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Overview: Great IOSProgramThe platform and interaction design principles should be observed Users love iOS programs specifically designed for mobile devices. For example, the user wishes that the program can match the screen of the device and

IOS Memory Management Summary

1. [Super init] must be called in the init function, and [Super dealloc] must be called in the dealloc function. 2. Call the object generated by the function starting with "alloc", "new", "copy", "mutablecopy", which must be release 3. The object

IOS: solves the problem of adding a shadow card to an animation

Self. Root. View. layer. shadowcolor =[Uicolor bluecolor]. cgcolor; self. Root. View. layer. shadowopacity=0.4f; Self. Root. View. layer. shadowoffset= Cgsizemake (-12.0,1.0f); Self. Root. View. layer. shadowradius=7.0f; Self. Root. View. layer.

IOS: a common method for adding animations to a view

Put it bluntly.Code: -( Void ) Showorhiddenmenuandbuttomview {[uiview beginanimations: Nil context: Nil]; [uiview setanimationduration: 0.25 ]; // [Uiview setanimationdelay: 0.5]; [Uiview setanimationdelegate: Self]; // [Uiview

IOS memory release Principle

1. Keep the Count of objects created by allocation or replication 12. Assume that the object obtained by any other method is counted as 1 and is in the Auto Release pool. To use this object outside the current execution range, you must keep it3. It

IOS uses MD5-string encryption to MD5 & get file MD5

IOS string encryption to MD5 1 # Import 2 3 + (Nsstring *) MD5 :( nsstring *) Str 4 { 5 Const Char * CSTR = [STR utf8string]; 6 Unsigned Char Result [ 16 ];7 Cc_md5 (CSTR, strlen (CSTR), result ); 8 Return [Nsstring

Access the local database sqlite3 on iPhone/IOS

Phone also supports accessing the local database SQLite 3. Here we will briefly introduce how to use SQLite 3 on the iPhone. First, you need to reference the SQLite 3 development kit in the project. The following is the directory under the

IOS: network detection

If you want the app to pass the review, you must determine the network environment and handle alerts when there is no network. Apple's routine reachability describes how to obtain/detect the network status. To be appliedProgramTo use Reachability

IOS: nsconditionlock

The introduction of lock can refer to:   View the attributes of the nsconditionlock class: Lock, unlock: Lock and unlock, is the required method. -(ID) initwithcondition :(

IOS: notification & KVO in message communication

In IOs: MVC, I posted a classic image:   What is the noification and KVO of model communication to the controller? In terms of function, the delegate, notification, and KVO functions are similar and act on message communication of objects

IOS: solves problems that some third-party libraries cannot be used due to arc

1,There is a compile source under build phases under target, and there are many files to be compiled below. You can see a compile flag. You can set the arc for some files. In this way, some frameworks cannot be used. Therefore, add-fno-objc-arc to

IOS: simple ORM in core data

On Weibo two days ago, I saw Liu Xin and others DISCUSSING THE ORM stored in databases on Android and IOs (Object relationship ing, that is, ing databases to objects. Most of the data to be stored in your project is relatively simple, so no ORM is

IOS instant messaging client development-openfire server built on Mac

1. Download and install openfire 1. download the latest openfire for Mac at For example, openfire 3.8.1, the downloaded file: openfire_3_8_1.dmg 2. Click Install and perform the default

IOS: Using segue in popover

This is a problem that occurs for a long time tonight. If you use segue, the normal execution order is: first execute the prepareforsegue of the source viewcontroller, and then execute the viewdidload of the target VC, therefore, you can set the

IOS: Define managed object contextcore data storage in appdelegate: Core dataiphone: Core Data: Where doe

I have made many summary about core data. Core Data-This article introduces some core data architectures and basic implementations; Data storage in iPhone development: Core Data ---- This article introducesExample of storing four textfields.

IOS: view. Frame

We know that view. frame is in the coordinate space of the parent container of the current view. I put only one view in one viewcontroller on the iPad, and only one webview (interface landscape) is included in the view. I wanted to reach the

IOS: The nsmanagedobject setvalue of coredata is null.

when coredata is used, when you store data: nsmanagedobject * oneobject = [nsentitydescription insertnewobjectforentityforname: @" drawdata " inmanagedobjectcontext: managedobjectcontext]; [oneobject setvalue: data. backgroundimageurl

Summary of simple strokes project: IOS Drawing Mechanism & recording handwriting function iPhone: Coordinate Transformation iPhone: animation effects similar to drawsomething

The simplified strokes project started in March August of the summer and has been published in more than September. The project can be completed only after the modification and modification. now it's a little late, and I forget some experiences, but


I saw the introduction of the MVC model in Stanford when I first started learning Ios. However, I did not have a deep understanding of it because I was a beginner or an English speaker. Now I find that some good people in China have translated

IOS: uiwebview: Paging slide of scrollview

Recently, I am working on a native webview + HTML project. I feel this kind of attempt is quite good. It is especially suitable for content apps. Such as magazines and e-books. In fact, native is built on a framework, and the subject is still on the

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