation? We

IOS: Batch Import images and videos to the album of the simulator

Batch Import images and videos to the album of the simulator   Simulator debugging is often used in iOS development. One of the main advantages of simulators isProgramStart block. The most important thing is that if there is no certificate, we

IOS programming traps.

Written by: fail programmers-eight gods  Note the unsupported features For example, if your handheld device does not support sending text messages or emails, nil will be returned when you create this type of category ..., this is different

IOS memory management programming guide

Http:// The basic data type is value type, which is stored on the stack and allocated and recycled by the compiler. The programmer can use it immediately after it is declared. NSObject objects and

How to Hook messages in IOS

How to Hook messages in IOS    After the end of the year, it's time to get started. We all know that a lot of messages can be easily hooked through APIs in windows. There seems to be no existing APIs in IOS (maybe I haven't found them yet ), some

Push Implementation of the iPhone message Push mechanism and send messages to ios applications through. net Applications

Push principle: The working mechanism of Push can be summarized In the figure, Provider refers to the Push server of an iPhone software. In this article, I will use. net as the Provider. APNS is the abbreviation of Apple Push Notification Service

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